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My Home Office Reveal!

You have seen snippets here and there but I am so excited to show you the full reveal today! Every time I finish a room I think “This is my favorite room in the house” and this was no exception. It is currently the only room in my house that is 100% done ever since I went all crazy and paint the whole upstairs white. The family room still has a few finishing touches. I just got a love seat back from the upholsterer (more on that later). My kitchen still needs new doors for the cabinets along with new hardware and the bathroom is all torn apart. But this room….this room is DONE!


modern office with rustic touches


Okay so technically I still need to hang the curtains, but other than that I have added all the finishing touches and I am calling it.


office shelf made from reclaimed wood


Since the office is also used as a storage room, a mud room, and a music room, I am glad it is done. It is a busy room in the house with lots of coming and going.

I needed another dresser downstairs so I used the armoire I was using for the computer. It also didn’t have a good place in the office and made it feel a little cramped. It used to be where the fingerprint art is now. I got a new computer awhile ago and I figured out how to hide cords so I am happy so far with having it on the desk. I am a little OCD about having papers on the desk but luckily the drawers do a good job of hiding it.


rustic modern office


Ever since I hollowed out that stump and made a modern stump planter, I have been obsessed with it. I found this lovely one on Joss and Main and snatched it right up.


stump planter


I would love to have room in my house for an actual piano since my boys take lessons, but this keyboard will have to do. I use the reclaimed wood desk  I made for the piano. I love the hairpin legs!


office with painted floors



I really didn’t make as drastic of changes as I could have. I loved the layout and how it functioned, I just wanted a new color and new feel. So I kept the reclaimed wood floating shelves I made (that have drawers!) and kept my dad’s old desk. I even kept the white cabinets, although they got an overhaul.


office shelves


I painted the walls white and painted the floors. I also put the old shoe bench in the basement (in my laundry room) and added a whole wall of shelves. Oh I have LOVED having a place for everything! One of the metal bins holds gloves, hats, and scarves. We’ve never had a place for winter things and they used to  just stay on the floor by the heat vent for lack of a better spot.

The old apple crates are for their shoes. As much as I loved the look of the shoe bench, when you opened the door you about passed out from the smell. I decided I wanted something open that could let the shoes breath. It has been much better!


shelves organized with baskets and bins


Of course I have plants all over. As my kids say “mom has a problem”. And since I buy at least one new one a month I think they may be right. Not are they great to decorate with, they make good gifts too :) This birds nest fern has always been one of my favorites. It kind of looks like lasagna noodles. I tucked it in a Nate Berkus basket from Target.


bhg metal bins


I added a vintage rug as well. I really like  it. Was it my first choice? No. Apparently I have expensive taste because all the vintage rugs I wanted were in the thousands. I shopped for MONTHS and months for one I could afford that I also liked. I got this one for about $280 on ebay.


office and mudroom


I ended up painting a black boarder around the picture collage. I like it much better this way. I wish the coat hooks always looked this clean. I did the photo shoot while the older kids were at school and Shane was at work. Usually it is full of even more coats and a few more backpacks. Only in the summer does it resemble this most of the time. Speaking of summer, anyone else suffering from cabin fever? January is loooong….


office and mudroom


I need to paint the inside of the office closet since it is still turquoise, but I have little motivation to do it since no one sees it but me and I would have to take out everything in the closet which is an insane amount of stuff. I would love to finish the attic to use it for storage and the access is in the roof of the closet. The long term goal is to add stairs which would make it so I wouldn’t have a closet anymore. A small price to pay for a whole attic :) But for now, even if it is mismatched, it functions really well.

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    • Liza says

      Thank you! I loved the blue too and was hesitant to change this room to white when I decided to paint the whole upstairs. But now I am glad I did :)

  1. Viki says

    Looks so clean & nice! (How long sill it stay like that?) ;)

    We’re in the process of turning our office (lots of papers, boojs, storage) into my 15 yo son’s “Dr. WHO” bedroom. The office contents are in the front room. His queen, new bed is in our dining room (we got a king-size no hradboard!). Still have to get economical but sturdy dresser & nightstand for son. Any suggestions?

