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White Painted Pumpkins {Outdoor Fall Decor}

This has been an unusual year. Because of the extremely wet Spring, Fall has been delayed. I had such a hard time finding regular orange pumpkins and there were absolutely no white pumpkins available anywhere.  I have never used faux pumpkins before, but I didn’t want to wait until mid October to decorate so I decided to shop around for some. I was only able to find orange, green and gold. No problem! A little paint goes a long way. For my HomeRight post this month I’m sharing my tips on painting faux pumpkins and other small things with the Super Finish Max! I used these white painted pumpkins inside and out to add simple Fall touches.

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White Painted Pumpkins

Step 1

Make sure the items you are spraying are clean and that there isn’t any sticky residue from labels or price tags.

Step 2

If the item you are spraying are lightweight, add some tape to the bottom to stick it to the surface you are painting on.


tape in faux pumpkin

Step 3

Protect the area around you from overspray. I like to use the pop-up small spray shelter. It literally pops open itself and is super easy to put away. It has a floor too which is so nice!

Step 4

Tape off anything you don’t want to get paint on it. I wrapped the stems with painter’s tape.


spraying faux pumpkins with white paint

Step 5

Use a good paint that has a primer in it. The orange coloring on the pumpkins will bleed if you don’t have a good primer to stop it. I chose a warm off white color to mimic the color of real white pumpkins. I sprayed them with my Super Finish Max sprayer Super Finish Max sprayer from HomeRight.


painting faux pumpkins


I think the faux pumpkins look pretty good! And the best part is that I can use them again next year :)


fall porch decor


One of my favorite Fall plants to use is flowering kale or ornamental cabbage. I like how they look in these old wooden crates.


fall decor for porch


I used skewers in the bottoms of the faux pumpkins to be able to stick them into the dirt in the window boxes.

house with white pumpkins for fall decor


I pulled out the petunias and other annuals that were spent, but kept the asparagus ferns. I added some flowering kale and filler plants.


white pumpkins and plants in window boxes


I like to keep things simple in my outdoor decor so I think these painted white pumpkins are the perfect touch! I recently share my Fall home tour if you want to hop over and see my living room all spruced up!

Do you decorate for Fall? Inside, out, or both? I’d love to hear what your favorite thing to decorate with are!



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white pumpkins in window boxes


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  1. Whitney says

    I didn’t realize how necessary one of these things was until I started spraying paint! I always find little dust goobers or hair in my projects!

  2. Rosemarie Duffy says

    I have been putting off spray painting a large display cabinet because I didn’t know how I was going to keep the overspray under control. This tent would be wonderful for that project. Love how your pumpkins came out. They look high end!!!!

  3. Michelle says

    Looks great. Most of this stems on faux pumpkins pop out. I replace them with stems from acorn squash by hot gluing them on. Works great!!

  4. Jennifer Van Der Heide says

    This pop up tent looks so easy and handy! I paint a lot in my garage and my husband would love if i used this! I want to try painting some pumpkins.

  5. grace says

    Our front door is starting to peel pretty badly – we are planning to re-paint it once the weather is a little cooler to work outside. Thanks for the chance to win this and thank you for sharing those cute white pumpkins!

  6. Rita Hernandez says

    I decorate both on the inside and the outside, I do the front porch with pumpkins and a small bail of straw, on the inside I have 2 large pumpkins made out of metal that sit on the fireplace mantel. . Love how you painted your pumpkins.

  7. stephanie says

    My next project is a nightstand for my daughter. It’s been in the works for awhile and needs to get finished before it gets cold out.

  8. Cindi D. says

    My next project I’m painting our 1980’s wicker furniture for our son’s backyard wedding coming the first of the year! This HomeRight spray shelter would be so helpful!

  9. Erin Prohaska says

    Sooo cute! After seeing this I’d have to say my next project will be to paint cheap pumpkins white! ? Thanks for the opportunity, that sucker would get a lot of use around here!

  10. Cathy M T says

    My front door. Oops, won’t fit in this pop up, but I would love it for other smaller things. My DH gave me a hard time for leaving a black patch on the grass when I needed to do a spray paint job and was too lazy to get out a drop cloth. Dumb. Like I thought it wouldn’t really show. On green grass. Rabbits be all like, “Hey, we eat this stuff, ya know!”

  11. Sue Johnson says

    Your white pumpkins are absolutely adorable! If I won I would make some cute white pumpkins for my home! Such a quick easy way to update fall decor from seasons past! ❤️

  12. Valerie says

    What a great clean classic look. LOVE it! And the spray shelter?!? I never heard of them, that’s fantastic! I use an oversized cardboard box from some delivery years ago. The shelter would be excellent, just fold it and put it away when you’re done. NICE! #whydidntithinkofthat