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20 Wall hangings that will add texture to your space

It doesn't matter if you decorate with bright, bold colors or if you are drawn to using neutrals, texture is an important part of a space that often gets over looked. Recently I have seen that wall hangings have become more, and more popular. Here are 20 wall hangings that will add texture to your space! Wall Hangings That Will Add Texture To Your Space My mom use to hang baskets on the wall and when I was younger and while I thought it was weird because no one else had them on their walls, I also thought it was kind of cool. This tribal collection of baskets not only gives the space texture, but great pattern as well. The African Home Goods   These baskets are more … {READ MORE}

Garage Door Makeover

Now that our house is looking pretty good, it was time to turn our attention to our detached garage. Our garage doors are original which means they are 81 years old! They have been patched and painted numerous times over the years. I admit that when we moved here we just slapped on a coat of paint and called it a day. It has been peeling more and more in the recent years so I knew it was time for a garage door makeover! This post is sponsored by Wagner and all opinions and ideas are 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links. Our garage makeover journey actually started last Fall. This is what it looked like back then. A real beaut, eh?   Since I have a 3 step … {READ MORE}

NEW Front Yard Landscaping

I re-landscaped our front yard earlier this year but am just now getting around to blogging about it. I am sure some of you, and definitely some of my neighbors, are wondering why we dug up all our perfectly good flowers this spring.  Don't worry, I found new homes for all of them. Most went into our backyard and the rest went to friends and neighbors. This front yard landscaping project has been on my mind for years. Even though my flower beds were filled with some of my favorite perennials, I never liked the looked of it and here is why...     Why I Re-landscaped the Front Yard Our house is orange. There, I said it. Terracotta if you want to get fancy. Having such … {READ MORE}

Clay Head Planter

This project has literally been on my to-do list for 2 years. I kept putting it off because it was a smaller project and not really a need. I also have never sculpted a face and was hesitant to try. Even though I wanted it to be whimsical, and it didn't need to be anatomically correct, I still wondered if I could make look like what I had pictured in my head. Surprisingly, this project only took about a half and hour and was so easy! Here is my clay head planter! Supplies *Affiliate link Sculpey Polymer Clay Glass Vase ( I buy mine at the Dollar Store) Straw Rolling pin (Optional)   Prepare the Clay Sculpey polymer clay is my favorite to work with. I used … {READ MORE}

Outdoor Garden Tools (Review & Giveaway!)

Summer is always so busy and filled with swim lessons, games, BBQs, camping, family events, and of course, yard work! Whether you love it like I do, or hate it, it still needs to be done. I recently received some yard tools that make things easier and thanks to Ryobi, I get to give one of them away today! Cultivator I have a large garden. It is 19 feet by 90 feet. That is a lot of produce! But unfortunately that also means a lot of weeds. In the past I tried hand weeding and hoeing but that took too long even with my 4 sons helping. I started tilling in between the rows a few years ago and it is so much better! Like hoeing on steroids :)     It is so nice to zip up … {READ MORE}

My Temporary Bedroom in the Office {Reveal!}

I finally cleaned up my bedroom in the office well enough to photograph it! Before we added our bed to the mix, this room already was hard to keep tidy since it was multi-functional. It was our mudroom, storage room, and my home office. Now we can add bedroom to the mix..... at least temporarily. Why? I need to rewind a bit and explain why we moved our bedroom upstairs to the office space for those of you who may have missed it in a previous post. We used to have the boys all in one big bedroom. We decided that since the boys were getting older, we would have two kid bedrooms. The plan was to finish the unfinished part of the basement, turn it into a new bedroom for Shane and I, and then … {READ MORE}

Easy DIY Outdoor Chairs

It has been a couple of years since I shared this project. This is the perfect time of year to start a project like this so I am sharing it again. I only made 4 last time so I think I am going to build some more DIY outdoor chairs this summer. We are lucky enough to have a nice fire pit in the backyard. Having four boys who love all things outdoors, we use it all the time. Up until now, we have lugged out the dining room chairs every time we use the fire pit. I finally broke down and decided that building some chairs needed to be pushed to the top of my to-do list. Here is how I made these super easy DIY outdoor chairs!   A long time ago I built a bench for Shane’s brother … {READ MORE}

Crushing On: Mustard

Mustard, yellow, gold, whatever you chose to call it, I am crushing on this color! I have always loved it and have always had this color somewhere in my home. It is such a happy color and works well with any design style. Here are some of my favorite examples of mustard home decor. Mustard Home Decor My mom has a yellow secretary in her home that all us kids want. Having a fun, yellow piece of furniture brightens a space up! Source: European Home Decor Magazine   I love this cabinet that lets you cheerfully display your favorite items. Source: Country Chic Paint   This mustard locker would be cute in a mudroom or children's … {READ MORE}

Refresh Old Garden Gates

I recently revamped my secret garden. Updating the garden meant I needed to also fix up the garden gates. After 8 years of wear and tear, they looked a little sad. I used my Super Finish Max sprayer to re-stain them and I have one up for grabs today thanks to HomeRight who is sponsoring today's post. It was pretty easy to refresh old garden gates! The Gates Before   Remove Hardware First I removed the hardware. They were still in good shape so I spray painted them black and they looked good as new.     Sand I sanded the gates to remove and flakes of stain and to make it smooth.     Clean Them Up! After I sanded both sides of the gates, … {READ MORE}


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