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Chicken Coop Makeover

We have had backyard chickens since we moved in 12 years ago. Back then we had just bought our house and were trying our best to furnish it, so we didn’t really have a budget for coop materials. My mom had recently asked the local boy scouts to come and help dismantle an old shed that she no longer needed. We were going to help take the pieces to the dump. When we saw the 2x4s, 2x6s, and some of the plywood, we knew they were still in pretty good shape and we could reuse it for the coop. Fast forward 12 years and the plywood was really ready for retirement this time. So with the help of HomeRight and our Super Finish Max sprayer, we gave our previously red coop and much needed makeover and turned it into a shiny new white chicken coop… with some upgrades!


old chicken coop


Shane was in charge of taking the before picture since he was taking the roof off while I was working in the garden. He failed. But you can see how worn the plywood was at least in this shot.


This photo was about 7 years ago after we repatinted it to spruce it up a bit.


red chicken coop


We started by taking off all the old plywood. The we took the top part of the coop off of the base. I built a new base that had more wood beams going across the bottom to better support the chicken wire. We like having a couple layers of chicken wire for the bottom because then we never have to clean it out. Everything eventually falls through and can be cleaned up easily.

We added new plywood siding and a new roof. The base got legs too!


chicken coop getting a makeover


Before we added the shingles, I sprayed the whole thing white with my Super Finish Max paint sprayer (affiliate link). It was done in no time at all. Then I laid a tarp out and sprayed all the trim a dark gray to match the new shingles.


chicken coop being painted


I hated it.

I only got a couple of trim boards up before I knew I didn’t like it at all. When I looked at it, it looked like a cheap shed. My husband didn’t mind it and I know it isn’t the ugliest thing ever, but it was not the look I was going for.



I took the trim off and painted it white.


painting trim white


Much better! The little door I built was the cherry on the top. I have always wanted a white chicken coop but held off because of the potential for it to always be dirty. And guess what? I may hate it later on and regret my choice. But it is just paint. It can be changed. I am hoping with the legs keeping it up off the ground, that it will help. We also are going to lay down straw all over the ground to cover the dirt. We did that for years but recently got lazy and stopped.


white chicken coop


white chicken coop


I built a new ramp as well. I had tried to just paint the old one but it was badly warped and once I changed the color of the trim, I didn’t want the ramp to be gray either. I’m hoping the brown will hide the dirt better!


White chicken coop


Our chickens had stopped laying in the coop. They kind of just laid all over the pen in the dirt and the haystack. Now that the coop is fixed, they all lay in the nesting boxes!


roof lifts up to access nesting boxes


You can see the wire floor as well as the 2×4 that runs the length of the coop opposite of the nesting boxes for them to roost at night.


inside of chicken coop


And even with the addition of legs, our youngest can still reach in and collect the eggs.


collecting eggs from nesting boxes


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white chicken coop


I’d love to hear what you think about the changes I made to our coop. Do you have chickens? What is your coop like? 

And if you are curious about raising backyard chickens, I wrote a post all about it HERE!




This post is sponsored by HomeRight but all ideas and opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. Bobbi Abbott says

    Love the look of the coop! It’s amazing what a bit of elbow grease and paint can do! Your chickens look happy, too! ?

  2. Karen Anderson says

    I love your new coop but I could never have chickens (I was attacked by a chicken when I was 5 y/o) but it would be a very nice rabbit hutch.
    I do need a paint sprayer to paint my garage door. This looks great!

  3. mickie mclaughlin says

    Did anyone notice that huge rabbit by the coop? What kind is he. I’d like more info on the chicken wire floor of your coop. Do the chickens have trouble walking on it. Love the ramp up to the coop. Using straw around your outdoor coop area will give them something to scratch around and worms and bugs love taking up residence under the straw. I use this around my chicken coop. You did great with this make-over. You have inspired me to redo my “plain old basic coop”–kick it up a notch. Need to check out that spray painter as I have tons of projects it would be good for. Was it hard to learn how to use it?

    • Liza Greis says

      That rabbit is our mamma rabbit who currently has 9 little babies chasing after her all day. She is not really that big but I am sure the angle makes it look like she is bigger. She and our male bunny love hopping free in the pen with the chickens.

      I love having chicken wire as the floor. We stretched 2 layers of it so it is very taut. There is very little give and the chickens have no problem walking on it.

      The paint sprayer is very user friendly and easy to use :)

  4. grace says

    We got couple of projects to do – updating our basement. This would come handy instead using those paint cans! Thank you for the chance!

  5. Karen says

    We have a lot to paint! We have a concrete block wall in our yard, and a bunch of wood projects that need to be painted. this would be awesome! By the way, your chicken coop looks amazing!

  6. Jan Butler says

    I’ve been painting & doing DIY projects for years, but have never used a paint sprayer. i think I would need a lot of practice!

  7. Evelyn says

    I’m continuously impressed by the quality this paint sprayer produces. I have nothing but trouble with another brand. Combined with your amazing talent, every project you do is so fantastic!

  8. Geena says

    Love this design – the wooden ramp makes all the difference! I’d like to build a chicken coop, but would probably use the sprayer first for patio furniture or plant stands!

  9. Erin Prohaska says

    We’re doing a built-in entertainment center in our lower level that I’m so excited about and this would be a dream for painting those tricky cabinets! Thanks for the opportunity! ?

  10. Brenda Kelley says

    Looks great! We built a mini shed that houses garden tools on one side, and chickens on the other. I used cedar shakes for a cottage look and I love it!

  11. Vickie says

    Almost finished now with painting inside.
    Next will be outside, so that is my answer and this would help. A whole lot

  12. Hollie says

    I am a first time home owner and rebuilt the back yard fence with my brother, which is now in need a stain. Then I plan on letting my chickens roam free in my back yard which their home would need a nice color as well. Probably something light as I live in Florida and will need to keep them cool.

  13. Danita Courtney says

    I love this project! I agree that it looks MUCH better with the trim white too! Super job! I really wish I could have chickens for the eggs!!! Instead, we have a flock of wild turkeys that roam our neighborhood and are a hoot to watch!

    I would re-paint my wicker chairs that I put on the front porch ever season. It’s a Maine thing! ;-)

  14. Noreen says

    I have some unfinished drawer sets that need to be finished. The Super Finish Max would be a big help! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  15. Kristin says

    I love how bright and fresh it looks! Great job.I have a porch swing screaming for a new coat of paint.

  16. Matt Roberts says

    Hello Liza, I love the changes you made to the chicken coop. It’s beautiful. But the color could easily be noticed if stained. Well, I’m looking forward to raising backyard chickens as well. Moreover, I’m read the post about it thanks to the link you shared. I highly recommend every starter should visit that link. Thanks again.

  17. Shelley says

    We just moved into a new to us house and it has A LOT of painting projects! This would come in so handy!

  18. Rebecca B says

    I have a whole bunch of outdoor furniture that could use a refresh, would be so much easier with a sprayer.