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Top ten posts from 2012

What a year 2012 has been! There were so many ups and downs both personally and blog related. I love to go back through all my posts at the end of the year and see all that I blogged about and all that was accomplished.

I was desperately trying to get my family room done so I could reveal it before the end of the year. BUT the closer it got to Christmas I realized that I would be better off doing it after the new year. So even though it is done, I will wait to share it until the first week in January. So watch for it! It is one of my favorite rooms EVER! I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.

And since a lot of you are new and may have missed my posts from earlier in the year, here are my top ten favorite posts (in order of when they were posted originally).


Polka Dot Hallway

I love my little upstairs hallway! I love the use of space in our 1938 home. Instead of long hallways that would eat up space, there is a “hub” in the center of the house and all the room branch off from it. Because of that, I needed it to be neutral. I love the tone on tone polka dots that are barely noticeable.

Loving Your Home

I wrote a post about loving your home. I wrote about my childhood home and how it affected how I decorate now. I even have pictures of my home as a child :) And a part of the post I ended up turning into a printable. It is basically my mantra.

Secret Garden

If I had to pick I would say this is my all time favorite project of 2012. It has been a dream of mine for so long and I had plans to start it a few years ago but then my husband was laid off (stupid economy). It took a long time to complete. It was a total labor of love. It is my happy place :)


On two separate occasions I had photos of me and my children stolen from my blog, the watermark cropped off, and used without my permission. Both were presented negatively and spread like wildfire. It broke my heart for many reason. Mainly because motherhood was being bashed. This post was my response.

Front Porch

I LOVE my front porch now that I have painted the ceiling with a harlequin pattern! It was exactly what it needed :) Ever wondered what the outside of my house looks like? This is the post where I share that too :)

Airplane Bedroom

My oldest son didn’t want to move out of the room he shares with his brothers, but he wanted his own space. So I turned the end of the room into his own special spot. He is obsessed with planes and wants to be a pilot one day.

Homemade Caramel

This is a recipe my mom has been making for over 40 years. It is seriously THE.BEST.EVER!

Dining Room Update

I made some changes to my dining room this year!

Kitchen Command Center

I needed more organization when it came to homework and school papers. I created a command center with job charts and a magazine rack:)

Tools Are For Ladies

This one is out of order for some reason, but it is the content from my talk when I spoke at SNAP! Blog conference in April (including a music video!!!!!). I spoke on power tools and safety. One of the things I want to do with this blog is to inspire more women to use power tools and build things themselves :)

Thanks for taking the time to look through my posts all year long (or for however long you have been a reader). I am looking forward to 2013 and all the amazing projects I hope to get accomplished!

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  1. Caitlin says

    I am completely diggin’ your style! The garden spot you created is just lovely! Just looking at all your photos made me so excited to get into our next house!! :)

  2. Ashley @ Simply Designing says

    Love your top 10 picks!!

    I am cracking up though because I hadn’t seen your post about your son and his room and as I looked at one of the photos I chuckled because we have that exact same yellow airplane, hanging, from the ceiling, at an angle in my son’s room! haha..great minds :)

    Love your picks! And I can’t wait to see your family room reveal!


  3. Betty says

    Thanks – you have a beautiful home, and I love your garden! Hope you don’t mind – I’m going to “borrow” the lampshade in your beautiful hallway. Happy 2013!

  4. Naomi says

    I just stumbled across your website… I am so amazed at the creative way that you decorate. I especially love the outdoor lampshade and the mirror with the wood behind it. I will be back after the holidays to see more :)

  5. Heart and Haven says

    Such beautiful, creative spaces to share with your family! I can’t wait to see the “new & improved” family room!

  6. Kim @ Sand & Sisal says

    Everything you do makes me smile Liza! You came through those difficult blog moments with class and grace and so many came to your support and I think even brought a more loyal group of readers! Your garden is my favorite post also. What a beautiful place to spend some relaxing time! Lots of love and success going into 2013!

  7. Jennifer says

    Inspiring indeed! I’m a new blogger so I don’t have enough material to do a round up post quite yet but I hope to next year. Can’t wait to see all the new projects you have in store for 2013 : ]

  8. Kristina says

    Love you you’ve made your home yours with your own style. I loved the video from SNAP, I remember talking to you and Brittany (PHG) right before you played it – hilarious! Great year you’ve had :)

    Visiting from SNAP! Top 2012 Posts
    xo, Kristina
    Hope you’ll visit my Top 10 too <3