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Finish Max Sprayer GIVEAWAY!

My family room is almost done! I’ve dipped my hand into too many other projects so it has crept slowly along. But finally having it all painted makes me want to speed it up!

This little guy is my painting BFF. He is my right hand man whenever I have doors, molding, baseboards, or furniture to paint. And since I am a brand ambassador for HomeRight, I get to give one away today!

homeright finish max paint sprayer


I still need to take the tape and plastic down off the windows and and hang the freshly washed curtains, but I can visually see the room coming together in my head!


painting window casings


I also recently finished my hallway. The walls and trim got a layer of white and the doors a rich cobalt blue! You can read my tips on painting doors over on the HomeRight blog.


cobolt blue door


Some other projects I used the sprayer on are…..

When writing my book I needed a white dresser that I could style different ways. A basic unfinished IKEA dresser and a layer of paint and I was good to go!

dresser painted and ready for new knobs


I have also used it to stain my fence.


staining fence


The first time I ever used it was to paint my brother’s basement. We painted all the doors, all the trim and baseboards, and all the shelves in the closets.


painted basement


I painted my bedside table the same cobalt blue as my upstairs doors. Can you see that baby butt smooth finish?


wood base for card catalog table


I painted a room divider to hide my furnace and water heater. The slats would have been a pain and a half with a paint brush but it was done in minutes with the sprayer :)


laundry room screen

Enter below to win a HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer (affiliate link) of your own!

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  1. Stacey says

    I have our dining room table, chairs, buffet and china hutch that I’ve been putting off painting for 5 years, yes, 5 years!!! They all NEED to be painted!!

  2. Catherine in MI says

    I would paint: our deck, the laundry room cabinets, our entry closet, our front door, and maybe the shed. The finish on your projects looks incredible.

  3. Michelle Spencer says

    This sprayer would definitely make my repainting so much quicker, easier, and stress-free. I NEED to repaint several bureaus, end tables, and doors that have seen better days.
    That cobalt blue color you used is amazing!

  4. Kelsey says

    Oh my gosh! I have so many projects that would become so much simpler. Our baby’s dresser, the garage door, a ceiling fan, cabinets cabinets cabinets… This would be a dream!

  5. Kim Edwards says

    My kitchen cabinets are still the original ones from the 1960’s! I know…’s embarrassing! I would definitely use this sprayer to update my kitchen cabinets! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Dana says

    A fabulous metal filing cabinet with two big drawers, two small drawers and a locked cabinet with three shelves. It’s an unusual piece my Dad gave to me before he passed. He always kept all of his important stuff in it and now I do, too. I want to paint it cobalt blue and put big casters under it!

  7. Kristy says

    I absolutely love my critter sprayer, but traditionally I’ve used it for smaller projects. I would LOVE to win this sprayer to tackle the bigger stuff! :)

  8. Jamie W says

    Your finishes are so smooth! Now I need one so I can paint ALL THE THINGS! I’ve been putting off painting a large coffee table, bench, and my doors because they would be a pain with a brush. Thanks for the chance to win! And Oh man, that cobalt color is

  9. Heather Burdett says

    I would paint my kitchen, garage, screened porch, old farmhouse table on porch. Everything!! :-)

  10. Whitney Hansen says

    An endless list. The top two would be repaint a large dresser (I’d love the baby butt smooth finish on that thing) and restain my deck.

  11. Dawn says

    I have a new to me house – changing color scheme from previous house so lots of painting – kitchen table, dresser and bookcases. Plus the wood fence could use a coat of stain.

  12. Debbie C. says

    We are getting ready to update our house. This would certainly be a god send, as we plan to paint in every room! Thanks for such a great blog. I always look forward to reading it!

  13. Karla says

    I just finished painting my bedroom and living room ….the good ole fashioned way, and have a bathroom and den left to do. I would LOVE to speed up the process and make life simple! What a joy that would be!

  14. Cassie says

    I want to spray our filing cabinets. I wasn’t sure about the color, but the color of your doors are making me love that beautiful blue.

  15. karen says

    I keep trying to win one of these! need one sooo bad! lol! Maybe this will be my lucky time! Thanks for the contest!

  16. Lisa says

    I would paint the side of my shed which is kind of textured and in great need of paint. After that, I’ve got an end table that needs some help.

