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How To Make A Tribal Pillow

Back when I made the indigo mud cloth pillow, I saw these black and white tribal pillows and also fell in love with them. I have been meaning to make this pillow for awhile now but I got busy doing a few room makeovers for friends and summer break has kind of kicked my trash. It is a super quick project and I am kind of kicking myself for not getting to it sooner.


DIY tribal pillow cover



I used white denim fabric but any thick fabric will do. I made sure to iron it before I started drawing. I figured it would be easier to draw on it if it were completely flat.

I used a special fabric marker (affiliate link) that is suppose to last forever through many, many washings. I am going to hold Sharpie to that since I live with 5 guys and well, the pillow is white.


how to make a tribal pillow


Here is a video of how I did it. In 30 seconds you get to see the whole process!



Just have fun! Make up your design or look for mud cloth pillows online to get inspiration. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. Mine it terribly crooked and uneven. I pretend it adds charm :) I am a perfectionist so part of that whole speech was for me. I was actually balancing on top of a stool (so I could photograph it in stop motion style) while I was drawing. Some of it was even done left handed.  I was being critical while looking at it up close, but once it was on my couch I didn’t even notice….as much.


Pin for later:

tribal pillow tutorial


Would you ever draw on a pillow with a fabric marker? I think you should. The doodling is addictive!



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  1. Linda says

    I really, really like this idea! I can see doing some drop cloth (cheap, lol) covers with even different coordinating colors! GREAT IDEA, thanks for sharing!

  2. cmt says

    Charming pillow. I think if you had used a ruler or stencil to make it perfect, it wouldn’t be as appealing. It would look factory made. The hand drawn quality gives it personality, and the design dances. Love the video. Well done on both. Alas, I don’t need, or have room for, pillows. But, I have my eye out for some super simple, super cheap decorating ideas for staging a house to sell. This fits the ticket, maybe on a bed.

  3. Robin says

    Permission to draw! Thanks!
    I like muslin, I’d wrap my world in off white muslin and ivory lace if I could. But I only ever think to stitch on it – I could draw – or paint!
    Washable is good – no boys just 4 dogs – one a huge slobbering, mud holding pawed, shedding, wonderful, lovable sweetheart of a Great Dane.