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Inexpensive Wall Art

Like all of you, I have been staying home a lot lately. Most of the time actually. It has given me a chance to finish some small projects that kept getting pushed aside for “later”. Quarantine must be Latin for “later” because I’m crossing things off my list like crazy ;) One of the things I have been putting off since after Christmas is redoing the gallery wall in the front room. Up until a couple of weeks ago it still had Christmas prints in the frames. I was able to find some inexpensive wall art to fill my frames from the comfort of my own sofa.



Inexpensive Wall Art

I used to have photos I had taken on our various hikes and vacations hanging above the couch, but when I decorated the boys’ mountain themed room, I moved the prints down there. I still wanted to have earthy colors and a nature inspired feel so I went with painted landscape prints.



I would love to have original oil painting hanging in this space, however, most that I found that I loved were very expensive. I decided to opt for prints. You can either get a digital download and print it however big or small you need, or you can order an actual print. The best places to look for digital downloads and prints are etsy and Society6.

Most of the prints, including my favorite print, (which is the largest) came from an etsy shop called Shop Vintage Art. 


I ordered a print from my blogging friend Marian from Society6 that I love so much I am going to order some more. I think my book shelves could use one and my office of course!

I tried my hand at painting too. It had been years since I had tried my hand at painting landscapes and I didn’t have the “right” supplies, but a couple of these pieces are mine. Very amateur for sure but it will be fun to keep trying and improving. I can switch them out as I go.

I didn’t pay more than $15 for a print and a couple were as cheap as $5. While I have splurged on a couple of original pieces for other parts of my house recently, I don’t have enough to splurge on a ton of artwork. Downloadable prints are a great way to create your own art gallery!

Whether you order photographs, water colors, or oil paintings, I think every house could use some more art. Prints are a great inexpensive wall art option.


Do you have art in your house that you love? Where is your favorite place to get your artwork?

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