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Vintage Green Boy Room Makeover!

I don’t know about you, but summer is when I get the majority of my big projects done. It has been so hot here so that has made it a challenge, but I love being able to bang out project after project. Glidden reached out and wanted to partner on a room refresh. I think room makeovers are my absolute favorite and I had the PERFECT space in mind!

Our neighbors are in the process of adding onto their house. They really needed more room since they only had two bedrooms and the bedrooms were super small. Their rooms were the smallest rooms I have ever seen in fact. Most people would consider them a closet. So we cheered when they were able to expand their 900 square foot house to better accommodate their family. It also meant that the girls could share a room and their little boy could have his own room.  Once they got to the point where the addition was almost done, I offered to come and decorate the kids’ rooms. First up, the boy room!

The blue color on the walls was fun and saturated but a bit too intense for such a small space. I needed to lighten it up to make the room feel a bit bigger.





This post was sponsored by Glidden Paint but the thoughts, ideas, and projects were all mine!

After patching holes and cleaning the walls and trim really well, we taped it off and got to work painting it Swan White by GLIDDEN® paint. The new paint line called GLIDDEN DIAMONDTM is a paint and primer in one and did a great job of covering up the dark blue.




I wanted to add some color but didn’t want to overwhelm the space. I thought this was a good opportunity to do a feature wall. I painted half the wall this awesome vintage-y green called Awning Stripe Green. When picking out the color, my inspiration was an old fashioned green chalkboard like they had in schools. This was the perfect green! Because the bed was going to be on this wall, visually it would also act as a headboard.



The bed that was in there previously didn’t work because the only air vent the room had was under it. My neighbor had to take out the middle drawer so the vent wouldn’t be blocked. Since the room is so tiny and this was the longest wall, it was really the only place the bed could go. I built her a new bed that was open in the bottom for air flow but still allowed for storage.




They had an old dresser that needed an update so I gave it a makeover!




Remember the mirror I etched? It was for this space but since this room was done yet, I had put it in my office. I think it is perfect in here!




I decided not to add a door to the closet. With such a tight space I thought a curtain would be better. It also helps add a bit of color and pattern to that side of the room.




This little boy loves adventure and the outdoors. He loves to take care of their backyard chickens too. I kept that in mind when creating the gallery wall above the bed and dresser.




Since Glidden Diamond paint will not break the bank ($23.98 per gallon), and I was able to DIY most of the things in the room, I was able to do this whole makeover for less than $300. That includes lumber, accessories, fabric, curtains, paint, painting supplies, hardware, and bedding. I will have tutorials for all the projects in the room coming up soon!

Glidden Diamond paint is found at my second home, The Home Depot.  It is perfect for kid spaces since it holds up to repeated scrubbing and is super durable. I think it would be great for kitchens mudrooms, and baths that also get scrubbed a lot.

Do you have a room that needs a refresh? If you could pick one room to makeover what would it be?







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  1. Julie Buck says

    We just sanded the walls in our old office to make it a bedroom. The texture looked like bumps on a cucumber or toad, really high. Thanks for the idea to buy a primer and paint in one. The current feature wall is painted black!. I like the darker color only on 1/2 of the wall.

  2. Nancy says

    I love the make-over. My favorite thing about it – the half painted wall! I would never have thought to do that to a wall!

  3. cmt says

    I really love green, so this wall really appeals to me. Love the two tone effect, and the way you hung the feather picture over the line. Whole room looks terrific.

  4. Cassie says

    Looks great. I LOVE the fabric you used for the closet ‘door’.
    I’m really enjoying these mini makeovers on a budget. There are great ideas and they make me think out of the box and things seem doable. Thank you!!

  5. Riki says

    Did you use a tension rod for the closet curtain? Or something else? I’m trying to do something similar but am afraid it will just get pulled down with repeated use…

  6. Evie says

    You did a great job on this room and really showcased your problem solving skills. I’ve been looking for a color to paint my island in our vacation home kitchen and I think foggy field is the one. TY for bringing it to my attention.

  7. Jaclyn | One Thousand Oaks says

    I love the new look! I did my sons room with green accents similar to the green you used. I love all the linnens that you used for the room! Where are they from? I can wait if you plan on going into more detail in another post =)

    – Jaclyn

  8. Emily says

    This room looks fantastic! I really like the half-wall accent wall – the headboard effect is really cool! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday; I pinned and stumbled your project.

  9. Lauren R says

    Ooh I like that just the wall has a splash of green! It looks very neat and modern. Very great looking, actually! :)

  10. Mo Parrow says

    I love this green makeover. I like the way the walls are painted and the green chair. I might try something similar in my bedroom.

    If I had one room I really really could completely make over it would be my living room


  1. […] Speaking of little boy rooms, I did this one for a neighbor boy who LOVES green. I chose a vintage shade that reminded me of the chalkboards I had growing up. I painted the fabric for the triangle pillow and the curtains on the closet with potatoes of all things. I built the bed, painted the dresser, and a bunch of other little fun things. You can see the “bright” before and the full room HERE. […]