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30 Gift Ideas for Teen Boys {That Won’t Break the Bank}

If you have a teenage boy in your life (son, nephew, grandson, etc) then you know they can be difficult to buy for. If you can get them to nail down a list for you (mine never will), they are usually expensive gadgets and that take you to the limits with your budget…or even over! I have two (almost three) teen boys at my house and so I have compiled a list of 30 gift ideas for teen boys that won’t break the bank! All are under $100 and most are well under $50.

This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Wood Watch By Svenn but all ideas and opinions are my own.


Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Wood Watch

My two oldest boys will be finding a Wood Watch in their stockings this year. They have been asking for them for 3 years and I never got them because the ones I had checked out were hundreds of dollars. Then I found this brand that is more budget friendly while not skimping on the quality. They have Swiss mechanisms and are hypoallergenic. The wood is gorgeous!



And for a little extra, you can have it engraved with your own handwriting!




Graphic Tees

My boys are all about Graphic Tees. The funnier the better. You can find some great deals on Amazon. Old Navy has great ones too but the selection can get sparse in the winter so it can be hit or miss there.


Wireless Earbuds

To be honest, I am hoping I get some of these wireless earbuds in my stocking as well. I am so over the cords getting caught on things as I am walking around doing projects or cleaning. My boys are better helpers if they can listen to their tunes :) These have a high rating and are a good price!




Mini Fridge

I figure that since they are going to take food to their rooms anyway, it might as well not go rotten! Since we only have one family room, their bedrooms are usually where they hang out with friends. Water bottles and snacks in their own Mini Fridge brings up the cool factor of their spaces.



Gift card to an Escape Room

My son went to one on a date for the first time last month and can’t wait to go back. They are popping up everywhere!


Concert Tickets

We have done this in the past and it was a bit hit. My boys all love music :)


Ski Pass

If you boys love to ski, give them some new gloves and a pass for the season.


Sports Tickets

Whether it is hockey, baseball, basketball or soccer, if your son love sports, I bet he’d love some tickets! Even if he has to wait a bit to attend. Anticipation is fun!



This is a gift we got our oldest a couple of years ago and he still loves to ride it all the time.  I love seeing the neighbor boys riding their Longboards down the street.



Ballpark Stadium Prints

I have some nephews who would LOVE a print of their favorite stadium. I love the rich blue color.



All four of my camping loving boys would love this Multitool. Heck, even I want one! It would be handy to keep in the car too.


Emergency Sleeping Bag

Speaking of things to keep in your car, this emergency sleeping bag would be a great thing to have on hand just in case. I think I am going to get one for every person in my family as part of our car emergency kit. I feel like it would be a better option than those small siler blankets.



Solar Light/Charger/Radio

Since we spend a lot of time in the mountains, I thinks it would be a good idea to get one of these solar powered radios with a light. The fact that is can also charge a phone won’t get lost on my teens either :)



Movie Tickets

They can use them with their friends, or even for a date!


Paintball Gift Card

Who doesn’t like a good competitive game of paintball?


Ski, Surfing, Diving, Sports, Art or any other type of Lessons or Classes

Gift the gift of learning!


Ropes Course Gift Card

We have several in our area and my boys love them! It is a fun family activity as well.



Pick Punch

My oldest plays guitar and my second son is getting a ukulele this year. I know they would love this pick punch!



Shane and I already have these free weights for us but I have noticed my boys are getting interested in using them for themselves. Just make sure they aren’t hiding under a pile of laundry on their floor or you will stub your big toe. Been there!


Slam Ball

We were introduced to this game when we went camping in Idaho this summer with Shane’s family. My boys LOVED it.



Phone Case

My son recently bought himself a new leather Phone Case and really likes that he can stick money or his student ID in the picket.




I didn’t get the hype of the hoverboard until a couple of months ago when we visited friends and I tried out theirs. Oh my word it was so fun! I was pretty dang good at it and now I might pull a Homer Simpson and buy one for my kids just so I can use it!


Bluetooth Speaker

We actually bought this speaker for our son a few years ago and it has really been a great little speaker! We use it all the time.




Turntable Record Player

No only is this record player so cool looking, it also has a rechargeable battery, vinyl yo MP3 recording, and a headphone jack.



Wood-like Water Bottle

My boys are all about having their own water bottles. They all want a wood one. They can be pricey and I question if real wood ones would hold up well since my boys tend to leave them outside. But this Wood-like Water Bottle is inexpensive and would hold up real well!

Water Bottle/Laptop Stickers

Speaking of water bottles, the new thing is to decorate them with vinyl stickers. My boys have some camping and fishing ones already. I really like this set! There are several different sets available on Amazon.


I hate to spend a lot of money on sunglass for me or my kids because they get lost and banged up. My boys are really into aviator style sunglasses right now and these are probably going into their stockings this year.

Gift Cards to Restaurants

Going out to eat with their friends all the time adds up and starts draining their spending money. Give them the gift of not having to spend their own money on their next burger or sandwich :) Boys love food. This will not disappoint!




Crazy Socks

All four of my boys are obsessed with crazy socks. They all have these on their Christmas list this year even though they already have several pairs. I think they are fun! I am buying this 12 pack for less than $25 and dividing them up between the four of them. Super inexpensive!

Skinny Ties

My younger kids would never ask Santa for a tie. But my teens always do! They love skinny ties the best.



What did you think of my gift ideas for teen boys? Since I have only just started my Christmas shopping, I’d love to hear what your favorite things to get teenage boys for Christmas. The more ideas the better! Thanks for sharing in the comments below :)




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  1. Debra Athas says

    Thannnnnk you! What a struggle and you saved my torture! Great list…practical, reasonable costs, but surely will be loved!

  2. Noreen says

    These are all great ideas! Several years ago I had a website called Make Homemade Gifts which has since been incorporated into my current site. However, the links are still available, and many of them are still good. There are lots of ideas for teens among them, tho some of the sites linked no longer exist. These are all gifts you can make.

  3. Danita says

    What awesome teen/guy gifts list! I really love the fun sock idea! I mean boys and sock go really well…a lot!!!! LOL

  4. Jen says

    Such great ideas!

    My boys love hammocks, so if you have trees in your backyard or a place inside where a frame can sit, this one has been a hit. We do the portable hammocks that can be taken camping. And we have bunk beds, so attempts have been made to hang them under the top bunk. ;)

    A phone charger that doesn’t have to be plugged in has also been well received.

    We buy sheet music for them to play on the piano that we hear them talking about or gravitating to the most.

    I stock them up on the junk food they like to eat as well. I’m talking like a whole case of popcorn or a few bags of flaming hot Cheetos.

    Anyway, I can’t think of much else at the moment! Thanks for the tips though!

    • Liza says

      Great ideas! We have several hammocks and my boys use them all year (inside and out). Sheet music is genius! All my kids play an instrument so I can’t believe I never thought of that!