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DIY Leather Ornaments

If you are a regular reader here, you know that last year we got a new sofa and I skinned the old one. We have been using the leather for all sorts of projects from moccasins, to pillows, leather tab curtains, to now, ornaments! It has been fun to repurpose the leather into new things. These ornaments were super easy to make. The kids want to make even more when they have school break next week. Here is how you make these DIY leather Ornaments!

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Supplies for Leather Ornaments

Leather or Faux Leather Sheets


Hot Glue Gun


Something Round to Trace


Making Leather Ornaments

Step 1

Find something to trace that is the size you want your ornaments. I chose a small jar lid. Trace as many as you can fit on the sheet.

Step 2

Cut them out using sharp fabric scissors. You will need 5 per ornament.

Step 3

You will fold them in half and glue the back sides together one at a time until it looks like the photo. After you glue the last layer, release it carefully and it will open and the two remaining back side will come together. This was my kids’ favorite part of the process! To see a video of this process, go to my instagram stories under “holiday” or check the same video on TikTok (my username is LizaGreis).


Step 4

Add a little glue to the center hole at the top and then add a 4″ piece of string into the hole forming a loop. When the glue dries you are ready to hang them on your tree!



You could use this same idea ad use fabric or stiff paper. I love the look of leather though. The creases that formed over time gives it a nice texture.


leather ornaments


So what do you think? Are you ready to make some leather ornaments now? I only made 8 but will be making a bunch more when the kids are out of school next week since they were so fun to do. What are your favorite DIY ornaments to make?


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  1. Christine E-E says

    Adorable! I love that your blog still offers fresh DIY ideas and you are dedicated to recycling, upcycling and finding new uses for older furniture. It’s what keeps we coming back to read our blog. Happy Holidays to you and your family!