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Under Bed Storage Drawers

When I shared the reveal of the bedroom I decorated for my nephew, there was one unfinished project that didn't make it in that post. Even though this bedroom has two large closets, you can never have enough storage, right? These under bed storage drawers give even more storage to this shared space! This project is sponsored by HomeRight but all ideas are 100% my ow. This post contains affiliate links.   Under Bed Storage Drawers     If you remember from the reveal, there are two beds in this symmetrical space. Each bed got two drawers.     There is a reason these under bed storage drawers didn't make it into the reveal post. I had cut out … {READ MORE}

DIY Fold Down Desk

It's been a hot second since I posted on the blog and I am long overdue for a post on the DIY fold down desk in the room I did for my nephew. It is a smallish room that is sometimes shared with his older brother so I needed to maximize the space. A fold down desk was the perfect option. They are simple to build and easy to customize.     I added some shelves above so he could display his special things that had been stuffed in the closet. His love the Yankees so I stenciled their logo to the front of the DIY  fold down desk.     It is the perfect spot to do a little homework!     Supplies For DIY Fold Down Desk *Some links … {READ MORE}

Woven Leather Headboards

Last week I shared the room makeover I did for my nephew and the most asked question I got through messages and emails was if I bought the headboard or made it. It was a total DIY. To buy one is hundreds of dollars so I knew it had to be a do-it-yourself project if I was going to keep this space under budget. Two of these woven leather headboards cost about $40 make (only $20 each!). It is probably the most money I have ever saved by DIYing.     The overall theme for the room was "baseball" and I thought that not only are these woven leather headboards super cool, but they give a subtle nod to baseball mitts. They are also super easy to make!   Supplies … {READ MORE}

Teen Bedroom Makeover on a Budget!

I love reveal day! After working so hard on a room makeover, it is so fun to finally be able to share it with you. I think this room has more DIY projects in it than any of my other rooms. At least that is how it felt :) I had so much fun designing and executing this room makeover for my nephew. He is an excellent baseball player and loves all things sports so we took that as our jumping off point. As always, I tried hard to keep this an inexpensive project (which is why so many things were DIYed). Here it is! A teen bedroom makeover on a budget! This post is sponsored by HomeRight and contains affiliate links :) All opinions and ideas are 100% my own.   The BEFORE I love a blank … {READ MORE}

Have you Heard of Keto? {My Experience So Far…}

I turned 40 last year and while I do not feel any mid-life crisis coming on (but if I do I am going to make sure it is something fun!), I did take it as a chance to reflect on my life so far and any changes I needed to make. I have suffered terrible stomach aches after I eat for the past two years and because I knew deep down what it was, I did nothing about it because I was not in a place where I was ready to give up those things. When I finally was ready, I started eating Keto. If you are curious about this lifestyle and want to know my tips for eating Keto, keep reading :) If not, that's okay too. I have a big room makeover reveal coming soon so you can just come back for that. I'll still … {READ MORE}

Home Goals for 2020 {And How I did with 2019’s Goals!}

I love a good to-do list. I function on a daily basis because of them. I am so unorganized and I kind of fly by the seat of my pants most of the time so having some sort of list helps keep me going in the right direction. Plus it is pretty satisfying to be able to cross things off.  At this time of year with everyone making resolutions and goals, I like to make home goals. I hate january in general. In Utah it feels like we are on month 67 of snow and cold. So looking back and seeing how much I was able to get done plus anticipating the fun things I will do in this new year, it kind of what gets me through it. Here are my goals from 2019. Let's see how I did! #1 The basement. More … {READ MORE}

Top 10 Posts of 2019!

I blame in on the time of year and all the sickness that has been making the rounds, but I was looking around at our house and feeling discouraged at all that we still need to get done. Especially our basement. To me, progress equals success. As I sat down to prepare to write this post, I went through all my posts from this year and realized I actually got a ton of stuff done. Maybe not everything I had hoped, but a whole bunch of projects for me and for others were completed and I am proud of the work. So here are my top posts from 2019! Raised Herb Garden This was all time favorite project from 2019. It was something I had wanted to do for a few years and I was thrilled with how it all … {READ MORE}

DIY Leather Ornaments

If you are a regular reader here, you know that last year we got a new sofa and I skinned the old one. We have been using the leather for all sorts of projects from moccasins, to pillows, leather tab curtains, to now, ornaments! It has been fun to repurpose the leather into new things. These ornaments were super easy to make. The kids want to make even more when they have school break next week. Here is how you make these DIY leather Ornaments! This post contains affiliate links.   Supplies for Leather Ornaments Leather or Faux Leather Sheets Scissors Hot Glue Gun String Something Round to Trace   Making Leather Ornaments Step 1 Find something to … {READ MORE}

Terrarium Ornaments

If you have been around for a while, you know that I turn everything into a planter. I am a self professed plant lady who just can't help herself.  So when I was going through my Christmas decor and found some leftover clear bulbs, I of course thought I should make them into little terrariums! Here is how I made my terrarium ornaments. This post contains affiliate links.   Supplies for Terrarium Ornaments Gravel Clear Plastic Bulbs Clear Craft Glue Potting Soil Small Funnel Pencil or Stick Faux Plants   How to Make Terrarium Ornaments Step 1 Fill the bulbs with gravel. I had some pea gravel left over from an outdoor project but I think gravel … {READ MORE}


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