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Outdoor Garden Tools (Review & Giveaway!)

Summer is always so busy and filled with swim lessons, games, BBQs, camping, family events, and of course, yard work! Whether you love it like I do, or hate it, it still needs to be done. I recently received some yard tools that make things easier and thanks to Ryobi, I get to give one of them away today!


I have a large garden. It is 19 feet by 90 feet. That is a lot of produce! But unfortunately that also means a lot of weeds. In the past I tried hand weeding and hoeing but that took too long even with my 4 sons helping. I started tilling in between the rows a few years ago and it is so much better! Like hoeing on steroids :)



It is so nice to zip up and down the rows. This year I received this battery powered cultivator from Ryobi and it is perfect for this job. It is ridiculously easy to start, easy to maneuver, and goes deep enough to rip up all the small to medium weeds. I wish I could say I let these weeds get this big to show you just how much this cultivator rocks, but I was just lazy.


Expand-It Tools

This cultivator is part of a really cool system called Expand-It. The cultivator part comes off the handle and you can snap on different tools. How smart it that?!?

The different attachments include string trimmers, edgers, blower, pole saw, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, snow thrower, and sweeper. 

I have the edger, string trimmer and the cultivator. I am definitely going to be buying more attachments!



Lawn Mower

Five years ago I received a Ryobi battery powered lawn mower to review. You can read that here.. I have LOVED it. I love how easy it is to start, how quiet it is, and that I don’t have to worry about gas. When we are done mowing we put the batteries on the chargers and then they are ready for the next time we mow!

Ryobi offered to send me a new model to try out and I was pumped!


My youngest can start it and mow easily. I even bought one for my mom a couple of years ago. Even though my boys mow her lawn, I wanted her to have one that she could start and use herself if she had to. No more bending and pulling that start cord!



Ryobi has several models of battery powered mowers. This one is the 20 inch 40-volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Smart TREK Self-Propelled mower. Our yard is very big and we can get most of the lawn done on one battery. We always have two charged because we need to use the second for a bit. I love that we can fold it up to store it vertically too. Our garage is tiny and FULL of storage.

I actually really love to mow, although my boys do it more often because they have more time. Plus it builds character, right ;)



Ryobi is giving away a 10 inch 40-volt X Lithium-Ion Cordless Attachment Capable Cultivator (Battery and charger included!) This is a $249 value! 

It works with the Expand-It attachments too!


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You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the USA to enter. The giveaway will go from July 17, 2019 until July 24, 2019. A winner will be chosen by and will be notified by email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. The shipping of the prize is the responsibility of the company, in this case, Ryobi Outdoors.

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This post was sponsored by Ryobi but all opinions are 100% my own. Ryboi Outdoors provided tools for me to review and giveaway.

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  1. Allison Hyde says

    Your yard looks so good Liza! Right now my “favorite” NECESSARY yard chore is digging up cactus ? does that stuff ever go away?!!!

  2. Melissa Hartley says

    My gigantic yard needs all of these tools! Thanks for the review Liza!! I love planting flowers, but my secret love is deadheading. It’s so relaxing and I love getting rid of the old to help bring on the new!

  3. Kim says

    Your garden is gorgeous! My husband loves a big garden as well. He used to have an old tiller that was just like a beast to use to get the garden ready. I never liked it! It was so hard for me to use. This cultivator looks perfect and it looks like it’s very easy to use! My favorite job in the garden is planting flowers and picking the fruits and veggies! I love telling the kids to go get me a bell pepper or a tomato and they learn so much about growing our own food! Enjoying reading your blog! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. Bobbi Abbott says

    My husband has the green thumb in the family and handles our vegetable garden … my yard work this year has turned to creating some perennial gardens. The tiller will come in handy for this!

  5. kesha says

    I love to plant flowers and grow tomatoes. I also like to cut the grass. It is all a stress reliever for me.

  6. Katie Clay says

    We were given a raised bed and all of the dirt by neighbors that moved and no longer had the room for it. We’ve planted two types of tomatoes and 3 types of peppers that are all doing incredible!! We even noticed some baby tomato plants coming up! Assuming they’re from the plants our neighbors planted last year! It’s so incredible to watch it all grow! That’s definitely my favorite part.

  7. Kelly Pabst says

    My favorite yard chore is deadheading my flowers, and daily pick weeding…you know the kind you do while strolling around your garden, not the serious back bending chore of major weeding…although I have found that a trug and knee pads work wonders.

  8. Lilly Thomas says

    This would be great for my butterfly garden!! I don’t use any pesticides so I’m weeding weekly. It would save me so much time. Send it my way… Yes, please!! :)

  9. Rosemarie D says

    I love to garden in general. That Ryobi Cultivator looks like a really cool tool. Would love to have one for my garden!!!!

  10. Cindy Thole says

    I love buying and planting my flowers and taking care of them as the grow and put on their show.

  11. Whitney says

    I also have a huge garden. I’m still using the hoe between all the rows method. I definitely have to stay on top of the weeds or I’d never get caught up again! I can imagine this little cultivator would make a huge difference.

  12. Patti C. says

    My favourite thing to do in the summer is my garden and my vegetable garden. This tool would definitely help with my weed issue and my bad knees. <3

  13. Michelle says

    I love to mow the grass….my dad showed me how when I was a young girl (boys & girls all did the same chores at my house), and when the yard looks so nice after mowing & trimming, it just gives me such satisfaction! =) Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  14. Susan Hodges says

    At my age, this would be a blessing! I still have a vegetable garden each year & do all my own canning. I am 77 yrs. young!

