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Styled X3 {Geometric Bowl}

Yesterday was 70 degrees. In November! But it is Utah, so that means it will snow tomorrow. Ha! No really, it is going to snow tomorrow! I am in some serious denial that winter is on it’s way. I have enjoyed the warmer months way too much. But all good things must come to an end.

Speaking of endings, this is the last Styled X3 of 2016. I am still deciding if I will do it for a third year. Let me know what you think. Would you like another year of this series?


styled x3


This month I have two more fabulous bloggers joining us. We have Wendy from The Shabby Nest (another Utahn!) and Gloribell from I don’t Know How She Does It. She is in sunny Miami and I may just show up on her doorstep come January :)

As usual, I chose an item and set it to the other bloggers. We all style the same home decor item somewhere in our home and share it with you. Altering the item is optional.

This month I chose this adorable glass bowl!



geometric glass bowl (affiliate)



I have a thing for faceted items. I did a whole post about it. I normally know what I am going to do with the item I choose but this little beauty could have gone just about anywhere. It would be cute on a nightstand to hold jewelry or hair ties that you take off before bed, it could go on a bathroom counter, it could be filled with potpourri or other seasonal things on a mantel, or on a desk filled with paper clips or other office supplies.

I chose to put it just inside our kitchen door (the door we use the most) to act as a catch all. It will mostly have changes and keys, but my kids will find small things on the floor like screws and just set them on the counter. They eventually roll off and end up on the floor again. This allows them to have a place until I can put them away in the right screw container in the office.


geometric faceted bowl as a catch all in the kitchen




I have some of the original keys from our 1938 house framed and on the wall but I have a few on my key ring too just because they are cute.


catch all bowl for kitchen counter


I am the type of person that doesn’t like a lot of things on my counters so if it is going to be on there it needs to be cute and functional….. or a plant :)

On a side note, I am still on the fence about what to do about the kitchen cabinets. Right now they are a creamy white. I actually photoshopped them a bit so they looked lighter or else my kitchen looked weird in this shot. I really want to build new doors and paint them either blue, grey, or white again. I am worried if I tackle the cabinets it will be like “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. If I paint them blue, will I have to paint the door a new color because that would be too much blue? If I build new doors will I need new hardware? Gah! That is why a year later, they are still cream.


neutral kitchen - I love that little geometric bowl!


Now you need to hop on over and see what Gloribell and Wendy did with their bowl!




What would you do with this bowl?


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  1. cmt says

    Fruit. Goal: to finish the fruit in the bowl each day. Cute bowl.
    Maybe could paint blue accents around the inset panels of the cabinet doors, or the cabinet facing behind the doors. Or revel in the fact that you have a spanking clean kitchen which I admire. The all-white look makes it look clean.

    • Liza says

      I had to move some “science experiments” off the counter and a bunch of materials from one of my projects so it is not always this clean. I do try to have at least one bathroom, the family room, and the kitchen clean always. With four kids the whole house is hardly ever clean all at the same time :)

  2. Patty says

    Hi Liza! I know you photo shopped them, but the cabinets look like a lovely light grey in the photo. Why not paint them a light dove grey. Or what about a French blue glaze that you wipe off? Maybe add small accents of blue to go with the door, like in the light fixture, towels, a small rug, or countertop cannisters? It looks like you prefer light and uncluttered. How DO you maintain that?? LOL
    Love your ceiling! And I love those old original keys too!

    • Liza says

      I actually photoshopped my cabinets to be different colors so I could visualize it better and grey was one of them. It is a contender for sure!

  3. chris aka monkey says

    love the shape of the bowl and thought it would look good with some panes painted with glass paint although it does look awesome just like it is xx