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Under Bed Storage Drawers

When I shared the reveal of the bedroom I decorated for my nephew, there was one unfinished project that didn’t make it in that post. Even though this bedroom has two large closets, you can never have enough storage, right? These under bed storage drawers give even more storage to this shared space!

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Under Bed Storage Drawers



If you remember from the reveal, there are two beds in this symmetrical space. Each bed got two drawers.



There is a reason these under bed storage drawers didn’t make it into the reveal post. I had cut out the wood for some under bed storage drawers but when we assembled the bed frames and set the side tables next to them, I quickly realized I had made a big mistake. I had made it so that both drawers were 32″ by 32″ and didn’t account for the side tables being in the way of one of the boxes being able to slide out. So it was back to the table saw for round two! After they were cut down, I was able to assemble and paint them.



Building And Painting

I built them using left over OSB board and plywood. The fronts are 1×10 boards that I bought. They are very simple boxes with but joints. Nothing fancy since you won’t see anything other than the fronts most of the time.

I painted them the same color as the side tables. Raw wood soaks up paint really well so it took three coats of paint. I used my favorite paint tool, the Super Finish Max! It makes the job

The grain raises when it gets wet with paint and when it dries, it stays that way. If you want a smooth finish, you will need to sand it down with a fine grit sandpaper before adding a second coat of paint. Make sure to use a damp rag to wipe off any dust before painting.



The Super Finish Max gives me a really smooth finish every time! Once the paint was all the way dry, I added casters to bottoms of each drawer so they would easily slide out from under the bed when needed.



Leather Pulls

For handles, I made these leather pulls. They were so easy!



I still have leather left over from when I skinned our sofa  so I cut strips that were 8″ long and 3″ wide. I folded them in half and sewed along the edges using my sewing machine with a leather needle.

I hammered a nail through the ends so I could screw them onto the drawer fronts.

I bought these screw caps from Amazon. The threaded collar slips over the screw head and then after you screw it into the wood, the cap just twists right on to cover it!




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  1. Christina says

    Now that my baby is finally here, I can begin working on our house again. I have interior walls and a few dressers that need to be painted. I also have about 200 yards of fencing that needs to be pressure washed and stained. This sprayer would make these things so much easier and faster.

  2. Allison Hyde says

    We are finishing our basement and that sprayer looks like it would make painting a breeze!!! You are so creative, could you just come decorate my house for me????

  3. Grace says

    Thank you for the fun giveaway! This would be perfect tool to help me repaint the bonus room – changing the darker color to something happy & bright! :-)

  4. Erin Prohaska says

    I would paint the bathroom cabinets that I’m always afraid to mess up with brushes. There’s actually a laundry list of things I’d use it for. I’ve dreamt of one for so long but it never makes the budget. Thanks a million for the opportunity!! LOVE your blog & the room is adorable! ❤️

  5. Carrie says

    We are moving and there is so much to paint! We actually had moved a handful of boxes to the new house and returned to find them ransacked – one of the items missing was our paint sprayer :(.

  6. Carol says

    I want to paint my kitchen chairs black – that’s what I’d paint first with the Super Finish Max sprayer.

  7. Linda R. Waugh says

    I would definitely use it to paint my living room. It’s about time, as they are 20 years old. I would use navy blue and beige in keeping with today’s new color palate. Since I am now in my 70’s this will be great and save me lots of time, let along brushing up and down, over and across. What an easy method with good coverage. My fingers are crossed!

  8. Michelle says

    I have several doors I need to paint (so I can list my house to sell), and this paint sprayer would enable me to finish the job so much faster, and with no brush strokes! Thanks for the giveaway. =)

  9. Peggy Z says

    I have several painting projects on my list this spring and would make short work of all of it. What an awesome give away!

  10. Pamela Speers says

    I love those screw caps, what a great idea, but I love the Homeright sprayer more! I want to do my doors like you did.

  11. Melissa Storms says

    My son wants to paint his room and furniture. I would use the sprayer for both jobs. I definitely think you get a smoother finish with a sprayer,

  12. Jonelle Louise says

    I’d have to tackle my peeling dresser first. It leaves confetti on the floor all the time, as it’s long overdue for a makeover

  13. Ashley Hatch says

    My poor kitchen cabinets…. the doors have been off & they have been waiting to be painted for weeks now. I would imagine this would give me the extra incentive to go ahead and get those done. 😁😁

  14. Elizabeth Hunt says

    Thanks for sharing. I need to make some of these under bed storage drawers, and spray painting them would be super nice.

  15. LAURA L says

    I have SO many things that need to be painted in my house. This would be a lifesaver! Thank you for the giveaway.

  16. Shanna Uptergrove says

    Oh Myyyyyyy. I keep putting this project off- but if I had this, I’d jump right on it. I want to repaint the kitchen cabinets! I went ahead and painted the bathroom cabinets because there’s just ONE. But yeah, kitchen cabinets!!

  17. Darla says

    I need to paint about every room in my house! However, I think the dining room would come first as when you walk in the front door you see through to the dining room and out the windows.

  18. Valerie says

    I would paint my kitchen cabinets and peninsula, breakfast table chairs, and some artwork too! This sprayer would come in handy and get lots of use!

  19. Diann Smith says

    I would love to repaint my kitchen. It is off-white now to match my appliances, but I am going to change my appliances and would like to switch to clean white cabinets.