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Crushing On: Mudrooms

If there was one thing I could change about my house, it would be to somehow add a mudroom. With four boys and a dog, there is a lot of mess involved that could be contained if we had a space for a mudroom. Every time I come across a gorgeous, organized mudroom, I am filled with envy! Today I am sharing some of my favorite mudrooms that I am crushing on.

Hooks, check! Baskets in cubicles, check! Lots of light and a place to sit, check! Seems pretty perfect to me :)

Source: Design Vibes


I know the little shower area is meant for dogs, and as a dog mom I appreciate that. BUT I have been known to hose off a muddy little boy or two in the past and I think I would use it just as much if not more for little kids and their muddy hands and feet!

Source: Hawkes Landing


This darling mudroom proves you don’t need a huge space to have a functional space.

Source: Nina Hendrick


I am crushing on the brick floor. I think I would have add a herringbone brick floor in my own space. I love all this storage too!

Source: Remedy Design


This room has a very European flare and if you have seen my own kitchen, you know that I love the black and white checkerboard patterns. The wood tone and the large window are amazing as well.

Source: The Fox Group


I love the simplicity of this space. Very modern and sleek. I wonder what it would look like covered in backpacks?


Source: Unknown


This was styled to sell the sweet bench, but if it was in a home with kids, I am sure the shelves would be filled with bigger bins for things. I love the colors and the flooring too.

Source: Sarah Virginia Home


Another cute brick floor! Can you imagine coming in from outside and being able to sit on that cute window seat to remove your shoes? I’m jealous of all the cabinets!

Source: House Beautiful


Hooks, baskets, cubbies, and shelves. This little spot has everything you need!

Source: Emily Henderson


I’m obsessed with the styling of this space. The tile floor, rug, and color of the shelves.

Source: Realm Interiors


My favorite thing about this space is the large pantry type cabinets. I like the idea of being able to hide backpacks and coats.

Source: Petite Haus


I think the little shelf below the bench is so clever. This is such a cheery space!

Source: Lela Burris


I feel like this one, out of them all, is the most functional and most realistic for a family with kids. All that show storage is glorious!

Source: Sue De Chiara


I am a big fan of mudrooms being shared with laundry spaces. My kids come in covered in dirt (and me too after gardening!) and it would be so nice to immediately put dirty clothes and shoes in the wash.

Source: Design Storms


This small space is so sweet! And I love the pocket door that could hide it when it was less than clean.

Source: Magnolia


This space makes good use of every last little space. Lots of storage and seems very kid friendly :)

Source: Z Plus Interiors


Since our kitchen door is the door we use 90% of the time, I like this organized mudroom right off of the kitchen complete with a command center.

Source: Unknown


This one is so pretty! I think it would still be pretty even with backpacks and dog toys everywhere :)

Source: Unknown


If you don’t have a dedicated space where you can build built-ins, adding a bench and some hooks is a great idea! That is what I have done in my office.

Source: Unknown


Here’s the area in my office we use as our “mudroom”.



Do you have a mudroom in your house? I’d love to hear about yours and how it functions!

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  1. Lisa says

    First of all, I read the headline as crushing on mushrooms and I couldn’t figure out why a non food blog would be all about mushrooms! Anyway, mudrooms are awesome. We built ours when we redid the kitchen. It’s with the laundry and has a pocket door to hide the mess when necessary. I love looking at all the perfectly styled pictures but my reality is not quite like this. All of our running stuff, the dog leash, a bin for dirty dish towels and stuff as well as a permanent spot for the beach bag and various other necessities make it look well used but definitely not picture perfect. I’m still happy to have it and even 7 years later I’m still looking for ways to make it prettier. I need a bench cushion and maybe to rethink the baskets. Thanks for all of the ideas.

  2. Danita says

    These are gorgeous! My limited space allows for a bench and some hooks. Yes, shoes are underneath and hats and key are on the hooks! Kinda like the second to last picture. I even have a potted tree next to my bench! Woo hoo! :-)

  3. Matt Roberts says

    Hi Liza, a good friend of mine had this stunning-looking mudroom, but I didn’t. It lured me to build one. However, you have a much appealing mudroom collection here. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Jean says

    We have a mud room that right off the door to the garage near the kitchen. But, with no children at home anymore, I converted it to a pantry. We love it!