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Teen Bedroom Makeover on a Budget!

I love reveal day! After working so hard on a room makeover, it is so fun to finally be able to share it with you. I think this room has more DIY projects in it than any of my other rooms. At least that is how it felt :) I had so much fun designing and executing this room makeover for my nephew. He is an excellent baseball player and loves all things sports so we took that as our jumping off point. As always, I tried hard to keep this an inexpensive project (which is why so many things were DIYed). Here it is! A teen bedroom makeover on a budget!

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I love a blank slate and this is exactly what the room started out as.



You might recognize the bed. It is the same type as the one in my niece’s room that I made over. They were part of a bunk bed set. Since there was only one, and we needed two beds in the space, we decided to start from scratch.



Last month I shared how I painted the walls a nice grayish blue color. They have such a large window that faces south east so I felt like I could go a little darker with the walls.




I’ll be sharing even more details, tutorials, and a source list later this week but today is the REVEAL!



My nephew was using an old broken dresser as a desk. Even though there is a respectable 54″ from the end of the bed to the closet, I decided to build a fold down desk to save some space. He didn’t have and shelves to display trophies or collectables so I made some to go above.



His older brother is in college and stays at home some of the time so we needed to keep the second bed in the room.



Since his older brother was also a ball player, we printed off some 16×20 prints of each of them playing to hang over the beds.



Since they were using a tote and a step stool as their side tables, I knew I needed to find them a better replacement. I couldn’t find two that were similar enough and within our budget so I built two very simple tables with drawers. Part of being able to keep your room clean as a kid is having a place where you can shove all the miscellaneous things quickly. My kids each have a drawer dedicated as their “treasure” drawer (that’s a nicer way of saying junk drawer). Headphones, cords, gum, baseball cards, etc will all fit nicely in these two deep drawers.



After I built them, I pulled out my trusty Finish Max Super to get them painted! Luckily I still have an unfinished corner in my basement to work since it is so cold still in Utah. I painted one coat on each table in less than 3 minutes!




This teen bedroom makeover on a budget was so fun to pull off! My favorite part of any room makeover is seeing how happy the person is with their new space. My nephew is thrilled and has already added his own touches to the room like LED lights and action figures to the the shelves. I love it! Of course I take styled shots for the blog, but it makes my heart happy when people make it their own when I am gone.



Do you have a space you want to makeover? Or maybe just a piece of furniture? I’m giving away my favorite painting tool to help one of you get your DIY projects done faster. The Finish Max Super will give your projects the smoothest, most even finish ever!

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  1. Heather says

    We are still in the starting stages of decoratin our new home so the possibilities would be endless with this. I really love the color you chose to paint the room!

  2. Mary says

    Love this! We’re getting to do my son’s room and he wants all blue, but also Lego, so we’re still brainstorming. I also really need to paint our shutters, so this would be perfect!

  3. Lindsay says

    I’m about to start painting my living room and kitchen, and I’m a slow painter so having a sprayer to help move things along would be so helpful!

  4. Carla Erickson says

    What a great space for guys! I love the wall color. The bedside tables are awesome! How great they are for storage, and having a table surface for a lamp. The plaid blanket adds the right amount of pattern and color! The sprayer would be great to paint some tables and chests for a smooth even finish!

  5. Kristy Z says

    We’re redoing our kitchen soon, this looks like it would work great on the walls and cabinets. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Jackie Burrell says

    The room looks great! I know your nephews appreciate all your work
    I always have something I need to paint but I am repainting my kitchen cabinets and would love to have a “finish” sprayer.

  7. Suzanne says

    I have two projects that really need this. First, I have a lot of fence that needs to be stained. I’m going for a black stain to add a strong contrast to the planting. Then I have a project to add storage to my own bedroom with several sets of drawers from the Ikea Ivar line.

  8. Karen says

    Your makeover is adorable! I’d love to see your plans for the side tables you built for the room. I love the color and the smooth finish on them! I need to paint my kitchen cabinets and possibly my dining room table. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  9. Sonja Brownfield says

    This is great! Love the finish on the side tables! Also love the headboards. I would love to paint a coffee table I’m going to be making with something like that!

