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Crushing On: White Bedding

I love white bedding. It reminds me of going to a nice hotel and the smell of the freshly washed white duvet and sheets. It seems cozy yet luxurious at the same time. The best thing about white bedding is that you can dress it up or make it casual. You can add color or keep it neutral. It’s the white tee shirt of the design world. Today I’m sharing my favorite examples and white bedding ideas!


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White Bedding Ideas

If you have white bedding, you can go with a dark, dramatic wall color. The lighter bedding will keep the room from feeling dark.

white bedding

Image Source: Brownhills Rugs


This bedding looks great with this saturated blue, but it could be easily changed out for another color with our the expense of all new bedding.


white bedding ideas

Image Source: Adore Magazine


White bedding looks equally as good with muted colors.


Image Source: Kiruhat Printables – Etsy


White bedding can be elegant, but it can also be whimsical and fun like this bead spread with pom poms!

Image Source: Amazon


I love the texture of this bedding! It looks so soft and inviting.

Image Source: Anthropologie


This mostly white bedding is perfect for a neutral setting.

Image Source: Ink & Ivy


Having all white bedding sets the stage for you to add cozy throws that tie the color scheme for the room together.


Image Source: Lexington Company


Or you can add several throws :) Who wouldn’t want to read all day in this bed?!


Source: Unknown


White, fluffy bedding helps soften hard edges.

Image Source: Unknown


I have a vintage blanket with raised dots like these so I was instantly drawn to these next two examples. Such a fun texture!

Image Source: Amazon


Image Source: Amazon


I have a lot of friends who swear by the luxurious feel of linen sheets. I love the natural feel this bedding brings to the space.

Image Source: Magic Linen


For years I had this same pick stitch bedding in a pale green color in in my bedroom. I really liked it and used it clear up until it had large worm spots all over. I am tempted to get the white version for our new bedroom space.


Image Source: Pottery Barn


So what do you think of these white bedding ideas? Does white bedding get the thumbs up from you? I would love to hear your thoughts. Share in the comments below!


Image Source: Anthropologie 





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  1. beverly e says

    A thumbs up from me! White bedding is not only versatile for décor but easy for laundering as well. Love your examples!

  2. Camille says

    I love all the examples you shared. Unfortunately, white is asking for trouble in my house do I don’t incorporate it much with fabrics.

  3. Danita says

    I have high hopes of having white bedding someday! But I have a big, black cat that lives on my bed for now…so it may be a while! Wink, wink!

    Love your picks! Very inspiring! How’s your room coming?