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Valentine’s Day Decor that Transitions to Spring

My site has been down, or at least the backend of it. I couldn’t access anything on the backend to make any changes, upload photos, or write any posts. So I have had this Valentine mantel done and photographed but I couldn’t share it with you. Now in blogland, bloggers are suppose to get their holiday projects up early so it gives people time to plan and get ideas on what they want to do in their own homes. I stink at that so my post was only going to be up about a week before Valentine’s Day. Now it is posting ON Valentine’s Day. Major fail. BUT…. The silver lining in this is, my decor isn’t too Valentine-y. Valentine–sih? Either way, it could be used for spring decor. So we are going to roll with that. This is my Valentine decor that can transition into spring decor!



I have a lot of fun coming up with different ways to hide my TV. Foam boards and 1/8″ plywood decorated different ways are and easy way to cover it. For this mantel, I glued thin pieces of wood (I used rip cut 2x4s but you could use lattice trim or paint sticks) to a foam board so it would still be light weight. I stained it to match the mantel top.

I am not a big wreath person. I am not sure why. Christmas greenery wreaths are about the only time you will see a wreath in my house. But I am loving the new trend to use a single wire form and only add greenery and flowers to part of it. I really think you can’t mess this project up!

I will let you in on a little secret. I decided I wanted thinner candlestick than what I have on hand but since I was in a hurry to get this done well before Valentine’s Day, I didn’t want to wait to find the right ones and have then shipped. I made these out of polymer clay and dowels. That is why you won’t see a close up of them ;) But covered in shiny gold paint they look less like marshmallows ready to be roasted and more like elegant candlesticks.



I made the eucalyptus garland using the sprigs I used on my Christmas tree and on my sister’s tablescape. I am on such a eucalyptus kick right now!



So I know I am late to the party, but maybe you can pin this Valentine mantel for next year, or make it now and call it a Spring mantel!


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    • Liza says

      Thank you! Yes, I glued thin strips of wood to a foam poster board and then stained them. I just placed it over the TV. Usually I don’t need to do anything to secure it but this time since the wood made it a bit heavier than just foam board by itself, I used tape on the backside. The white frame is always around my TV and then I can switch out the “art” for each season.

  1. Danna says

    I love it! And color of the flowers are my favorite. I’m using the same colors to make a wreath to place on the cross where my son had his car accident. Now I need more so I can make one just like that for my house. I put simple things out for Valentine’s Day then when it’s over I don’t know what to put out. You made my day! Thank you so much!

  2. cmt says

    Absolutely love the whole thing–the wreath, garland, stained wood background. I also like the idea of decorations that don’t have to be replaced after a short period because the holiday’s over. These definitely have a springtime feel to them. I like the minimalist feel to the wreath, making it a distinctly non-Christmassy wreath.