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The Easiest Way To Paint Closet Shelves

Over the years I have changed up the office closet a couple of times. Each time I learn what is working and what isn't. I'm not sure if this latest makeover will be the last, but I can tell you it is a big improvement over the last! We will get into the details of why soon, but let's talk paint first. The first time I painted the closet it was peacock blue, and the second time it was black. Both I loved at the time, but I was ready for a fresh new space that better matched the office itself so I went with white. The entire closet was black. Walls, and shelves. I wasn't daunted by the task though, because I have a secret weapon. Here is the easiest way to paint closet shelves! This post is … {READ MORE}

New Flooring! And… {How to Install Baseboard}

I have been working on several projects all at the same time like your typical ADD DIYer and I finally have one I can share! I installed new flooring!!! (Finally, right?) I have been putting it off for years because of the amount of work it is but finally buckled down at did it. I felt like we were moving. Boxes were packed, furniture was cleared out of the rooms. Such a pain! But I love how they turned out. We opted to also replace the baseboards. They were the original baseboards from 1938 and had who knows how many coats of paint on them. Every time they chipped, it would chip down the the wood and created a big dent. They were in bad shape. While I was at a conference in Atlanta, I met … {READ MORE}

Fall and Thanksgiving Decor

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share past Fall and Thanksgiving decor. How many of you are hosting guests this season? It might be fun to add some special touches to your home before they arrive. I like to keep things simple and use things I have already and things from nature.   Fall Mantels Whether you have a real fireplace, a stand alone like mine, or a shelf that you decorate as a mantel, here are some simple ideas of how to add some autumn touches.   Pumpkins, pine cones, and leaves are my go to items.   This Fall artwork was a lot easier than it may look and because it is on such thin plywood, it pops in and … {READ MORE}

Canning Tips for Beginners

I love to garden and part of that is preserving my harvest so I can enjoy it all during the year. Even if you don't have a garden, you can visit farmers markets and grocery stores. It is a cost effective way to have food storage and it is so satisfying to see all your pretty jars lined up when you are done! If you have never canned before, I am going to share my best canning tips for beginners.   Canning Tips for Beginners Tip #1 Don't be intimidated! Even if you don't think you can handle using a pressure cooker, there are still plenty of things you can bottle using the water bath method. High acid foods like tomatoes, fruits, and pickles can be done in a water bath canner. … {READ MORE}

White Painted Pumpkins {Outdoor Fall Decor}

This has been an unusual year. Because of the extremely wet Spring, Fall has been delayed. I had such a hard time finding regular orange pumpkins and there were absolutely no white pumpkins available anywhere.  I have never used faux pumpkins before, but I didn't want to wait until mid October to decorate so I decided to shop around for some. I was only able to find orange, green and gold. No problem! A little paint goes a long way. For my HomeRight post this month I'm sharing my tips on painting faux pumpkins and other small things with the Super Finish Max! I used these white painted pumpkins inside and out to add simple Fall touches. Keep reading until the end to enter a … {READ MORE}

Simple Fall Decor {Home Tour}

I love Fall! Even though it is mid September, because of the weird spring weather, it has delayed the onset of Autumn. The leaves have not started to change color yet. Even up in the mountains the leaves are mostly green. We had to drive to the top of the mountain just to get a few branches of leaves that were sort of turning colors. So my plans and my color scheme changed and at first I was disappointed, but now I am slightly obsessed with the greens, golds, and browns. As per usual, I used things I already had, repurposed items, and collected things from nature. I prefer simple Fall decor. Thanks for letting me share my Fall home tour today! If you are here from Rachel's blog, Shades of … {READ MORE}

Camping, Canoeing, and an UPDATE!

This was the first summer that I have scaled back with blogging. Normally I am busting out projects left and right and posting all the time. My oldest is a senior this year and this could very well be my last, full summer with him at home for awhile so I wanted to make the most of it. I feel lucky that I am my own boss and can make that kind of decision (even if it does affect my income). One of my favorite things we were able to do as a family was visit McCall, Idaho. There is a beautiful lake called Payette Lake and a charming little town with shops. It has been called "Idaho's best kept secret".     It is a resort town so there are plenty of hotels, shopping, and … {READ MORE}

DIY Braided Fabric Basket

I like to make lists. I have a lot of them :) One is of all the projects I want to do. This braided fabric basket has been on my list forever! The kids dragged the fabric tote out the other day and dug through it and I saw this green fabric that matched the new green cabinets in my office. I decided the go ahead and make a braided fabric basket and cross it off my list! It is a fun DIY project to do while you are watching TV and curled up on the couch. Years ago I made a large braided rug using this method so I knew making a basket would be easy!   Supplies for the Braided Fabric Basket: Cotton Fabric (approximately 2 yards) Iron & Ironing Board Scissors(affiliate … {READ MORE}

DIY Resin Drawer Knobs

I have an obsession with playing around with resin. I am not sure what it is about it that is so fascinating, but I just love it! In the past I made some leaf resin magnets for our fridge. They are still on there and I smile every time I open the fridge and see them. We have lots of pressed leaves from our hikes and our travels and I'm always looking for ways to use them. Today I am sharing how I made these resin drawer knobs. I'm partnering up with Wagner to show you how their new heat gun can help you with this fun and easy project!     Supplies Needed for Resin Drawer Knobs: Silicone Mold Two-part Resin Heat Gun Pressed Leaves Skewer … {READ MORE}


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