    I love all of your baskets & shelves! Maybe I’ll do that when we change son’s room into new office /craft room. Don’t use it as an office much anymore! I love the blue. Because I’ve been wearing so much if it lately, I dare say it’s “Tardis blue”! :)

    Have fun & enjoy!

  2. Patty says

    Fabulous room, you did an incredible job. I love the colors and all those floating shelves. I would love to place that whole room in my house. Great job, you have to be so proud of it, I know I would be!

  3. Jill P says

    Your office is so beautiful and functional!!!! I really love the look of the photo collage, too. Did you stick the photos on the wall and hang a border around it? I would love to recreate something like that in my entryway. Please let me know how you did it. Thanks!!! I love your site, your tips, advice, home, family, hairstyle, etc.!!!! :)

    • Liza says

      I used spray adhesive to attach the photos to a piece of 1/8″ plywood. Originally there wasn’t a border but I felt like it needed on so I painted one directly on the wall. If I had it to do o we I would have made the plywood bigger and painted the border on the plywood. But it works :) It’s just paint!

  4. Nikki says

    WOW! This space is incredible. #officegoals

    My husband’s office needs an overhaul soon and this has given me a ton of inspiration. Your office is beautiful and looks very functional. Nicely done!

  5. Funky Junk Interiors says

    Liza, I just pinned the living daylights out of this room tour! It is stunning!

    The wood against the white with black and green accents get me every time! And I followed back on how you did that stump planter… chainsaw?! You are my hero.

    I’ve also featured you on FB. :) Thanks for linking up to Party Junk this weekend!

  6. Ginger Wroot says

    I totally dig the look of your updated office–it’s very much my style! By the way, where did you get that clock behind your laptop? Very cool! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  7. Sam @ Living The Dutch Dream says

    Looks absolutely fantastic! I love thee selection of storage baskets you have used, all different but really go together – pinned!

  8. Laura says

    It looks great. I love all the storage you have in one room. It is so nice to have a room completely finished. I am still not sure I can say that about any room in our house. Maybe this will be the year!

  9. Brooke Riley~Re-Fabbed says

    I can totally see why this is your new favorite room in your home! You nailed it. It looks AMAZING. I am not sure what my favorite part is…but I love your floors, floating shelves {with drawers!} and fingerprint art! Awesome job. Thank you for sharing at the DIY Collective! Don’t forget to come back and join us this Thursday at 6am (EST)!

  10. Ginny Alfano says

    Your office looks amazing!! You did such a beautiful job. I’m curious about the wooden floating shelves – with drawers!! Any chance you can put a photo up with one of the drawers open? I’m just curious as to which side opens up and how deep they are.

    Thank you, Stacey – I love your blog and have gotten so many useful ideas from your posts :).

  11. Julie says

    I know I am late to the party on this, but I had to comment anyway – WOW!!! so many GREAT DIY projects just in this one room!!! and yet you still achieved ‘high design’ just goes to show you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a GREAT space!!! Imagination and sweat equity go a long way at my house too!!! I have been stalking all over your blog, , but I really LOVE this room, and all the special projects you did to make it so beautiful, and wanted to tell you… Now I am going to look at those GORGEOUS new DIY corner shelves in your kitchen WOW for those too, and I want to see what else you’ve got going on in there!

  12. Koko says

    I love this room! I am currently building floating shelves in a bathroom. I’m going back and forth with how I should paint them…white or wash or… DIY is fun and your blog sure is testament to the fun. Well, at least the “wow” after! Hahaha. Beautiful room. Well done! :)

  13. Samantha Green says

    HI Liza,

    Love the reclaimed wood floating shelves with the white and the pop of color here and there. The blue door in your office is perfect with the little blue hat boxes. In your blog about wooden chandeliers you used some great examples. I’m a fan of them all!!! Thanks for sharing.