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My Organized Pantry!

I am so excited to show you the inside of my pantry today! I shared last week how I had repainted it white to match the newly painted upstairs and now I am sharing how I organized it!

I really liked the way my pantry looked before. The problem was that the colors (sage green and cream) didn’t match the new colors of the kitchen. Also, I had taken the canisters from the pantry and put them on my open shelves in the kitchen so I needed to rearrange things too.




I am loving how it turned out! I found a photo on H&M’s site that served as the inspiration. I even created my own knock off versions of their wooden boxes. I used scrap wood and it didn’t cost me a thing! I stenciled the words on just like I did for the cheese crate that is in the kitchen and dining area. I am going to add black felt to the bottom of the wood boxes since they get slid out so often.




I kept a lot of the same ideas this time around because they worked, so why change them? I love having a place to write down the grocery list. I simply take a photo of it with my phone before I run to the store. This way anyone can add to it as they see something we are out of where as if I typed it just on my phone, I would only have the items I noticed were low.




I am getting terribly low on the home canned items. Normally, I can 20+ things from my garden and have two shelves worth. The bulk of it is in the basement while one row of each goes in this pantry. As the row started to get low, we grab more from the basement and bring them up.

When we run low on a certain food, we buy it from the store and keep them behind the pretty bottles.

The pasta containers not only act as needed storage but also hide the other food items that are not in pretty containers.

The boxes do the same thing as the baskets did in the last version on the pantry. They hold crackers and other snacks for lunches to take to school and after school treats. They do a great job of hiding all the other non-cute cardboard boxes of cereal, pancake mix, etc. too! While the box has apples in this picture, I have since decided to leave the apples in the bowl in the kitchen and put the peanut butter and honey in the little box.




I have four huge drawers below all of the shelves and while the top part has always been pretty organized, sadly I never have done anything with the drawers to make them tidy until now.

I added the baskets that used to have the crackers and snacks to the top two drawers. The top drawer holds utensils used in cooking as well as baggies, plastic wrap, and tin foil.




The second drawer has a basket with all the baking utensils, the baking ingredients that don’t go in the canisters on the kitchen open shelves like (coconut and chocolate chips), and the cookie cutters.



In the past the third drawer was for extra towels for our upstairs bathroom which is just across from the pantry. But I think I am going to use it for miscellaneous kitchen items. It is empty right now.

The bottom drawer is for Shane and I to put our shoes. The kids have crates in the office for theirs but since there was only enough room for 4 crates, we make this drawer work for us!




What are your tips and tricks to keeping your pantry organized? 




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  1. Deb says

    AHHhhh. just looking at those neat rows is a vacation! I like how sameness is different on every shelf. Great job!

  2. Lauren @ Mom Home Guide says

    I love your organized pantry — so pretty! I really need to work on getting a pantry in my home. Currently, my kitchen has none! But I am hoping to convert a coat closet off the kitchen into a pantry. I’ve already put hooks on the inside of the door to hold a few coats so I can make the rest of the closet a pantry!

    • Liza says

      That is a genius idea! A coat closet into a pantry! And the fact that it is close to the kitchen is such a bonus :)

  3. Chris says

    I was just looking for an easy method for painting the inside of cabinets and stumbled across this. Thank you.

  4. Erlene A says

    Great idea to hide not so pretty items behind the prettier containers. My tip is to reuse containers to house other items and over the door shoe holders to contain misc. items. Thanks for sharing your pantry on Merry Monday.

  5. June says

    I like the pantry, so organized, and has a friendly, home feeling to it. That.s a great idea to have a chalkboard, then take a pic on the smartphone, easy!

    Ideas I did:
    For a kitchen drawer organizer, used wood cigar boxes for measuring spoons and cups and cookie cutters.
    Used to get the boxes for free. The old tall planters peanuts glass jars, have the nice glass tops, make great bean, pasta containers; found them at a yard sale.


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