  17. Esther says

    I have wanted one of these for a long time. I have lots of things I could paint with one, but I’d start with my yard chairs.

  18. Carol W. says

    Oh goodness, I have so many projects and updates in mind, where do I start. Patio furniture needs a coat of paint, an old dresser needs updating and we are packing to move where we plan to build a deck. I’m sure there a at least 10 more projects I have around that could use this sprayer. Thank you!

  19. Sandi Allen says

    i would paint all the doors and trim in my house. Also I have a few chairs and small tables in my garage.
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    Love the cobalt blue doors in your home!

  20. vmariewilson says

    I would paint my kitchen, front room and dining area.. bedrooms and hallway next! then work my way out into the back yard! LOL
    this would be a blast!!

  21. lesley says

    i have new cabinets in the crafting room we are creating so this would be perfect as they are just plain white!!

  22. Matt Stringham says

    I would paint my kitchen cabinets white. Been wanting to do them for years and need a good sprayer to do it.

  23. Tonia Roberts says

    I would have to start with painting doors. I started one with a pad–ugly. Tried to make it better with a brush–still ugly.

  24. Misty Griffenberg says

    We just moved into a 1970’s ranch. Some rooms need updating. My daughters are begging to have their rooms painted.

  25. Sharilee Penfold says

    I have been using the Home Right paint stick to transform my house from beige to gray and am loving the look. However, my crown molding, ceilings and baseboard now look too creamy…I need to paint them all white. It seems like such an overwhelming job. I would love to win the Home Right paint sprayer to help me with this huge task.

    By the way, I LOVE your cobalt blue door and bedside table!

  26. Stacey says

    The better question might be “What wouldn’t I paint?”!! However, I think I might start with our kitchen cabinets. This post is so coincidental as I just mentioned painting the cabinets to my husband yesterday after watching an episode of the Property Brothers.

  27. Callie Clough says

    I’d paint a giant cabinet that my in-laws gave me. It’s been sitting in my garage for over a year because the thought of painting it is crazy-overwhelming to me.

  28. Alina says

    I just purchased a huge hutch from a garage sale and would love to paint this using the Home Right Finish Max.

  29. Linda Green says

    Wow! The sprayer would be great to paint our louvered hall closet doors and a thrift dresser I got eons ago and haven’t touched since. Well, it is decorated with grandchildren stickers.

  30. Lori says

    I promised my sister I’d make a coat rack for her mudroom so this sprayer would definitely come in handy!!

  31. eva scott says

    what wouldn’t I paint??!! we just moved into a new (old) house and literally have to paint every single room, including wood paneling. fun!

  32. Cara sullenger says

    I love a good paint sprayer and would love to paint multiple pieces that I’ve thrifted. Thank you

  33. Mike Horton says

    I’d love to paint some old tables I have at the house. Also, my baseboards are looking pretty shabby ;-)

  34. Alysa Dominguez says

    If I had a Finish Max Sprayer I would paint some of our walls with the flair! My hubs is allergic to paint so we are always hesitant to do anything to our wall. This bad boy would totally help me finish the jobs faster so he wouldn’t have to be out of the house as long. It would be a life saver! I’ve always wanted to do big chunky stripes on a wall in our bedroom. I think that’s the first project I would do!

  35. Susan M. says

    Can I just tell you how badly I want one of these? I’ve a vintage secretary that’s been waiting a couple of years to be painted and fingers crossed that maybe I win and she can get done this summer! Fingers crossed and thanks for the opportunity!

  36. Cheryl L. says

    My 80’s kitchen desperately needs an update. The cabinets would look fresh and new with a coat of white paint. The bathroom and hall cabinets would be next!

  37. Doreen says

    What wouldn’t I paint?!!! I reentry bought a vintage metal cabinet I would really like to spray paint with the Finish Max sprayer!

  38. Crystal says

    …. all those pesky, lingering Pinterest ideas I could finally tackle to make my world crisp, clean and fabulous !!!!

  39. Valerie says

    I have a limited budget and a lot of my current furniture could use some upcycling. This is the magic wand I need to perform Pinterest sorcery!

  40. Teri sundine says

    I love the fence you painted with this sprayer. We have a brand new fence and this would be awesome to use on it.

