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Lemonade Drink Table

I started to think it wouldn’t happen, and let’s be honest, we’re still not in the clear. It is Utah afterall. But the snow is gone and the grass has started to green up. It is time to pull out the grill and invite some friends over! Warmer weather is screams backyard party! I was asked by Better Homes and Gardens (BHG at Walmart) to share an outdoor entertaining idea with you.

Our family loves lemonade. Sometimes we use the powder mix and but most of the time we juice real lemons. But there is one thing we all don’t agree on, and that is the perfect kind of lemonade. My husband loves strawberry, my sons love raspberry, and I like it plain and on the sour side. Although lately I like it with a bit of mint. I came up with an idea for a lemonade drink table with different add ins. It kind of like and adult lemonade stand :)

lemonade drink table


Usually when we make lemonade with added berries, we puree them. You could blend them up and add the puree to the different dishes with cute labels.

fruit added to lemonade


I noticed while taking pictures that I had a cute uninvited guest.


lady bug lemonade


Are you excited to start entertaining outside again? What are your favorite types of get togethers? 


lemonade stand


Beverage Dispenser / Appetizer Bowls / Spoons


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  1. Dinah says

    I love entertaining outside and I love this idea. My favorite types of get togethers are small intimate ones with friends where we can just catch up and spend quality time together.

  2. Anna says

    This is SUCH a good idea! You are a genius and I’m totally stealing this idea. :) Pinned and shared on FB and Twitter.


  3. Lucinda says

    I recently heard about lavender lemonade. Doesn’t that sound lovely? I hope to try it this summer.

  4. Jessica says

    We love to have our good friends over to sit around a campfire and listen to Tigers baseball! Those drink dispensers would come in handy!

  5. Kelly of Simply Kelly Designs says

    I love the lemonade stand with fruit add-ins. We all like different types of lemonade at my house too. We don’t entertain a lot outside but we do spend a lot of time on our screened in back porch. One night I will have to surprise the family with this!

  6. Em Dep says

    I also like lemonade, it offers many and vitamin C to help beautiful skin and strengthen resistance.