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What I’m Crushing On: Cobalt Blue

I have really loved all of the new series I started this year. I particularly love sharing different trends or products that have caught my eye or that I am currently obsessing over. This month, I am chatting about COBALT.
what i'm crushing on

Cobalt is vibrant. It is a great color for a wall or something as simple as a few accessories. It’s like navy blue and royal blue had a baby. Speaking of royal blue…

We bought our house and we were still living in Las Vegas so some friends lived in it until we could get moved up and settled. We came up for the weekend to paint the foundation since the old paint was peeling. I had run to the small local hardware store and a darling little old lady helped me. It was not usually her job to mix paint but the store was extra busy due to it being Saturday. I decided to paint the foundation of the house the same dark muted gray-ish blue that the trim was already painted. I had the primer tinted to grey and then had the paint mixed. By the time we got home and primed all the way around the house, the sun had set. It  was getting dark. We were leaving bright and early the next day to go home so I new it had to get done that night. I painted and painted my guts out in the dark.

The next morning we wanted to drive by to see how it looked. You guys….. It was ROYAL BLUE! It practically glowed. I was mortified! We had to leave to drive home and couldn’t do a dang thing about it. It stayed that way until months later when we could make another trip to Utah to repaint it. So let’s just say that it has taken me awhile to embrace any rich blue color on account of being emotionally scarred.

Here are some of my favorite examples of it being used… the right way ;)

I am not a big ruffles girl but I love the idea of having bedding this color. And *if* I were to have ruffles, this is a pretty fantastic color to have them in.

cobalt bedding


I love the idea of a pop of vibrant color right when you walk in your home.

cobalt entry table

 (At The Picket Fence)

I recently added this color to my bedroom when I painted these metal card catalog drawers and turned them into a side table.

navy card catalog table


bedroom refreshed for spring_edited-1



With the dormer windows and rounded door this is basically my dream house!


blue house

via Azek

I am basically drooling over this blue stove! I adore how it stands out against all the white.

cobalt stove


I am looking forward to my own kitchen transformation to be complete. Remember my mood board?

kitchen mood board


If you love the color but don’t want to commit to a blue stove, or walls, then add cobalt in with accessories! Pillows, vases, books, are all good ways to add it without the commitment.

cobalt accessories

 (Better Homes and Gardens)

What are your thoughts? Do you have any cobalt blue in your home? Would you ever consider using it?

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  1. Kari says

    Very pretty! I’ve never really had anything in my home that was cobalt blue, but I agree, it’s such a nice pop of color and maybe a little unexpected. My mother-in-law just gave me a nice 4-stack metal file cabinet that I want to paint. I’m thinking cobalt may be the way to go.

  2. Dea says

    I love cobalt blue, but for some reason don’t have any in my house. Every time I’ve bought anything that color, it’s been a gift for someone else. I guess I think that if I love it so much so will they! LOL!

  3. Lauree Sayne says

    Our dining room is cobalt, white and silver. When we moved in it was a hideously and very poorly painted green apple. I knew before I did anything else I had to correct that eyesore! I love the cobalt. It is elegant and it just makes me feel at peace every time we have a family meal or entertain.

    The walls are cobalt, the chair rail, door trim and baseboards are white and the ceiling and crown molding are a white tinted a very faint blue. Hardly anyone notices the blue tint. It’s like my secret ingredient that adds a little bit of depth to the whole experience.

    My husband is afraid of bold colors, but after 20 years has learned to trust my taste as long as I agree to undo anything he really hates. Haven’t had to do that yet. He loves the cobalt dining room, too.

    Thanks for letting me share!


  4. Natalia from PIXERS says

    Great! Cobalt blue is my favorite color! Your plan for kitchen transformation is awesomel! You can think about wall decorations – I found some nice wall designs for your project, check your e-mail!

  5. Pat says

    Cobalt blue is beautiful.we built our home in 1972 and it was the in color. We used it in our carpeting in the dining room. It was gorgeous. I never tired of it. Our dining table was rectangle thick glass with yellow directors chairs. So happy to see it coming back in style. Love the house and the stove.