  15. Karen Mahoney says

    totally could use this for my son–he has a massive garden. I love Ryobi products and I love gardening!

  16. Lori says

    I would love to win this cultivator. My arthritis makes it hard to pull weeds because my hands swell so much. This would really help me.

  17. Tammie says

    My favorite yard job is watering my plants with a hose. It gives me a chance to really take a look at the health of my flowers and enjoy how pretty they are. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. David says

    I like mowing because of the drastic difference you see as you cut the grass, as well as the newly cut grass smell. I also like trimming trees away from my house because it gives me firewood to use in our outdoor firepit.

  19. beverly e says

    I really enjoy Spring planting! Having a Ryobi cultivator would be a real labor saver! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Cathy French says

    I do not enjoy yard work but I do enjoy the appearance of a well maintained lawn and its curb appeal. I need this so bad as I have a front planter in my yard about 100 feet in length that needs cultivated so I can get rid of everything and start anew

  21. Vickie says

    Awesome giveaway. Looking into that lawnmower too for our home.
    All of it is my favorite. Seriously.
    From planting mowing, gathering…even weeding.
    I would prefer being outside any day than inside and gardening is my hobby.

  22. Noreen says

    I have a leaf blower – which makes cleaning up leaves a cinch. (Also blowing debris out of the garage!) With a cultivator I would finally get a garden started. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  23. carol clark says

    mine is watering the fruit trees and cleaning up around the pool hard work but aint nobody else gonna do it and it lovely after it

  24. Carrie Anders says

    We love to garden, and in our new home in the country I dream about having my own pumpkin patch! The cultivator will be the perfect tool – thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  25. Patricia C says

    My favorite job to do in the yard is watering the plants, its peaceful and I love when the wind catches the spray and cools me off.

  26. Erin Prohaska says

    Absolutely beautiful! I like watering my hydrangea & various plants/flowers…except the ones the hose doesn’t reach! ? Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Cath T says

    Using the weed whacker is pretty easy and satisfying–it gets the job done quickly, with no bending over.

  28. Avos Stickney says

    The cultivator would really help with my yard work. My yard has been neglected for several years and I am attempting to make it attractive.

  29. Karen says

    Your yard looks great, you always seem to find the right tool for the project! It’s nice to know that someone has tried them out and is happy with how they work before purchasing them.

  30. Susan M says

    I actually enjoy mowing. The smell of freshly cut grass combined with the eye candy of the cut lines makes me smile!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  31. Elizabeth H says

    Your yard and garden is so green, beautiful. I have a black thumb and watering is about all i do well. I love the cultivator, would be very useful.

  32. Heather Dawn says

    My favorite is gardening. We have a big garden out back of our house. I also like using the weed eater after my husband cuts the grass.

  33. Geena O'Banion says

    I have a friend that loves to garden. He has plenty of room to grow; but I know he does not have the adequate gardening tools. I would love to win this so I might share the blessing. He is always telling me about various new plants he is growing. I’m very impressed with his ambition.

  34. Brenda Haines says

    I like watering time and collecting all the fruits and vegetables. There’s nothing better than eating something you grew from seeds. This season we have strawberries, beans, peas, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes and all kinds of squash.

  35. Thomas P says

    I love trimming bushes. It’s easy, immediately rewarding, and necessitates jjust enough artistry to make it interesting.

  36. Greg says

    My favorite outdoor chore is mowing. Our lawn is small enough to handle with a push mower and it’s good exercise. The Ryobi cultivator looks awesome, my wife and I have been been talking about gardening and it would be a handy tool to have.

  37. Pauline Milner says

    I love moving perennials around and creating new flower beds using a variety of mulch, rocks and other items to make it look beautiful. I also love choosing where to place my garden figures. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  38. Tammy Horn says

    I love doing anything in the garden. Planting, pulling weeds. Seeing the end result always brings me satisfaction.

  39. Tina Phillips says

    This is awesome! We have lived where we are for a year and I have yet to really do any gardening or landscaping because of all the digging and hoeing involved. I would love this to help turn my yard into the oasis I know it can be!! My favorite thing is flower gardening but I really want to plant some produce also!

  40. Kristin C. says

    I love weeding when they come out easily…hmmm. It’s very dry where I live so now I know which ones come out easier…I do love being out in the yard!

  41. Melissa Storms says

    I love to mow my yard. We switched from a ride on to a walk behind, self propelled mower so it is double duty, a workout and the mowing itself.

  42. Geena O'Banion says

    I like to rake the leaves when fall comes in……our patio has a couple of large trees and do they ever shed those leaves.
    Plus, I do want to grow plants but that’s impossible here where I live. Not enough area to plant and not alot of direct sunlight. My friend has a large vacant lot that he is planting in right now. He loves those plants.

  43. Mya Murphy says

    My favorite job to do in the yard is raking.. When autumn is here, it’s chilly, and I don’t sweat to death.. I find it truly relaxing!! ?

  44. Jessica says

    My favorite job in the yard is taking care of the hens. They are good girls and they make me happy, so I want them to be happy.

  45. Ashley E says

    This would be incredible for our yard! It needs some serious TLC and this product looks amazing! Thank you for sharing :-)

  46. Allison N. says

    Fudge popsicles I missed it. Lol….booooo…. ? loo. It wasn’t meant to be I guess. I can live with that. But congrats to the lucky person who won! Way to go!!! ?