  10. Erin Prohaska says

    Absolutely love this transformation! The basketball hoop is so dang cute too! I have a antique dresser that I’d love to be able to spray for minimal dresser (for the record it’s not one that would be a crime to paint but deserves some love). The list goes on from there! ❤️

  11. Nancy Johnson says

    The bedroom makeover is stunning! I would love to win the Finish Max Super. I have a large deck that needs stain along with a few furniture pieces I would like to paint. Spraying leaves a much nicer finish and I would imagine that it saves so much time as well!

  12. Michelle says

    I have several bed frames to paint. A paint sprayer would make this job go much faster and enable the results to look much more professional! Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  13. Leslie Kiley says

    I would love to remake my spare room! My daughter just moved out and it needs a new refresh! This would help so much. What great inspiration.

  14. Krys says

    I love the blue you picked for the room. I’m slowly renovating my entire house & recently decided I’m going to paint all the doors a dark gray.

  15. Melissa Storms says

    Funny, we are working out just what my teen wants to do to his bedroom to more reflect him now. He has awesome vintage oak dressers, we are planning on painting all but tops black and I could definitely use the sprayer for that.

  16. Tara M. says

    I am building some custom bi-fold doors for my son’s non-standard size closet – the Finish Max would be perfect for a smooth and professional-looking paint job on the doors!

  17. Tami says

    Swoon! Those headboards and loving the drop down desk. Maximizing space can be a real challenge. I want to make over my old office and make it my art studio so that means repainting and making over the entire room for efficiency and inspiration! Would love to paint my built ins!

  18. Danira says

    Another amazing success! I love that you can build anything you can imagine! That fold down desk is awesome! So are the floating shelves! The room loos so much bigger and organized with all your beautiful touches! You are such a loving Aunt!!! Well done!

  19. kelly tupick says

    I actually need to pain my whole upstairs. That would include two bedrooms and one bathroom and a small hallway. I burn wood also so it really needs a new paint job.

  20. Erin Rizzo says

    Love the wall color. Love this giveaway. I have so much I need to paint and keep
    Putting it off. I would paint my fence and my boys dresser, just to begin with.

  21. Vickie says

    Very impressive before and after.

    And, like the color choice.

    We are doing a whoke house remodeling. Therefore, all rooms inside,M outside, decks, porch and garage.

  22. Brittany says

    A paint sprayer has been on my tool wishlist for a while. I think I’d probably start slow with outdoor projects. The fence around our chicken pen needs painted. Maybe the inside of the garage walls. You make it look so easy with the painter, I’m just nervous I’d make a mess.

  23. Tori says

    I have a mid-century dresser in my oldest son’s room that is in need of a makeover. I’m excited to try a two-tone look and a sprayer would be very handy.

  24. Kim Harris says

    I have the “other guys” sprayer currently and paint furniture and projects for my small business. I have heard great things about this sprayer and would love to try it out! It would be a great addition to my project space.

  25. Beverly says

    Looks fabulous! You did a great job. I’d love to have one of those sprayers. The first thing I’d paint is a bookcase in my hallway. Then a couple of end tables. It wouldn’t be long before my husband his the sprayer from me to stop the madness! lol

  26. Ashley R says

    I’ve got several projects that need painting! My mom wants to redo her entry table & mirror & I have an ugly desk that needs a facelift. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway! I love how the room turned out!

  27. Bea Alexandra says

    I would love to paint my kitchen cabinets. Replacing them is so costly and I still like the shape and design of them.

  28. Susan M. says

    Job well done! I am in the process of making over a spare room for the Grands and picked up a very old secretary. Would love to win the sprayer so I don’t have to hand-brush all those cubbies!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. staci wells mefford says

    i have a few projects i am working on this would come in handy by the way their room turned out wonderful i really like that color. do you happen to remember the name of it or perhaps the manufacturer? thanks for your generosity

  30. vicky says

    So nice to have a designated place to spray paint in the winter months. I have a tent but have to build a fire in the woodstove in the garage and wait until it warms up. Makes me a little more organized I guess, nahhh. Would love this sprayer. Keep up the great work.