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DIY Woven Leather Pillow

Last year when we got a new sofa, I skinned the old one and put the leather in a tote. My boys have had fun making a ton of leather projects including their own moccasins. I decided it was time for me to make a project with some of the leather scraps. I made leather pillows for my son’s room last year but I really wanted one that had more texture. I decided to weave one! It was easier than I thought to make this woven leather pillow.


Whether it is on our gray arm chair, the black bench, or our sofa, this woven leather pillow looks amazing in our family room.



DIY Woven Leather Pillow

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Leather scraps

Rotary Cutter


Leather Sewing Needles

Sewing Machine

Fabric for lining and back



Step 1

I used a carpenter square to ensure that the leather was cut into a perfect square and measure notches every 1 inch. I used a rotary cutter to cut the 1 inch strips of leather. I wanted the pillow to be roughly 16 inches by 16 inches so I cut 32 strips of leather.

Step 2

I lined up 16 strips side by side and taped them to my work surface so they wouldn’t move as I worked.

Step 3

I channeled my inner 1st grader and weaved the strips together row by row. I loved doing this as a kid almost as much as pin art.

Leather was a bit easier to work than construction paper ;)

Step 5

After weaving, I taped the other edges to ensure that the leather stayed together.

Step 6

I turned the leather over and pinned some brown fabric to the back. This was in case you could see through the leather pieces. It acted as a liner. I used a leather needle on my sewing machine and sewed the liner onto the leather. After that was done I sewed the back onto the pillow envelope style. I chose white but kind of wish I had done more of the brown. You could also do a full leather back as well.

Step 7

Before turning the pillow right side out and stuffing it, I used the rotary cutter to trim off the excess fabric and leather.


Have you ever sewed leather or done any other types of leather projects? I’d love to hear what things you have made! I still have a lot of leather and am looking for more ideas :)


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  1. Jean C. says

    I really like this. We recently got rid of a broken leather recliner and I wanted to skin it but decided it would just be another think I had saved. Errrrr. How hard was it to sew, did the needles make all the difference? I love your blog…and covet your garden!

  2. beverly e says

    I love this pillow! You could try coasters, leather covered boxes or hampers, trays, valances? I wish I had hung on to my leather scraps!

    • Liza says

      How large of a piece would you want? I will have to check my tote. I keep having the boys go get me some for projects and I haven’t looked to see how much we have left. Email me at notjustahousewife @ Yahoo. com