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Fixing My Window Problem

We got new windows awhile back (YEAH!) but there was a lot of damage done to the window frames (BOO!) when the old window were taken out. Not only that, but in the basement they installed one long window instead of two small windows side by side so there were chunks of wood missing.

I love really ugly “before” pictures because there is no where to go but up :)

The old windows hung by hinges so there were places that needed to be fixed from that as well.

I bought some lattice molding and some thin flat molding at Home Depot. I cut it with my miter saw and then nailed it to the window frame with my brad nailer to hide all the mess. I didn’t worry about making pretty mitered cuts since I knew I would be puttying anyway. You can see the place where the hinge use to be. That got puttied as well.

Here it is all puttied. I used a big ‘ole tub of Spackle. When I was a newly wed I used to let the Spackle dry and then sand it smooth. I have since learned that you can let it dry and then wipe it smooth with a damp rag. It is faster and then you don’t have the mess of all the dust.

And Viola!!!!! Isn’t that so much better??? I would have loved to add some chunky molding around the hole thing like a picture frame but the walls are solid cement plus the window frame itself is rounded and molding wouldn’t lay flat against it. But the sheers cover it up any way. This kind of a project is one that goes unnoticed. But if you don’t do it…. it DOES get noticed.


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  1. Jessica says

    Looks great! You could always use construction adhesive to attach the picture frame molding around the windows.