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Pantry Makeover!!!

I completed this project as part of a campaign for ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape Brand website. I have been DYING to be able to share it with you!

I was asked to create a project with the theme of “Back to School” using painter’s tape. Now, you may be thinking that a pantry makeover has very little to do with back to school, but I think it has a TON to do with it. Keep reading to see how I tied it all together :)

Organized Pantry

Here is what my pantry looked like before. It is painted an almond color on the outside and the inside. Nothing was organized and it was SO HARD to find what you needed. I attempted many times to organize it, but it did not take long for it to look like this again.


I added bead board horizontally to the sides of the pantry and painted them a lighter color. The shelves got painted green and I added some checkerboard elements to match my kitchen ceiling. I also cut out vinyl chalkboard labels and vinyl lettering for the jars and door using my Silhouette machine.

Here is what it looks like now!!!


I now have a chalkboard memo board to write notes to my kids. They have to get in the pantry to make lunches in the morning so they see the messages. That way if I am doing something else or tending to my youngest, they get the info they need for that day.

I also added baskets for lunch items and after school snack items. This is the biggest way it ties into “back to school” and one of the best ideas I have ever had. Boxes of crackers and other snacks take up so much room. My pantry in my kitchen (the tall one by my fridge) would be filled with them making it so I didn’t have room for canned goods and other dinner items. PLUS my boys would come home from school and eat a box of crackers EACH. I know they didn’t need a whole box. They were mindlessly snacking. So …

I started separating the crackers and other snacks as soon as I bought them. I got snack-sized baggies and filled them with snacks. That way the boxes could be flattened and added to the garbage/recycling. When  the kids want a snack, then they have an appropriate portion size. If they are still hungry they can have an apple, carrot sticks, etc. That way they don’t get filled up on just pretzels, crackers, dried fruit or whatever else.

It also means making lunches in the morning is easier for them. They just make a sandwich and grab a baggie of crackers. I also keep baggies of veggies in the fridge to grab as well. I cut them up as soon as I buy them and then they are always available when we get snacky :)

So I save money because my boys are eating less crackers and we save time in the morning when making lunches. It also saves space. I am open to idea of other ways to store the snacks since I hate using so many baggies. We try to reuse them a couple times but still. Let me know what you do in your home.


I actually made two versions of the tags. I first bought square frames at a craft store and used that. But then I realized not everyone would be able to find square frames this size. So I also made a version with just a square piece of wood. Either works!


I measured how big the square needed to be in order for them to fit on there evenly. They ended up being a little wider than the 1 inch ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape
so I doubled up and over lapped. I had to use a razor blade knife to cut the ends of the tape for the corners. I taped every other, painted with the darker green, let it dry, taped over the darker green and then painted with the lighter green. I sprayed the center with chalk board spray paint and then inserted it back into the frame.


I bought wood squares at the craft store. I taped off a square and painted it with chalkboard paint. After it dried I removed the paint and taped it again to make a square pattern around the border. I panted the darker green paint, let it dry, re-taped, and then painted the lighter green on the opposite squares.


And here is how I created the checkered chalkboard:


I measured how big I wanted it and drew a faint penciled rectangle on the pantry door. I taped it off and painted the center with chalkboard paint. Once that dried I taped around the chalkboard with two layers of tape. Then I took the one nearest the chalkboard paint off. This left a border. Then I put small strips of tape all along the border. I was able to take every other one off and it made a checker pattern. I saved the ones I took off to use later. I painted the darker green on the exposed squares. Once it was dry I removed the tape. I then used the small pieces I had removed earlier to repeat the process. Then I painted the lighter green.

organized pantry ideas

The cleaning supplies go on the top shelf, then bottled goods from my garden, then baking supplies, and the lunch/snack stuff on the bottom where the kids can reach.


If you have a hard time finding the jars in stores, or if you just like to shop in your PJs, here is the link:

(affiliate link)

So I am sure that most of you are thinking “Yeah, it is pretty in these pictures, but how does it look right now?” (That is totally what I would be thinking!) Guess what? It looks pretty close to the same even after 5 months of using it. There are cleaners with colorful labels in the front instead of hiding behind the cute labeled ones and we are out of applesauce, pears, and peaches (Time to bottle again!). But really it looks organized still. Most of my baking supplies are in glass jars or mason jars but the few things that are not are in the back behind the glass jars.

