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Summer Patio Decor

I should have titled this “the post that almost didn’t happen.” My pillows were late getting here and so I had to wait until Monday to take the photos. Monday was when the roof guys came to get started on taking the shingles off. I asked them if they could start on the front so I could take pictures of my patio (which I’m sure they thought was so weird) and they kindly obliged. I had to work quickly and I still ended up having to move flying shingles out of the way as I went. Normally I would wait for the perfect time to shoot something outdoors, like when it is overcast, but I had to take what I could get. But all that craziness aside, I am so excited to share my Summer patio decor with you!


summer patio decor ideas


Since I had JUST shared the finished patio with you last month, I wanted to spruce it up enough that it looked different. I added some fun colorful pillows, added a new rug, and planted some flowers.


Summer patio decor


How cute are those flower pillows?! I found them online at Target. They also have some embroidery on them. I may move them to my bedroom when the summer is over!



I shared on instagram about my blackberry and blueberry bushes. They are perfect for pots and in the few months I have had them, they have already produced quite a bit of berries!


Blueberries that grow in pots


The plants on the sliding wall are still doing great. I bought a new sprayer so the kids fight over who gets to water them. I think they probably get watered more than once some days. I had to take down the string lights so the roofers could do their thing but I will be excited to hang them again.


Summer patio ideas


I bought a new rug. I had Shane go out with a measuring tape to see what size of rug we should order. He said a 5×7 would be perfect. He’s fired from rug measuring. Ha! It works fine but I think I would have bought a bigger one. It is a great rug though! You can see a close up picture of the weave pattern here (affiliate link).


Summer patio ideas


If you have ever shopped for flowers this late in the year, you know things are pretty picked over. I did find some cute pink Impatiens that are for the sun (called sunpatiens) and some happy marigolds.


Summer patio decor


So there you have it! Kind of last minute and thrown together but I like the cheerful vibe my summer patio decor gives off. Once the shingles are done flying, I will sit and enjoy :)

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  1. laura says

    HI Liza, Love this.. rugs are tricky! You know what caught my eye? The little fence around the a/c unit. Do you have a post on that one. Our a/c faces our neighbor’s side lot and I feel I owe them a prettier view! laura

  2. Krista says

    Very cheerful and welcoming! And this is a hilarious story that you had to dodge roof shingles to get your photos done. Isn’t it crazy, the things we do sometimes? So glad you could join in on this hop, Liza!

  3. Christy James says

    You would never guess from these photos that there were a bunch of guys on your roof slinging shingles off the front ha ha. Such a relaxing beautiful space, and I love those floral pillows. Love the plants on the wall as well… Such a cool feature for the space! XO

  4. Cindy says

    Very pretty and I like the planter on the wall. Good thing you able to dodge the shingles. When they start work, they throw them everywhere


  5. brenda says

    i hope your projectz will be completed before the seasonal changes. Also very curious about whether or not you and Shane have considered solar panels while you are doing all these heavy duty projects.
    as usual, you have been able to consider the challenges and overcome them graciously.

  6. Jo-Anna says

    Soooo funny…getting pictures for blog posts really is an art! Your patio looks so pretty…I LOVE your sliding wall with the plants, what a great idea!!