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Favorite Things {2019 Edition}

Every year I like to share some of my favorite things that I discovered during the year. Things that made my life easier, prettier, or tastier :) My cute friend Melissa from 320 Sycamore is hosting a blog hop where several bloggers are all sharing their favorite things too. Everything from make-up, to home decor, to kitchen gadgets. So here we go! My top 10 favorite things… 2019 edition!

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This Fall I gave my family room a little refresh and while I haven’t shared the full room yet, I have given a little peek when I shared our new flooring. This black bench is a new addition to our family room and I love it!

It is available on Amazon for about $140.

Black Spindle Back Bench


This spring I did a major renovation on our side yard and created a raised bed garden. I used these expandable hooks to hang tools and my sweet new gardening hat.


Expandable Coat Rack


Three months ago I decided to go full Keto, which means no gluten and no sugar. I feel so much better! No more gut issues. The only way I have survived the whole “no sugar” thing is because of these… Choc Zero chocolates! And yes, they really do taste like regular chocolate! They have dark and milk chocolate and several flavors.

Even if you are not doing the Keto diet but just want a healthier treat, you should try it!

Choc Zero


I updated the hooks in my office. I needed sturdy hooks that could hold a lot of things. The office also acts as a mudroom so it is always full of coats and backpacks. These do the job!

Black Metal Hooks



If I could host an infomercial for a product it would be this! I am so giddy over this hose you guys! I only bought it because my mom bought one first and I saw it in real life. Otherwise, I would have thought it was a “too good to be true” or too “gimmicky”.

I hate regular hoses. They crack, they are a pain in the arse to gather and roll up, they always crush my plants when my kids toss the rolled up hoses out of the way so they can mow, and they KINK. They are constantly kinking.

This hose is light weight, doesn’t kink, and literally grows as you turn it on and shrinks back to a tiny little thing when you turn it off.

I bought it in the Spring and it didn’t matter how many times I used it this year, I got excited like a 5 year old every time I turned the hose on.


Expandable Hose


Speaking of yard work, I loved using the battery operated cultivator in my garden! You can read my full review HERE.


Ryobi Cultivator


We re-landscaped our front yard this year and thanks to the recommendation of my  friend Donna, I bought what she called a half moon shovel. It makes edging so much easier! And my flower beds have never looked so good!


Edging Shovel


The reason we got new flooring recently was due to a leak under our kitchen sink. It was a slow leak that we didn’t notice until it was too late. I ordered some of these leak detectors and put them anywhere water might be an issue…including under the kitchen sink! They are inexpensive and there are even smart versions available that will alert you via your phone in case you are not home.


Leak Detector


I first heard about these particular peel and stick tiles from my friend Beth. She used them on her kitchen floor. I ordered some for my sister’s fireplace to cover up some ugly porcelain tile. I was so impressed with their quality, that I am considering them for my laundry room floor!


Peel and Stick Tiles


I live with five guys. The level of stink that comes off some of their feet is unbelievable. It literally takes my breath away some days. These sneaker balls are not only great for shoes, but I stick them in air vents too. They smell like laundry!

Sneaker Balls


Have you discovered anything fun this year? I’d love to hear about your favorite products too! Comment below :)

The other ladies that are sharing today are my good friends Rhoda from Southern Hospitality and Amy from The Idea Room.

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  1. Danita says

    Very cool items this year! I love all your gardening tools! But MY very favorite are the sneaker balls! When my son was a teen, I made him put his shoes outside and throw his sock away after only a few wears. He was horrible about keeping his feet non smelly until he met a girl! ;-)

    I am happy to say he still keeps good foot hygiene for his wife and daughter! LOL

    • Liza Greis says

      When my boys come home (and I know they aren’t leaving again soon) have to put their socks down the laundry chute and rinse their feet off. I’m hoping they grow out of it at some point! I even wash their shoes pretty regularly. Boys are gross ;)

  2. Bobbi says

    Love, love, loveeeeeeeeeee everything I see! And everything serves a great purpose. I just added the almonds to my grocery list, and will be buying that hose for my husband. Thank you for sharing!

    PS: I get lost in your blog, then reality strikes and I realize I have to get back to work :(

  3. Melissa says

    I want that hose! And I need sneaker balls for my boys! I can’t believe how good the peel and stick tiles look. What a great list — thank you, Liza! ♥