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Easy To Grow Berries {Giveaway}

Berries are my FAVORITE fruit. I could eat them all day every day. And there’s nothing better than eating one freshly picked that is warm from the sun. Even if you don’t have a large yard or garden, or even a yard at all, you can grow them thanks to Bushel and Berry®! These easy to grow berries are perfect for a patio or porch. I received a blackberry, raspberry, and two different varieties of blueberries. They are blooming right now and I can’t wait for later this summer when I can pick some berries :)

This post is sponsored by Bushel and Berry®. All ideas and opinions are 100% mine :)


Perfect For the Patio!

Instead of the patio, I put my plants in with my raised bed herb garden. I nestled them by the bench since the crate of mint seemed lonely.


Easy To Grow Berries!

I decided to put my Bushel and Berry® plants in some cement planters I had on hand and a crate to match the one that the mint is growing in. Make sure your berry plants have good drainage and plenty of sun.

They are the perfect addition to my secret herb garden!


Thornless and Self-pollinating!

Not only are all 9 varieties thornless (making it easy for kids to grow and help), but they are also self pollinating. They are compact plants that don’t get as large as other varieties making them perfect for containers. It’s never been easier to grow your own berries!

They are available to buy in lots of nurseries in the US and Canada. Even my cute local nursery in my tiny town carries them. But they go fast! You can check their website and see all the places that carry them in your area.




It’s about to be someone’s lucky day though because Bushel and Berry® Is giving away 3 of their easy to grow berries! Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget. 

You must be at least 18 years old to enter. You must be a resident of the USA to enter. The giveaway will go from May 22, 2020 until May 29th, 2020. A winner will be chosen by and will be notified by email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. The shipping of the prize is the responsibility of the company, in this case, Bushel and Berry.

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  1. Lisa Smith says

    I love to make berry pie or cobbler…or if I’m short on time, just make a sauce for over vanilla ice cream!

  2. Cyndi Olson says

    My favorite way to eat berries is freshly picked, right off the plant!
    Thank you for this great giveaway.

  3. Elizabeth Hunt says

    Your garden is beautiful. I have never seen one so neat, I like berries also. anyway. Straight off the vine is perfect.

  4. Robbin Whaley says

    the first recipe I learned, when I was around 9 years old, is STILL my most favorite recipe…I got a serving of a strawberry Lazy Man Pie, that my Grandmother had made and I fell in love with that dessert! I am 62 and it’s still my most favorite dessert! I asked her the recipe and she told me…I had no pen and paper so I kept repeating the recipe to all during the visit and on the way home….I made that pie the next day for the first of many, many times thru-out my life! It’s easy, quick and sooo delicious! It can be served with ice cream on top or plain, either way is delicious…it’s BEST baked in an iron skillet for the crust to be the best possible…melt 1.5 sticks of real butter in the bottom of an iron skillet…cut fresh fruit into bite size pieces and cover with sugar…you’ll need 1,5 to 2 cups of fruit with the sugar juice included., set aside to let the sugar dissolve and make a juice…in another bowl mix 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup milk until smooth,,,,pour the flour mixture over the melted butter into the frying pan but don’t mix together…take your juicy sugared berries/fruit and pour half in the middle of the pan over the batter but, again don’t mix… then dot the remaining fruit by spoonfuls around the edges of the pan – Grandmother just dumped her fruit in the middle but I like to have fruit in every bite. Bake at 350* until browned and batter is well done in the middle. Deeeeelicious warm or cold and served with or without ice cream!!! My fast go-to dessert to serve a surprise visitor or a planned meal dessert. Enjoy!!!

  5. Tracey Al says

    I love to eat them as soon as I get them, just out of the container. (Washed of course). Any kind of berry!

  6. Cath T says

    I love blueberry buckle, a recipe passed down from my grandmother. These fruit plants sound fantastic.

  7. Abigail says

    I guess I am a berry purist and love to just eat them as-is! but I also love strawberry rhubarb pie!!

  8. Judy Murdock says

    I love a good Cobbler.Any kind of Fruit is wonderful.I have always wanted to plant Berries so I would be delighted if Iw as the lucky winner of these Berries.

  9. Danita says

    These berry bushes look a perfect addition to your secret garden makeover! I have to say you look pretty amazing in the photo taking care of them!!! I have never imagined putting berry plants in pots before but they are just lovely! My raised beds are just getting going! We finally had some warm weather THIS week! Whew! Take care! Hugs!

