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Woven Leather Headboards

Last week I shared the room makeover I did for my nephew and the most asked question I got through messages and emails was if I bought the headboard or made it. It was a total DIY. To buy one is hundreds of dollars so I knew it had to be a do-it-yourself project if I was going to keep this space under budget. Two of these woven leather headboards cost about $40 make (only $20 each!). It is probably the most money I have ever saved by DIYing.



The overall theme for the room was “baseball” and I thought that not only are these woven leather headboards super cool, but they give a subtle nod to baseball mitts. They are also super easy to make!


Supplies For DIY Woven Leather Headboard

2×2 Boards (4  8′ boards)

Wood Stain (Optional)

2 1/2″ screws

Faux Leather (2 yards per headboard) 

Rotary Cutter

Yardstick or Ruler

Staple Gun + Staples



How To Make A Woven Leather Headboard

Step 1:

Build the simple frame for the headboard. I built mine 39″ x  44″. I attached them together using 2 1/2″ wood screws and counter sunk them so they were less noticeable. I stained them with Early American by Minwax. One coat.

Step 2:

While the wood stain was drying on the frame, I started cutting the fabric. I was able to snag the fabric when it was 60% off. If you don’t happen to catch it on sale, use the Joann Fabric 40% off coupon from their app. I used a large piece of hardboard as my work surface but a work table or cardboard would work too.  I decided since I had so many to cut out, it would be easier to make the strips of fabric be the same width as the carpenters square I was using. So instead of makerking each one, I simply used the ruler as a guide and straight edge for using the rotary cutter to cut the fabric.



Each headboard had 15 across and 15 down for a total of 30 strips of faux leather.


Step 3:

I stapled the fabric strips about 1/2″ apart.

Step 4:

Once I had the horizontal strips stapled in place, I stapled the vertical strips along the top. Then I was able to start weaving them.




When stapling, don’t pull too hard on the fabric or it will curl and distort the fabric strips.



To mount it on the wall, I simply screwed it into studs on the wall. I placed it so the screws would be hidden under the leather. You can see the full room makeover HERE.


So what do you think? I wouldn’t mind a headboard like this in my own room. I think a woven leather headboard would go with a bunch of different design styles! 

If you don’t want a headboard but like the look of woven leather, I also made a leather pillow using the same technique! Check that tutorial out too :)


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  1. Danita says

    I was wondering where you “found” those neat headboards. I should’ve known you FOUND a way to create them! Way to go Liza! These are so awesome!!!