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Easy Clay Snowflake Ornaments

This post from last year fell through the cracks and never got posted. I still love these ornaments and how easy and mess free they are to make so I am sharing them this year.

I decorate our tree a different way every year but I try to not buy a lot of new things. Last year the only thing new I bought was ribbon. I like to make a new set of ornaments every year and since this year’s theme is “snowflakes” the kids and I made a bunch of easy clay snowflakes ornaments for the trees out of polymer clay.



Polymer clay is one of my favorite things ever! You can make so many things with it and it never dries out. It only hardens when you bake it. It is not messy and it is easy to work with. You can get it at any craft store.






I have some snowflake cookie cutters I bought last year that were the perfect size for ornaments.



You need to soften up the clay by working it in your hands. Once it is soft, you can roll it out and cut it. We used toothpicks to draw designs on them. We also experimented with pressing different fabrics on them to create texture too. Make sure to make a hole that the wire or string will fit through so you can hang them later.


Kevin, our Frenchie, was convinced we were eating something delicious and not sharing.



Once they were done, we put them on oven safe plates and baked them at 275 degrees fahrenheit for 15 minutes.

I think they turned out beautiful and just like real snowflakes, no two are alike!



Do you make your own ornaments? If so, tell me what kind and how you make them! I’m always looking for fun projects for my kids over Christmas break :)




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  1. MF says

    I get sentimental about Christmas ornaments, so I love the idea of having the kids make them. They’ll always be special. My son likes to make origami ornaments.

  2. brenda says

    i love it love it that you include your children in so many activities. it particularly hit home with me as we were uncovering items in our soon to be move. My daughter made the decision to let some of ornamens and decorations she had created with me so many years ago. Neither of our households will be able to incorporate many of the larger items so we enjoyed some memories and placed them in the Salvation Army donation area of the porch for their scheduled pickup. Hopefully, someone elses Christmas will be enhanced by them. Thank you Merry CHristmas and keep up the good work on making memories.

  3. Pamela Speers says

    Hey, Liza-
    Love this idea! And the cookie cutter shape look so polished. I will try this soon!
    Are the snowflakes laying on the napkins on the table something you made as well?

    • Liza says

      Thanks! The snowflakes on the napkin are plastic and I got them from Walmart a couple of years ago but they also had them stocked last year.