  41. Karen K. says

    We’re hoping to be homeowners someday, and I’m sure that it would be a fixer-upper if it’s in our price range. There will be a lot of rooms that need painting, I’m sure!

  42. Nickie Moseley says

    I just bought an older style couch and chair at a yard sale for my sunroom and MAN I’d rather spray paint it than hand paint it!!! Crossing Fingers!

  43. Melanie J. says

    I’d love to win this as our paint sprayer broke on Monday while doing the last coat of paint on our laundry room cabinets. I’d love this to do our kitchen cabinets.

  44. girlfromwva says

    i would start off by painting the bifold doors that we made into a room divider. then i would use it on the bathroom vanity. one day i would love to do the kitchen cabinets.

  45. Evelyn L says

    I would use to paint my side door (through the kitchen) I purchased my home not too long ago. So it would lovely to win!!

  46. Mary GM says

    We just bought our first house, and the ENTIRE thing needs a fresh coat of paint! The previous owners tried to paint the kitchen cabinets, but they are horribly streaky. I would love to use this HomeRight Sprayer!

  47. Mary Hall says

    My daughter and her family just moved closer (than half way across the country) and she’s found a ton of stuff in my house she’d like to have, so in effort to declutter and help her furnish her new digs, I’m parting with some of my stuff. This would be great to make my old stuff, her new stuff!

  48. Erin Kaven says

    I would paint our fence that borders the front and some furniture that’s been squirrelled away in the garage waiting for me to do something with it.

  49. Terri says

    We have a steel fire door out to the garage (it’s right in our family room) and I’ve been dreading the thought of painting it – I’ll bet the sprayer would work great on this. There’s also the list of things that I’m contemplating painting, so this sprayer would be so helpful! (Kitchen cabinets, dining room sideboard and table legs, and a couple of small side tables for plants)

  50. b engel says

    This would make repainting the blue room a breeze! Not to mention our our back porch which is currently in the planning stages.

  51. Faye Gates says

    I’m like you, always a project going on. I’ve got a gazillion things to use this sprayer for. 2 doors, and some furniture pieces I got for free. Not enough hours in the day.

  52. Krista says

    What would I paint? My entire house! When we bought it a year ago, we knew that it was the first thing that needed to be done, but ugh! Brushes! Rollers! It’s still waiting…

  53. Jessie says

    I have a garage door that needs to be sanded and painted and have been putting off the project because it will be slow! This sprayer looks like a great time-saver.

  54. Hydrangeas and Harmony says

    I’m actually ready to beg and borrow or rent a sprayer because I have a whole bedroom worth of mismatched furniture to paint. We’re redoing my not-so-little girl’s space into a cool tween room. We have a new dresser, my old headboard, a bookshelf, a nightstand, and a mirror frame to paint. A sprayer would be beyond helpful!

  55. Kim says

    This would be perfect for my fiance & I, as we are trying to fix his house up to sell it & hopefully fix mine up shortly after we move in, to sell it as well!

  56. Julie says

    I am actively remodeling our 1940’s build home. I would paint doors, baseboards, trim, and whatever else I thought needed it..

  57. Beth says

    im right in the middle of a guest bed and bath remodel. I’ve got the bathroom tile 3/4 finished, so paint next. This tiling has really worn me out so I could really use a sprayer! Thanks for the chance to win

  58. Amy G says

    I would paint our baseboards,doors,kitchen cabinets and walls. I have so many projects I need to do but I can paint with a brush without messing it up.

  59. Laree says

    I’ve always wanted to try a paint sprayer. We just bought a new house and every room needs to be painted, plus all the trim and doors!

  60. Jen Ketcher says

    I’d love to win this! I always have a project banging around in my head. Plenty of things to paint!

  61. Kristin says

    I have quite a bit of trim to paint! Would love this so my husband and I can finish our projects before the twins arrive.

  62. Ashley says

    I would love to win this! My hubby and I are always taking on new projects together. We recently started my kitchen and it would be great for the cabinets! I also would love to paint the front door. AND my 4 year old daughter told me recently that are privacy fence on our patio needs painted ;)

  63. Tonya says

    I have a couple of dressers that need painted, along with a TV stand. This would make it so quick, I’ve wanted one forever! Fingers crossed!

