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Studio 5 Clip: Outdoor Decor

There were a few awkward pauses this time around. But, that’s live TV for ya! I haven’t watched it yet because of that. I am always so critical when seeing myself. I think I will go eat some lunch and then watch it. :)

I can’t get the actual clip to post this time. I am going to try it again but for now you can go HERE to watch it.

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  1. Marcy says

    I thought you did a great job! The only awkward moments were their fault…they kept changing pictures so fast and asking you questions in a vague way. You were AWESOME as ever!

  2. Jennie Larsen says

    So proud of you!!!! Love the segment and your darling outdoor projects. Watched the whole thing. I so will be buying a BHG mag. just because of you. Congrats. xo-jen

  3. Autumn Nordstrom says

    Look how cute you are! I just want to squeeze you! As always – everything was awesome and I didn’t even notice the akwardness …