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Succulent Planter

Succulents have become very popular and I think that two of the reasons are because they are harder to kill than regular house plants since they don’t need to be watered as regularly and because they can be planted in unconventional planters. The don’t need a ton of soil to survive since they have shallow root systems. I have seen them planted in old logs, shoes, tool boxes, and even old toys.


So when I got this container I knew it would be the perfect place for a little succulent garden :) It needed a bit of a facelift first.


I cleaned it really well and then used spray paint in my favorite off white color, Heirloom White.

I have found that in my area, Home Depot is the best place to find a wide variety of succulent plants. I think succulent arrangements look best if you have different sized leaves, different, shapes, and different colors.


I filled the planter with a little potting soil and then took the succulents out of their little pots and placed them in the planter the way I thought they looked best. I filled in the gaps with more potting soil. There is a special kind of potting soils for cactus plants that has a more sandy feel to it. If you can find it, that is the best kind to use. And if your container doesn’t have drainage holes, add some gravel or other rocks at the bottom to aid in drainage. Do not over water. Allow the soil to dry out in between watering.


I put this next “my spot” on the couch. It is a sunny spot and I hope it will be happy there :)


Have you tried planting succulents yet? What do you think of these plants?

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  1. Suesan says

    I just repotted my succulents yesterday. I used an old enamel basin. I’m hoping they like their new home but I need to go get some more to fill in the spaces. My burro tail that was gorgeous didn’t survive our last move and I’m still mourning its loss. I love the little display but that bunny makes me want to go find some chocolate to snack on. :D

  2. Melissa says

    Succulents are a family thing for us…my Mom passed her love for them to me and I passed my love to both my daughters.
    My oldest daughter is usings succulents in her wedding this October. Succulents will be used in all the bouquets, corsages and boutonniers. Also on the cake and each guest will also receive potted succulents as a favor. My daughter is growning all the succulents herself!

    • Rhonda says

      Melissa…what a beautiful idea!!!! I LOVE the thought of your daughter growing her own…and all the love and anticipation that is going into these beautiful plants…that in turn will go home with her wedding guests….so sweet…Best wishes – thanks for sharing…NJAHW: thank YOU for your site…and sharing your ideas and such….very nice!

  3. CT says

    Sweet arrangement. I have a couple that I just bought that need a pretty container like yours. One of these days…

  4. Angela says

    I love the look of succulents but I’m afraid I would kill them. I killed a cactus once, so I’m gonna have to go find the fake ones that you can’t kill. ;)

  5. Cynthia says

    Not sure what I love more- the succulents in the vintage milk glass OR the Mandy book! So hard to find that one!

  6. Kristen Rodriguez says

    Love the planter! I also love the paint color of the side table. Did you do that? We have that same table but ours is oak and yours looks way cuter!!

  7. Jennifer says

    Love the pottery facelift! Though a seemingly small change, it has a big impact on the room with a white/green contrast. I also need to check out succulents for my house (I often refer to my self as the “black thumb”–poor house plants that I forget to water). : )