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Pulling Things Together {Coral & Gray Teen Room}

Have you ever started a project and then lost steam or got stuck on what to do next? I think we have all been there. This weekend I was able to step in and help pull all the details together to give my niece a fresh new room!

When my sister got remarried and bought a new house, my niece picked out new bedding and bought a side table at the thrift store. She started collecting things to hang on the wall. That is as far as she got. A year later, the side table was still unfinished, the hand me down bed from her older brother was still chipped, and nothing was on the wall. My assignment from HomeRight for my sponsored post this month was “Furniture Makeover”. This room was perfect for that!


This is the fun and funky table my niece picked out at the thrift store.


Her and her sister got their older brother’s hand-me-down bunk beds. They are at least 15 years old and very chipped and scratched.


I started out by sanding everything. It helped smooth out the dents and scratches as well as made it so the new coat of paint could grip the surface better.



After I had wiped them down really well, it was time to paint! HomeRight just came out with a medium spray shelter and it is fabulous! Just like their small shelter, it is a pop up tent! It also has a bottom so you don’t have to worry about finding a tarp. It also has a vent in the back where you can add a box fan for ventilation. It is perfect for small dressers, side tables, bookcases, etc.



I picked a coral paint that matched the coral in her cute geometric bedding. The Super Finish Max paint sprayer made the process so much quicker! I used the green tip for a fine, smooth finish. You can see all the different tips it comes with as well as which one to use when HERE and click on the photo of the tip chart.



The bed posts got a fresh coat of gray paint. Since it use to be stacked as a bunk bed, there were holes in the tops of the posts. We fixed that by gluing knobs onto the bed.


I think a little paint is just what this room needed to make it look finished!



I love the bedding my niece picked out. The diamonds on the bed headboard and footboard go perfectly with the geometric pattern. I realized when I got home that I didn’t get any shots of the wall beyond the side table where we put up a cute gallery wall using the things and frames she collected.




The rest of the walls, I am told, are going to be filled with posters of cute boys which brought me back to my junior high days and cutting out pictures from Bop magazine. Anyone else have photos all over their locker and bedroom?



What room or project do you need help finishing? What would it take to pull it all together?


This post was sponsored by HomeRight but all ideas and opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. Mia says

    Wow! This looks fabulous. What an inspiration for getting back to stalled projects. They’ve always been a big emotional hurdle for me. For what looks like a relatively small amount of work, the results are beautiful. And there’s the satisfaction of using thrift store finds and hand me downs on top of getting a personalized decor that really speaks to your niece.
    I think I missed out on Bop, but not the fun of teenaged dreaming. (Psst, I don’t think we ever really let go of that guilty pleasure no matter how old we are).

  2. Clara Risenmay says

    What a sweet thing you did for your niece. I’m sure she loves it. You always amaze me with your talent. :)