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Crushing On: Mustard

Mustard, yellow, gold, whatever you chose to call it, I am crushing on this color! I have always loved it and have always had this color somewhere in my home. It is such a happy color and works well with any design style. Here are some of my favorite examples of mustard home decor.

Mustard Home Decor

My mom has a yellow secretary in her home that all us kids want. Having a fun, yellow piece of furniture brightens a space up!

yellow cabinet

Source: European Home Decor Magazine


I love this cabinet that lets you cheerfully display your favorite items.

yellow cabinet with glass fronts

Source: Country Chic Paint


This mustard locker would be cute in a mudroom or children’s space.


yellow locker

Source: Mustard Made


I love the idea of having some yellow in the bedroom. This velvet headboard is gorgeous!

yellow headboard

Source: Anthropologie


If you don’t want to commit to a headboard, bedding is an easy way to bring this color into your space.

yellow bedding

Source: Sylvia Tribal


Or even just a throw!

bedroom with yellow throw blanket on bed

Source: Domino


Not only does this living room have a golden sofa, it has a cheery yellow door!

yellow sofa in living room

Source: Copy Cat Chic


This mustard soda is the perfect addition to the colorful room!

yellow sofa

Source: Mignonne Decor


I love everything about this space, especially the sofas! I like the more muted tone of yellow.

yellow sofas in living room

Source: Apartment Therapy


If you don’t want a sofa, a pair of chairs works too! It would be the perfect spot to curl up and read.

yellow chairs in living room

Source: Real Simple


The large windows that let in all that natural light combined with the mustard yellow bench is perfection!

dining room with yellow bench

Source: Elle Decor


Pillows, throws, and rugs are a good way to add this color into your space. They are easy to switch out.

yellow rug and gray sofa

Source: Urban Outfitters


This yellow rug makes this space! It brings some happy color to this stunning neutral room.

dining area with yellow rug

Source: Bali Interiors


Oh my goodness! Who doesn’t love a yellow door?

yellow door

Source: Rejuvenation


It doesn’t matter the style of architecture, yellow looks good no matter what.

yellow front door

5th and State


I’m obsessed with this yellow bathroom! I can just imagine getting ready for the day in a bright, fun space like this!

yellow bathroom

Source: Three Boys and a Pink Bath


Artwork is another easy way to incorporate this color into your home.

yellow decor

Source: Pompa


Having a sunny little entryway is a great first impression for guests.

yellow throw blanket

Source: Shaves Paint


Do you have any mustard home decor in your home? What is your favorite way to incorporate this color into your space?

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  1. Cindy says

    I never thought about mustard color decor. It wouldn’t work in my color scheme but I can see it working.

    I liked the bathroom too and how fun is the l ou cker.


  2. Christine E-E says

    Enjoyed this post. Thanks for pulling “mustard” pieces together & especially including the design sources. Love the rug in Urban Outfitters picture. And the yellow bathroom is adorable. I’d paint my front door yellow, but our condo rules don’t allow it. Have a great weekend!