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IKEA Hack Using Reclaimed Wood

When I painted my upstairs all white, I added some IKEA shelves to either side of the window in my living room. I have lived with them as is for months and months and restyled them numerous times trying to get them “just right”. One day I was thinking about how much I loved my reclaimed wood shelves in my office and how I wished I had not run out of reclaimed wood. If I had more wood would have made more shelves. Then I had an idea….


white walls with shelves


I have seen Stikwood walls pop up all over the internet and I thought why not use it on the shelves instead of a wall? So I did! I gave my IKEA shelves a makeover.


ikea shelf hack with barn wood




I ordered the reclaimed weathered wood (they have different types and colors) because it looked the closest to my office shelves. You cut them to size and then just peel the backing off and stick them on!



The only tricky part was that I had to measure and then drill a hole through the Stikwood so I could still access the bolt that holds the shelf onto the bracket. This way I can easily remove the shelves if we decide one day to take them down or move them.





barn wood shelves


I added the wood to the top and bottom of the shelf first. Then I added the sides. The fronts went on last so they would cover up all the edges of the wood on the top and bottom.


IKEA shelves hack with reclaimed wood


I found bird poop on several pieces so I went ahead and finished adding the wood to the shelves and then I scrubbed them with soapy water. Be careful not to get them too wet since they have an adhesive on the back.

I am really happy with the outcome. These shelves feel so much more like me :)


IKEA shelf makeover with reclaimed wood


Can we chat for a quick second about my new chair? I bought it off the local classifieds from a lady who bought it and then decided it didn’t work in the space she intended it for so I got it BRAND NEW for a killer deal. I bought it originally to have it recovered in navy velvet (that is my DREAM chair) but I am really liking the grey. I am going to live with it grey for awhile and I may just decided to keep this that way!

I bought the Stikwood planks myself but I did receive a discount in return for posting about my experience. The thoughts and ideas were all mine!

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    • Liza says

      I laid the boards down on the top and the bottom first and then cut thinner strips (I actually cut them in half) to cover the sides and front. The front went on last so it would cover up all the edges.

  1. Brad says


    What are you using to cut the stikwood planks lengthwise? I used a utility knife on my project but it wasn’t easy on the long pieces. Would love to know how other people do it.



  2. cath says

    The shelves look great. Intriguing product. You really had me, up until the bird poop. But, I remember using recycled barn siding was quite the thing years and years ago, and barns are pretty much poop factories. Ultimately, I really like the rough, natural wood look and the peel and stick idea has huge advantages. Gray chair looks very inviting to sit in. Blue velvet would be dreamy, but I wonder if it would be a lint magnet. When we were growing up, Mother had a chair done in a golden velvet. Very pretty. We weren’t allow to sit in it. To this day, it looks pristine because it was so rarely used.

  3. Kara says

    Wow, those are awesome! I love how your shelves turned out. I need to get me some of those! I also love your chair – what a score!

  4. Samantha says!!!!!!!!!!! Love love love how they turned out! SO smart! Thanks for sharing at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link! Pinning and featuring you Tuesday night!

  5. Jaclyn | One Thousand Oaks says

    I have seen this stick wood and have been trying to figure out how to use them in our house because they are lovely. This is a great idea. I love your chair! How awesome that you got such a beautiful chair for such a great deal. I really want a navy velvet chair for our bedroom! someday!

    – Jaclyn

  6. naomi says

    Hi, i’m just wondering are the Ikea shelves the Lack shelves? and if so, how much sq ft. did you order to cover one? I love the look of this and want to do it to the outdated black lack shelf i bought


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