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Other Uses for Bookcases

Being a part of the Better Homes and Gardens Live Better team, I get to try out the BHG for Walmart products. This bookcase, has been one of my all time favorites since I saw it debuted last year at their headquarters. It has the look and texture of barnwood without the splinters.

I decided to show you some fun ways it can be used. As someone living in a tiny house where storage is lacking I’ve learned that going vertical is a good way to maximize space. And bookcases are not JUST for books you know…

BHG bookcase



Pantry or Hutch

When Shane and I first got married we lived in a studio apartment. It was the kind that you could pretty much do anything sitting on your bed (brush teeth, eat, do dishes) and our next apartment was a little bigger except for the kitchen. We didn’t have any kitchen cabinets. We had some drawers, but NO cabinets! This idea would have come in handy.

Use a bookshelf as a pantry or kitchen hutch!



You could also add baskets to hide the not so cute things like boxes of cracker or other food packaging.

use a bookcase as a pantry or a hutch


Or use it like a hutch and keep dishes and tablecloths stored away.

use a bookshelf as kitchen hutch




When you live in apartments or older homes, sometimes closets are rare or small. When we moved into our house we had two closets that were three feet by three feet. We have since built more, but with four boys in one bedroom, we can always use more storage.

Use a bookcase as closet!



I took one of the shelves down and then added a rod (which is actually a tree branch). You can buy the hardware to hang a rod for really cheap and it is easy to install.

Turn a bookshelf into a closet!


Speaking of kids and all their STUFF, why not use a bookcase for toys? Don’t have a playroom? No problem! Add cute bins or basket to hide some of the toys and let your child choose their favorite to display.  These cute metal bins are also a BHG product. I love them and have quite a few.

bookcase used  for toys



Having lego blocks in a bin sure beats the floor ;)

toys on bookshelf - storage


There are a million different ways you can use a bookcase So if you are short on storage, go vertical!


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  1. Trina O'Neil says

    What a great idea. I never would have thought to use it as a make shift closet for a child. It is amazing what a little imagination can do for a piece of furniture that you only thought of as a display for books or other nick-nacks. Thanks for sharing.

    TrinaO’Neil from
    Walking My Own Path

  2. Connie says

    I have a rather large dvd/bluray collection and wanted something pretty to store them on. I purchased a cheap Walmart book case and spray painted it burgundy. It looks so much better than your standard dvd case.

  3. Brooke says

    I agree! Going vertical is the only way to go in a small space. Love your ideas. So many ways to use vertical space. We just have to be creative. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lou says

    This is gorgeous in its simplicity and so clever- what a beautiful site- I have just found it and cannot wait to explore further

  5. SuziesView says

    First of all great post! I too have actually used book shelves for all the above! I had too! lol I love your blog and so happy to find it and now be a fan via the wow us wed hop! I look forward to your visit if you ever visit me too either way I will be back at your blog for more!


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