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Family Update

Life always get crazy in February between birthdays and an upswing in school events and concerts. I always struggle to keep the blog up this time of year. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy on projects though. We have three big things going on a the same time and I am beyond excited to share them soon. Follow along on Instagram in my stories to see behind the scenes and sneak peeks!

Since my site is having issues and you are not able to pin images from it, I thought I would hold off on posting projects for a sec until I can get the issue resolved. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!

I wanted to share some things our family has been up to anyway, so this works out (I’m doing my best to be a “Pollyanna” about it).

Back at the beginning of February, my oldest son had the opportunity to star in his high school’s big musical. They did the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Photo Credit: Bryan Stinson


I have tried since Junior High to get him to audition for musicals and was so excited when he finally did. It is so fun to see your kids go outside of their comfort zones and grow because of it. You can hear a clip of him singing my favorite song in my instagram stories under “Family”.


Photo Credit: Bryan Stinson


My two middle boys have birthdays the same week so we had fun celebrating them turning one year older. I sure miss when my kids were tiny and wish I could rewind time!

My third son learned the ins and out of doing tech for plays and is doing his first play this week at the junior high. Little Mermaid! He really has enjoyed being the sound tech lead.



My second son has enjoyed taking a ceramics class and a wood working class this year. He has made some amazing things! He really makes me want to get a lathe to being to make some candlesticks myself.




I had the opportunity to go with my son on his choir tour to Florida. They performed at Disney World and had some fun clinics there as well. I have never met a better group of kids. There were almost 100 kids and not one single second of drama. We got compliments everywhere we went about them being polite and respectful. I was bursting with pride.



My sister came with me which was so fun! We were in charge of 10 boys and loved getting to know them better, decorating their hotel room doors, and giving them little gifts each night. Being a chaperone was the best!


I decided since I had never had a full physical, it was high time to get the works done. I have gone to 5 doctor’s appointments in the last month. Turning 40 kind of stinks! But my blood work came back and everything is awesome. My mammogram came back normal too. Whew! The allergist thinks that gluten and soy are the main reason for my stomach issues but we are still waiting for some test results. I also found out I am allergic to raw garlic and mustard seed. If you have never gone for a full physical, I really want to encourage you to. Especially if you are getting to a “certain age” ;)

We adopted a cockatiel! I had one when I was growing up and it was hands down my favorite pet (and I had a TON of pets). I have wanted to get another one for years and I’m not sure what stopped us. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time. He (or she….we aren’t 100% sure) is still getting use to us and his new environment. I’m trying to be patient.



Hopefully I will get the issues with my site fixed soon and I can share some projects. I hope things are going well with all of you. I love hearing from you and enjoy the emails I get. Thanks so much for being so supportive over the years. 

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  1. Elizabeth Hunt says

    You have a talented family, including you and hubby. Nice stuff, love the woodwork and ceramics. Very nice.

  2. Judy says


    Thank you so much for being open and sharing your motherhood experiences. Last month was tough on me. My 31 year old son stopped talking to me after my husband died. He was my only son from a previous marriage and my belated husband’s adoptive son. Yet, today I practically have no family at all. Even the extended family is not close and there is too much drama to have the desire to have any large family gatherings. It is good to hear there are still families out there who really do encourage each other, love each other, and build each other up. Thank you.

    Your cheerleader JRC

    • Liza Greis says

      I am so sorry to hear that. I have several friends who are not close with their immediate family (for various reasons) but have found a group of friends to be their support system. I pray that things will improve for you with your family in the future but also that you can find some good people to surround you until then.
      I’m glad you felt comfortable enough in this space to share :)

      • JRC says

        Thank you Liza. God bless you and your family. I DO have many friends of various religious beliefs who are there for me. God is blessing me despite the heartbreaks.

        Tell your youngest son who does sound that my husband made it big in the Los Angeles and West Coast area and became a famous
        DJ. He also did sound tracking for a few Jazz groups and made great “side job” $$ doing mixing for albums.

        So happy for all of your children.

  3. Maggie Kasey says

    Finding out about allergies particularly now with the knowledge of raw garlic, check out the most recent one I am researching, the FODMAP diet. I had an inkling garlic was an issue with me and I recently found information on the colonoscopy I had several years ago which had a mention of the said diet. I used a lot of garlic so I stopped and it made that big of a difference.
    any type of sugar, mostly the ones starting with ‘O’ is included in the diet. Stevia is workable yet there are many things to avoid. Yeah, welcome to “Life begins at Forty” Uh huh!

  4. Danita says

    What an exciting post! I LOVE the play your son started in! I know all the songs!!!! So happy to see your other boys enjoy other arts! And also very happy to here your health is doing well! Stay on that gluten thing!!! Life changes and we have to adjust! Beautiful job! Stay safe!!! <3

    • Liza Greis says

      This play is one of our favorites as well and even my youngest knew all the words before seeing the play. It’s so fun to sing along to!

      I had a boss once who told me the secret to success in life is to always be flexible and willing to change. The older I get, the more I think she’s right.

      I hope all is well for you!