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Tips For Painting Doors

This post is sponsored by HomeRight but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Ever since I took the plunge and painted my interior doors navy about 4 years ago, I have loved having non-white doors! Maybe it is because it is winter or maybe it is the 4 year itch (hey, that could be a thing…), but I decided to change things up and paint my interior doors a dark gray. While it is only the 3rd time I have painted our doors since buying our house 13 years ago, I have helped a lot of people with their homes and have painted a lot of doors. I thought I would share the things I have learned that make it easier. Here are my tips for painting doors!


gray kitchen door

Every time I get the camera out, Kevin thinks he needs to be in the shot :)


Real quick, let’s see a few after shots!


The kitchen door gets the most wear and tear of all our doors. I keep the extra paint on hand in case I need to do touch ups down the road. That and magic erasers help keep it looking good for years!

gray kitchen door


The other interior doors never need touch ups but I do wipe them down often. Especially the ridge along the bottom. Maybe the dust will blend right in with the new gray color!


gray interior doors

The paint color is Astronomical by Behr


Tips For Painting Doors

While I know it is tempting, especially to us “spur of the moment” project people, to just grab a paint brush and start painting, it really is best to take the time to remove the door and remove the hardware. I promise it is much better than trying to tape around the knobs and hope the awkwardly stretched tape doesn’t leak and then scraping paint off the door knob when it does.

I leave the hinges attached to the door frame. I put the screws and hardware in a baggie so it all stays together and I don’t lose any screws.



I apologize for the next few photos. Since it is cold outside and snowy, I painted in my basement and there are no windows. The photo quality leaves much to be desired.


I lightly sand the doors. This will allow the new coat of paint to adhere better. I also fill in any dents with putty. When all the sanding is done, clean with damp rags.



Lay out tarps to protect your work surface. I like to paint my doors while they are laying down so I usually use plastic totes stacked up to create a base. Saw horses also work. I have painted many doors with a brush before I got a sprayer. I will NEVER paint a door with a brush again! Especially if they have lots of details and panels. Such a pain. To get the best looking finish and be able to knock it out quickly, use a paint sprayer. I used my HomeRight Super Finish Max. It has a large capacity cup and I never had to refill it while painting all the doors.



Use a quality paint that will hold up to lots of touching, wiping, and other wear and tear. Doors, tables, and cabinets all need a good quality paint. Once the paint has completely dried, flip over and paint the other side.



After the doors were done I added the knobs back on and put them back up on their hinges. I am loving how they look with the original brass knobs!


gray door


Gray door with brass door knob


In summary, here are my best tips for painting doors!

  • Remove the door from the hinges and remove the hardware.

  • Lightly sand and putty any dents or scratches

  • Clean it really well before painting

  • Lay out tarps to protect your work area

  • Lay the doors flat. It is easier to paint and it helps avoid drips

  • Use a high quality paint that will hold up to wear and tear

  • A paint sprayer instead of a brush is faster and gives you a smoother finish

  • Make sure it has completely dried before hanging the door back up



Tips for painting doors


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  1. Lori says

    I would love to paint my front door with a sprayer. I used a paint brush a few years ago and it doesn’t have that beautiful finish like yours do!

  2. Chelle says

    I have alot of things to paint. I think I would start with my kitchen cabinets, then move on to the back porch and just keep going! THis would definitely be useful. Thanks.

  3. Whitney Hansen says

    I love That color! It’s a cozy feel, but not harsh like black. Two questions?
    1. What paint finish did you use for the doors?
    2. How would you paint exteriror doors? Still pull it off and spray it?

  4. R Carroll says

    I have been eyeing these sprayers up for some time now. My kitchen cabinets need some paint and this would make it much faster!

  5. katherine ellis says

    I would paint my interior doors. They could use a fresh coat of paint and this would be such a time saver and with a professional look. By the way, I love the gray color you chose for your door. Beautiful!

  6. Melissa Storms says

    Oh, we definitely need to repaint all of our doors, interior and exterior. Can I just say I loooove your doorknob? The plate and knob look gorgeous on the navy, just gorgeous.

  7. Lilly says

    Please be careful with the existing type of paint on your doors and the type of paint you will be using. Your article does not mention if your current paint is water based or oil and the problems of mixing the two together without primer. This could be chaos!!! I’ve been researching to paint my doors and have found a few people who experienced their paint just peeling off. Do your research before starting to paint. It could be this easy or not. ;)

  8. Terri says

    Love the grey color you used on your doors with the original knobs. Our front door needs to be painted and I was leaning towards darker grey already. Your post is very timely and now I’m sure of my decision, since your photos show how it might look when finished.

  9. Karen Bever says

    I have a lot of projects this would work so well for and save so much time. I’m getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets and bookshelves in the living room.

