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Summer So Far…

How in the world is it June 23rd already??? My kids have been out of school for almost a month and at the risk of sounding like my great Aunt Barbara, time’s going by way too fast!

It has been awhile since I have given a little family update and since I am waiting on the go ahead to post a big outdoor project, I thought this was the perfect time to chat and share some fun personal things.

I’ll start with a big one :) My sister got married! It is so wonderful to see happiness after tragedy especially after wondering if all the pieces would ever be put back together. She was so focused on finishing nursing school that we kind of had to throw the wedding to gether pretty fast once she graduated. I acted as planner, florist and photographer.




Shane’s sister and her husband are considering moving to a small town about an hour south of here and they invited us to come down for the weekend and stay in a darling pioneer home that was built in 1851. It was adorable!




The owners did such a great job for fixing it up without taking away any of the history.




It had original pioneer furniture with the original milk paint. The stairs, though steep, were one of my favorite details.




Check out this fun shower that was renovated during the depression!




Shane’s parents have been serving a mission in Mexico for the last year and got permission to leave to travel here for some family events. While they were here Shane’s dad replaced the engine in Shane’s beater (commuter car). Only having one car for months has been a challenge so I am glad it is now up and running!


fixing car


The kids only lasted a few days into summer vacation before the bickering. My youngest two are currently going through the “hate each other’s guts” phase so I have been trying to keep them separated while mumbling that this too shall pass. Please tell me that my kids are not the only ones!

But every once in a sweet while, they get along and build a blanket fort :)




Most of our days have been spent in the yard doing work followed by a snow cone or popsicle breaks. Swimming, trips up the canyon, helping at grandma’s, and lots of reading are a few other things we have done so far. We usually have pretty low key summers and sometimes I catch myself feeling guilty that we don’t go to Disneyland or any other fancy vacations. I like to think that now matter how we spend our summers that they will look back at their childhood as magical.




Now that most of the yard stuff is done (I finally got the garden planted!) I can turn my attention back to the bathroom renovation, so stay tuned for more progress there!





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  1. jen h says

    That’s how I spent my summers, and now how my kids summers are! Maybe a beach trip or camping in August, but otherwise summer is building forts, reading, sprinklers, playgrounds etc..