    P.S. We put fresh berries in pancakes for breakfast, skip the syrup! Yummy! :-)

  10. Jamie says

    Honestly, I love just fresh, plain berries but homemade jams are good and a recipe we call “raspberry fluff” with vanilla yogurt and pudding mix.

  11. Whitney Hansen says

    My neighbors blackberries we just eat off the vine, when they practically fall off into your hand.

  12. Holly says

    I love raspberries! It’s funny, but one summer when I was a kid my mom bought strawberry popsicles, strawberry kool-aid, strawberry jello, and I overdosed on fake strawberry flavor and didn’t eat any strawberries for years because I thought that’s what it tasted like. I didn’t eat them for years. As an adult, I tried fresh strawberries again and forgot how great real ones taste. Oh, the stubbornness of being a kid, sigh. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Audrey Stewart says

    I love strawberries. I buy that mix and make a strawberry pie. I worked at Shoney’s when I was a teenager.

  14. Erin Rizzo says

    I love to freeze my berries and then add them to my oatmeal in the morning with some chocolate chips. Yummy. This is a very cool giveaway. Thanks

  15. Mackenzie says

    We looove picking berries in the summer months! The kids just love to eat them fresh, most don’t even make it long enough to go into a recipe BUT if we do have some extra, I love throwing them into pancakes or sometimes make coconut cream fruit dip.

  16. Pamela Speers says

    These are just perfect for what I was thinking of doing with my garden. Thanks for the ideas!

  17. Camille says

    I love berries too, but this is the first year ice been in a position to grow them.
    I like blackberries in cobbler, but raspberries and blueberries are good by themselves or with Greek yogurt.

  18. Kristie says

    We have some blackberry bushes in our backyard and I love to just eat them off the vine. For blueberries I love them frozen!

  19. Kelly R says

    These plants are great. We just got our raised beds ready and some berry plants would be a wonderful addition. We love to eat berries fresh or turn them into jams!

  20. Karen Anderson says

    Fresh off the bush, frozen, doesn’t matter. I love any berry. Boysenberry is probably my favorite but I also love strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries! Pies, cobbler, buckles, in salads, muffins, pancakes, I love berries!

  21. Rhonda H says

    I would love a raspberry plant!
    I bought a self pollinating one from Earl May but unfortunately it didn’t survive and never got to enjoy any fruit

  22. Tim says

    When I was a kid my grandma used to make something called “cherries in the snow”, which was a graham cracker crust, a mixture of cream cheese and whipped cream, and the cherries on top. I haven’t had int in years, but it was always my favorite dessert.

  23. Tracy says

    I love just eating fresh berries. My great-aunt used to make a wonderful raspberry pie but she passed away and the recipe did not live on.

  24. Tammie says

    My favorite berries are strawberries, but I also love blueberries and other types of berries. I especially love fruit cobblers and blueberry muffins.

  25. Mya Murphy says

    I love my berry cobblers probably the best way..but I’ve never seen a berry yet that I don’t like eating all by itself, either. I grew up in Alabama, and we had huge bushes of blackberries.. I would devour those, although my mom wanted them for cobblers.

  26. Whitney says

    I have great memories of visiting grandparents and going out to graze on berries. This would be so fun for kids.

  27. Samantha says

    My favorite way to eat berries is on my oatmeal every morning, especially blueberries. Mind you I can’t always get fresh so usually it’s frozen blueberries. It would be amazing to be able to pick fresh blueberries, your garden looks amazing. Love your cement pots, it will be perfect when they start producing next to the sitting bench, you’ll be able to just sit, relax and have a feast!

  28. Candice says

    Love your garden! I love to eat berries on top of pavlova or made into a jam spread on freshly baked scones with a dollop of whipped cream! In a custard pie! And of course simply eaten fresh :) I’m slowly building up my garden and would love this fabulous giveaway to start my “berry bowl”! Enjoy your beautiful garden!

  29. Merysa Cortez says

    I LOVE making smoothies for the go! They are super yummy, especially when they are fresh! :)

  30. Lucinda says

    These berries sound wonderful! My favorite berries/recipe is wild huckleberries over ice cream… Yum! But the idea of berries in my own backyard is very appealing.