  64. Brittany says

    We just spent the last month painting our kitchen cabinets. I have so many other things that I want to paint but I’m burnt out! This would make it so easy and almost fun!

  65. Rebecca C says

    Your examples are great! I especially appreciated the slatted bifold door. We have one on the door to our utility closet and it could really use paint, but I have not gotten the energy to get around to it.

  66. Kristin says

    I want to paint my mud room soooo bad. It is a very basic beige color. With beige tile. And oak stained cabinets. And brown. And beige. And blah.

  67. Kristin says

    I want to paint my mud room soooo bad. It is a very basic beige color. With beige tile. And oak stained cabinets. And brown. And beige. And blah.

  68. LeeAnn says

    I would paint all of my doors. They are in need of some TLC. Then I would begin to paint everything else in site. It would be !easy to go paint crazy

  69. Lindsay says

    I have been wanting a paint sprayer forever! It would be life changing for me. I think the first thing I would paint is a dresser.

  70. Kathleen lraninejad says

    I would love to have something like this because of all the time it would save as I have many furniture projects pending.

  71. Janis says

    I am really needing to paint my deck. Two years ago I put a stain on it that looked like paint from Sherman Williams. It was supposed to last several years but the following spring it was already chipping off in places. I went and talked to the manager at the Cookeville, TN store, he would not give me a refund. All he said was yeah it’s been discontinued. So this sprayer sure would come in handy right now. Thanks for the chance to win one of these awesome sprayers.

  72. Auntiepatch says

    I need to paint our master bedroom. Then I’m done! Well, maybe I’ll be done. This would make short work of the fence though. Maybe I’m not done……

  73. Margaret says

    I have a new picket fence, laundry room with lots of shelves and a lot of furniture. I would love to zip though all of these projects

  74. Monique R. H says

    This would definitely be great to win every room except one in my home needs to be painted I’ve pulled up baseboards to replace them with new ones that will also need to be painted, this house is a fixer upper, so I spend weekends some weeknights working on it, not to mention the outside of the house the exterior is horrible. I got the ugly house on the block what is the fan a diamond in the rough, I saw the potential.

  75. Britney Wood says

    I would paint my built-in hutch and a dining set. I have wanted one of these sprayers for a while now. I hear great things!!!

  76. Monique R. H says

    This would definitely be great to win every room except one in my home needs to be painted I’ve pulled up baseboards to replace them with new ones that will also need to be painted, this house is a fixer upper, so I spend weekends some weeknights working on it, not to mention the outside of the house the exterior is horrible. I got the ugly house on the block what is the saying? a diamond in the rough, I saw the potential. I would paint just about everything inside and outside of my house.

  77. Joann Miner says

    It took me forever to pain my small room, now I have an addition to paint. I sure cold use this!!!! I need to paint some furniture too, and the kitchen cabinets. Hubby passed fom cancer so I’m the hunny do.

  78. Ellen says

    The first thing I’d paint would be my plantation shutters in the living room and dining room. I also also have some outside projects i mind.

  79. Mary Stewart says

    We have a 16 X 16 feet deck with seating that needs to be painted and every door in my house, all 17 of them!

  80. Cindy B says

    We’re going to be buying a small “school days” home to live in while our grandson is in private school in another town as it’s too far to commute daily. I’m sure we’ll end up doing a lot of painting!

  81. Kelly says

    I would paint anything that isn’t nailed down. Heck I might still paint it then… I’ve always said a coat of paint can change the world!

  82. Selma Harris says

    I can’t even begin to tell you how this sprayer would be great for ME!!!! I have MANY projects in our home to complete. Now many are not being accomplished because I have a toddler at home with me but when I can get some time to accomplish something, this sprayer would be a great help. Thank you for posting how to paint doors, trim and the likes. I am wanting to update so much in our home but money and time can be a hinderance but I am learning to wait on God who will supply what we need.

  83. Michelle L. Raftery says

    I’m so excited about this. I’d love to take my business to the next level by spraying my pieces! It will definitely help my perfectionist tendencies ;)

  84. Barbara Brannon says

    Oh my! Would love to win this sprayer – have a TON of paint projects coming up since I have retired and need this to get’er done!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Awesome!
    Barbara in TN

  85. Anna Violette says

    I would paint my new back door and the front door to our home! We are remodeling right now so that would be super helpful. I am also going to make a display to sell my craft items from some old doors and I could paint those as well.