  10. Lisa Smith says

    I’ve painted 2 of our interior doors, but with a brush. They are 6 panel doors, so a sprayer would be awesome!

  11. Chastity says

    Once the weather warms, the entire front half of my home will be getting a fresh coat of paint. I’m hoping I can do it in a day, spare bedroom, living & dining room, and kitchen, I’ll let you know if I succeed.

  12. Carol says

    I need to paint the outside of my front door (it’s black). I’m also thinking of painting the inside of the door a color – instead of the white it is now.

  13. Sandy Heath says

    I have always thought a sprayer would be extremely helpful with my painting projects. I have an entire (LARGE) bedroom to paint, and I have to cover old paneling. I’ve been putting the project off for two years, so this may just be the incentive I need!

  14. Erin Rizzo says

    Oh my, I would paint my front and back door. I hate the brown. The inside of the front door is brown, but the outside of the back door is brown. Makes no sense. Plus, I just hate it it. I want a nice dark blue. The only way I’m going to get it done is to have a sprayer. Love the tips, I will definelty keep them in the back of my mind when I paint the doors. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Debbie says

    Need my front door painted and I have been putting it off – such a pain, but with a sprayer it would be a lot easier. Love your suggestions and your blog.

  16. Carol says

    My German Short Hair got himself trapped in the bathroom one day and scratched up the back of the door trying to get out! I definitely need to paint my interior doors (especially that bathroom door lol).

  17. Michelle says

    Hello, I have a couple of bedframes that need painting…I know a sprayer will give me a MUCH more professional looking finish than a paintbrush….and save me LOTS of time! Thanks for the giveaway. =)

  18. MaryB says

    We moved into a condo built mid century. It needs painting all over but doors especially. This post comes at a great time!

  19. JUDY ROZEMA says

    The doors in my house, we moved in five years ago previous owners where heavy smokers so we painted EVERYTING!!! Except the doors??? LOL thats next on my list then the bathroom cabinets!!

  20. Whitney J says

    I like the way your dark doors bring some moody contrast to your rooms! I have a long list of things to paint. A bathtoom vanity is probably at the top of my list right now. I’ve only ever used brushes and rollers, so would love to try out a sprayer.

  21. Tammara says

    My front door needs to be painted with a sprayer and its on my list to do! The sprayer would leave a beautiful finish.

  22. Joanna says

    The next project id like to paint is all the doors, trim, and molding in our house. It’s all a light tan. Not my favorite at all! ?

  23. Nancy Davies says

    Love the brass hardware. My mother had the same design but hers was bakelite or something I think and not as fancy! No ‘crystal’ knobs!!

  24. Mary Kaiser says

    That certainly looks easier than doing it with a brush! I hope to win that spray painter as I have been needing to repaint some of the doors in my house. Yours look amazing, I love that color!

  25. Joan Trebing says

    Would love to paint my front door. My great neighbor did a fine job but it is time for a refreshed look. So excited to get started. Thank you for the great tips.

  26. Peggy Zortman says

    Thank you for a chance to win a Homwright Super Max! This would be so awesome! We have several doors and outbuildings to paint. What a labor saver this would be.

  27. Carol Battin says

    Love your grey exterior doors, You have sold me on painting mine a darker color. I fight dirty fingerprints constantly. Thanks for the painting tips.

  28. Allison Hyde says

    I love these painted doors!!! I need you to just come decorate my house and tell me what to paint and what to do!!

  29. Rhonda Kenny says

    I would paint the bookshelf I am building in my kitchen. Then the front door, and then the fireplace. Oh I have so many projects, pick me!

  30. Suzi F says

    I want to paint thr dresser and armoire set in my bedroom. We are finally painting and redecorating our room and I want my furniture to be a medium grey.

  31. Dea Sweeny says

    I would love to try this! I am renovating and 3 of the bedrooms need the ceilings, sidewalls, and woodwork painted. This lppks like it would keep things moving right along :)

    Is there very much involved in cleaning the sprayer?

    Thankds for all your tips.

  32. Janet says

    Santa did not leave a sprayer or a puppy under the Christmas tree in our new-to-us home. I need to paint everything as ii is mess with electrical work and drywall patches everywhere. Thanks for the tips on painting doors. They are next up….after demoing the damaged tile floors!

  33. Elicia P says

    My youngest room. He is two and his room is not done. It is one of those.. “One Day” projects. He is still little so he does not realize that his room is not finished. But soon he will!

  34. Julie Waldron says

    We are currently building a new home, so there’s a lot we’ll have to paint! The first thing I would paint with this is the doors.

  35. Sue Hansen says

    Were currently adding on to our home and would love this! I have lots of doors that need painted as well as a banister. ?

  36. Chelsea h says

    Oh man I would go crazy with this! I have some bookshelves I want to paint white, and some iron railings in desperate need of a makeover- a sprayer would make it a breeze!