A pantry seems like such an insignificant thing, but having it organized really has made life easier at our house.


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*This post is a collaboration with ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape, but all words and opinions are my own.


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    • Liza says

      I have those too! I think they are too big for the baskets since I have 4 boys and I try to have at least a week’s worth of snacks. But I used them when packing lunches for my husband and for leftovers in the fridge. They are super handy!

    • Liza says

      I got them at Walmart. Behind the large ones I have the smaller sized ones as well. I cut the vinyl out myself.

      • Andrea Wright says

        I love the simplicity of your canister labels. What font did you use? It looks like a typewriter font. It’s a beautiful pantry.

      • mickie says

        Do the jars from Wal-mart have an inner seal to make them air-tight? Others I’ve found elsewhere do not. Would like to find ones like these that are bug and humidity proof (!). Thanks!

  1. Lena says

    It looks great! It’s so much easier to keep it all in order when you are organized :) We re-did our pantry a few months ago too, and I’m surprised that it’s still in order but it is!!

  2. Janelle Peek says

    Very creative way to cover up your wall and love the low cost. My husband and I are saving up for a washer/dryer. Right now we are paying to use the coin laundry that is available to 5 apartment homes.
    We have limited space but have the perfect closet to use for a w/d hookup, would love to add tiles and add some shelving.

  3. Heart and Haven says

    Super cute and organized!

    I have some bead board left-over from a bathroom project….now my wheels are spinning for ideas how I can use the left overs!

    Are your canning chalk labels removable? I was wondering how they held up after washing and additional cannings in boiling water. I usually just write on the canning lid with a sharpie…not as cute, but the lids aren’t reusable anyway.

    Also, I like the “snack box” idea. Might have to add something similar to our pantry system.

    • Liza says

      I cut them out of vinyl using my Silhouette machine. But I know you can buy chalk board labels at Office supply stores.

      • Misty Wylie says

        Would you be willing to make/sell a set of the flour/sugar labels. I pinned this makeover months ago but can not find these labels and don’t have the ability to make them. Thanks so much for considering :)

  4. kami says

    I love this makeover. I like the baskets for snacks and lunches! I also need to get those jars as well. And the chalk board is a great add on. I like the idea of leaving your children a note there sense they have to go in that cabinet to make their lunches for school. Great idea for back to school. It is nice to be organized, less stress.

  5. Kim {plumberry pie} says

    Puts me in the mood to organize;)! Fabulous transformation. Last year I started using plastic Ball jars for snacks. If you’re looking for something that will fit in the baskets for a week’s worth, they have fabric snack bags in the lunch box aisle at Target. Might be pricey for a week’s worth, but in the long run cheaper than buying plastic ones over and over…except they close w/velcro, which might leave your snacks stale over the course of a week?

  6. Genny says

    Liza –

    Just the idea to paint the shelves that beautiful shade of green is fabulous. You are so organized and creative it always blows my mind while raising those little ones. Enjoy your time off with your family –


  7. sophia says

    Where did you get the Baskets from and how much did they cost you? I had the same did you attach the labels to the basket?

  8. Jennifer says

    I love what you did with the pantry! It looks great. However, you really shouldn’t store food beneath cleaning products. They could become contaminated.

  9. Amanda says

    I didn’t notice anyone recommending the reusable snack bags ( ) here is just a search on amazon. I’m not sure if they are good for keeping things fresh…which may cause a problem for your basket system…and initially they will cost a bit to get some stocked up…but I have been thinking about getting a bunch for my house (we already use the wetbags for diapers and they are made by the same company).

    • Libby says

      I have the same question. And also how well does it store flour? I want to buy some but not sure if it is worth it.

  10. Corrianne Lee says

    Hey I have a silhouette machine as well, can you tell me the font and size of your oats, flour and sugar labels?

  11. Theresa says

    The makeover looks great. It appears that a lot of things in the pantry prior we’re not kept there. I have a similar small pantry but I need to keep what I have. With such a small space, it makes it very difficult to redo it /organize if all to look well organized.

  12. Cheryl Green says

    I was looking for instructions to build a free standing spice/mason jar cupboard and clicked on your website; I am so glad I did! You have wonderful ideas and beautiful decorating talent. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Now to get busy.

  13. gmvaldez says

    Really like the makeover! I especially like the labels on the Sugar, Oats, and Flour jars. What font did you use?


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