  86. Lara Black says

    I would paint all my trim – I want to remove all the tiny trim in my house (at least the bottom floor) and replace it with larger trim. I would LOVE to be able to spray it instead of hand painting it.

  87. McKell Costa says

    My table chairs! I have wanted to paint my table and chairs for years but the chairs would be a pain without a sprayer so I haven’t yet! Thank You!

  88. Linda says

    I would really like to give this sprayer a try. I have ugly oak cabinets that need a fresh coat of paint.

  89. Laura Chipman says

    We are currently working on our bathroom. It is also very slow, but I would love to use this to redo the bathroom cabinets.

  90. megan says

    My husband just built me a new craft table, and it’s just waiting to be painted. With all of the shelves, this would make it *so* much easier!

  91. Jo says

    I have had a HomeRight sprayer on my wish list for the longest time. This would be so nice to paint all the “thrift store bargains” in my garage. Thank you!

  92. Naomi says

    I really need to paint two of our bedroom sets, cornhole boards (that my husband just made last weekend, stain our new fence, kitchen cabinet remodel, and our bathroom vanity remodel. Pretty much have been putting these things off until I break down and buy one of these awesome sprayers. lol :)

  93. Rebecca says

    I would paint the chairs that have been sitting in my garage for far to long because I dread issuing a brush to paint them.

  94. CC Suggs says

    This is so exciting! I love all the examples. Our 1880 farm house is needing a little love and sometimes I think it may be in the form of paint!

  95. Stephanie Pitzer says

    I would paint everything in the house we are about to buy!!! This would be pretty amazing…

  96. Marissa says

    Where to start lol the first thing I would paint would be my upcycled pallet that is now a frame for my mason jar luminaries

  97. Dawn H says

    Your painting projects look amazing! I love a good paint project – the sprayer would be so handy and fun! I love the finish! Thanks for the chance!

  98. Joan Saltzmann says

    The whole upstairs of my house is in need of painting. I would love to win the giveaway to speed up the process.

  99. Louise Hagen says

    I have to paint my bedroom ,kitchen and living room. A sprayer could make that go much faster!

  100. rachel cartucci says

    I would paint the outside of my house and every single room as well and our wooden fence in the backyard which looks grey and depressing these days.

  101. Sara says

    I’d paint the cupboards in my kitchen, my dining room table, and dining room chairs! Love your blog!! New follower :)

  102. Beth says

    I have 120+ year old home with plaster walls that all need to be painted! Oh, and kitchen cabinets…and both front and back porches…and a bookcase…

  103. Holly S says

    I would paint my daughters nightstand and dresser. Then I would tackle our “drop zone” table from red to kelly green!

  104. Marci Clark says

    We just bought a new house and I want to stain our fence. and paint my craft room. and paint my daughters room. at least for starts :)

  105. Michelle says

    I have been wanting to investigate sprayers to finish off my 208′ of fencing that needs stained this fall! I certainly trust you and even if I don’t win, I may be purchasing this sprayer anyway! Gosh, I’m so glad I pulled up your blog today! Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Christi F. says

    What would I paint?! What WOULDN’T I paint!! My very dark, dated, 1977 woodwork would love to meet this sprayer :) Plus, all those furniture projects filling up my garage would finally get their lovely makeovers :)

  107. Kevin says

    I’d paint the loft bed I’m building for my son, this would make the process much faster. I’ve been priming boards with a foam roller after work for weeks.

  108. Beverly Lloyd says

    I have so many things that need a paint update in my home…1st would be the wood trim in my back entry….this would be perfect!

  109. donna bumgardner says

    I have a dining room table and chairs to paint along with an old flowered sofa! I pick up various pieces at sales, curb sides, auctions or hand me downs and give them new life! I love your site! Perfect tips for making home a little homier!! I look forward to receiving your updates!! :)

  110. Liz Anthony says

    I love those side table. I bought few of those metal drawers at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I may have to replicate the idea.

  111. Haley says

    I have an office to paint green and I have a feeling a sprayer would get a more even color than rollers. Green can be a difficult color, at least the emerald green I want.


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