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New Cabinets Doors!

This post was sponsored by CabinetNow but all ideas and opinions are my own :)

When we moved into our home the orange-y cabinets were not my favorite. I painted them an off white and that helped. I did not love the style of the doors but I lived with it because getting all new cabinets was not in the budget. I always said if I did get new cabinets, I wanted a simple shaker style.

I was contacted by a company called Cabinet Now asking if I needed new cabinet doors for any upcoming projects. I’ve never had a pitch that came at such a perfect time! Also, I felt like an idiot because I hadn’t even considered just getting new doors. I had just jumped to “One day when I can afford all new cabinets”. Getting new doors and drawer fronts would be much less expensive so I kind of can’t believe this thrifty gal didn’t think of it herself.

Well ladies and gents, here are my new cabinets!


Last month I post about how I was going to be painting my kitchen cabinets gray and I asked for your help in choosing a shade. I bought several samples of paint and painted a few of my doors and it turned out I didn’t like any of them! One was too green, one was too lavender, and one was too light. I went back to the paint stores and finally found one that I LOVE. It wasn’t one on my radar before and I am now convinced it is THE perfect gray paint. I chose Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams.




After I painted my kitchen white, the cabinets (which were cream) just looked dingy. I was so excited for a change in color and style!



Here’s the evolution of our kitchen over the last 10 years


I also changed the hardware. I asked you guys on Instagram if I should keep the hardware nickel or if I should change it to black. I was already leaning toward black but needed help deciding. Most of you said black and pointed out that it would help tie in the other black accents in the space. I ordered new hardware from D. Lawless Hardware.  All of it was less than $20!



The new cabinet doors came securely wrapped in cardboard. They looked beautiful!



They also came pre-bored for the hinges.



We were having a warm spell and I thought I could get away with painting them in my driveway where I paint everything, but all the warm days were also windy. I didn’t want to risk having leaves or dirt being blown onto my cabinets while the paint was wet so I painted them in my sister’s unfinished basement.  Aren’t sister’s the best!?



I sanded the cabinet bases enough to rough up the surface so the new paint would have something to grip. I wiped them down really well and then taped and added plastic to protect the surroundings. I sprayed them just like the doors (with my HomeRight sprayer). The doors took four coats since they were bare wood and I did three coats on the bases.



I remember last time I added new hardware after painting them cream, I didn’t know about these guides. I measured each hole and hoped it was right. Mistakes were made, and tears were shed. This time around it was such a breeze! I recommend using some sort of guide if you ever get new hardware!


I could not be more pleased with how they turned out! I love the nice clean lines and the warm gray.



If you could change ONE thing about your kitchen, what would it be?

If you answer is your cabinets, you should check out possibly getting new doors! I was super happy with my experience and I love how it changed the whole look and feel of my kitchen.


Hardware: D. Lawless Hardware

Paint sprayer: Finish Max

Paint: Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams

Cabinet doors:

Cabinet hole template: Amazon or Home Depot

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  1. laura nuss says

    Liza, these look amazing. I hopped on their site and got a little overwhelmed with all of the options.
    And you just got the cabinet doors, right? I love the finished look and the color!


  2. brenda says

    WOW! I really like the results. Everything you have done for your home enhances it so beautifully. It all appears to be so lovingly thought out and executed. Color and the cabinet door’s style go so well with that special ceiling. I would imagine it is a treat to walk into that kitchen every morning and just be so pleased.!

  3. Danita says

    What a fantastic job you did! It looks stunning!!! Your whole house is coming together a project at a time and the quality is nothing short of top notch! Well done!

    • Liza says

      We changed out the countertops soon after moving in. They are corian and have held up beautifully over the last 10 years!

  4. Elisabeth says

    Hi Liza,
    They look wonderful! You must be so happy with them!
    I was just wondering, when they pre-drilled the hinge holes, did you have to provide the measurements for the placement of the holes, or is there just some standard placement for holes? For example, are the hinge holes always at, say, 10 cm from the top and bottom? This has always intrigued me as to how they get them so accurate.
    Thanks Liza. I’m re-dooring my kitchen in the new year and cannot wait!
    Regards, Elisabeth (Australia).

    • Liza says

      I did give them the measurement for how far from the edge the holes were drilled but as far as how far apart, I am not sure if there is a standard or not. Good luck with your kitchen project!!!

  5. Ivory says

    I love your kitchen, very beautiful. However, I have a question, where did you get your beautiful flour, oak & sugar jars from? Happy Holiday’s

  6. Robynne Catheron says

    My popcorn ceiling! It’s just awful. But my kitchen is a work in progress; the ceiling is definitely on the list.

    You’ve done a really nice job in your kitchen, and I’m envious of your motivation/skills/creativity/all of the above. I especially love the ceiling- it’s so fun and whimsical and unexpected!

  7. JaneEllen says

    If our cupboards would look as good as yours would be wanting new doors, yours look so incredible, like new cabinets all over. I have always loved shaker style for it’s simplicity and good lines. Your stove is pretty snazzy also. Love new hardware you chose for cabinet doors. The color is so clean and bright, looks wonderful.
    Now you have me dreaming. Will look into companies you referred to for both doors and hardware

    Merry Christmas to you and yours..

  8. Tracy says

    Hello – beautiful job here but I have a question! Dorian gray seems to me to be darker than what it looks like in your photos. I have a sample of a dorian gray door and and am opting for Repose gray as it is lighter and my kitchen does not get a ton of light (but will have all new LED recessed lighting throughout). Did you lighten your photos for effect or is your kitchen that bright? Or did you lighten the paint itself?

    Thank you-

  9. Kris Coates says

    Being a “Do it myself, if I can!” kinda gal, I’m excited about having access to all your ideas and experiences! Thanks for the opportunity, Liza!