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Easiest Way To Paint Walls

I am excited to announce that I am doing another room makeover! It is for my nephew and I am thrilled since kid and teen spaces are my favorite to design. After taking photos and measurements, I chatted with my sister and nephew to get an ideas of their wants and needs. I have a plan that I am super excited about and will show you the mood board in this post. I have left the bed off the mood board because I want it to be a surprise! The first order of business was to paint the walls. Today I will also be sharing with you the easiest way to paint walls.

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The Easiest Way To Paint Walls (and Ceilings!)

Step 1

Before you buy a whole gallon (or more) of paint, make sure that you like the color in the space by buying sample cans and testing them on the walls. Paint large patches and see which one looks best in the space.



Step 2

Tape off the baseboards, ceilings and any door and window trim. Add a tarp to protect the flooring.



Step 3

I love to use a paint stick to paint walls and ceilings. I have accidentally kicked and bumped my fair share of paint trays and awkwardly tried to hold them as I climbed up a step ladder. The HomeRight EZ Twist PaintStick makes painting practically mess free! Simply suck up paint into the handle of the paint stick and slowly twist to push paint up into the roller!



One handle full will paint a large section. No more bending down constantly to wet the roller in the paint. No more drips. No more moving the paint tray around with you praying you won’t spill it.

I like to use a foam brush to paint along the baseboards and ceiling where the roller doesn’t reach.


EZ Twist Paint Stick

Step 4

Before the paint fully dries, remove the painter’s tape at a 45 degree angle. Clean up any tarps and the used tape and you are ready to move furniture back in place!



I went with the color called NYPD by Behr. It felt more grown up than the lighter blue and wasn’t too dark. It is the perfect backdrop for his soon to be new space!



I will be sharing the reveal of his room after the holidays.



Here is the vibe and some of the ideas I am hoping to bring to the space. He lives for baseball and loves other sports as well. I wanted to reflect that without having it be too “themey”.  I am so excited to share the finished room next month!



Some of the other boy rooms I have designed are the vintage green boy room, mountain room, and modern music room.


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  1. grace says

    Hi Liza, thank you for sharing this. We are about to repaint several rooms in our house. Questions tho (maybe you could help us) – 2 of the walls in our rooms are dark and we want to paint it lighter colors. I have seen that Behr now carry interior paint-and-primer-in-one, we haven’t try them and thinking maybe this is the way to go. Don’t want to cover our old walls with too many paints :-) Thank you!!!

    • Liza says

      I love the Behr paint that has the primer mixed in! It is thick and has great coverage. While it does not guarantee that you won’t need a second coat, you will have less touch ups for sure!

  2. Lisa Smith says

    I’ve got a question for you….do you use the roller all the way to your tape on the top and bottom of the wall? Or do you use a brush to “cut” in?

    • Liza says

      It depends. If there isn’t much of a color change and i I put two layers of painter’s tape (side by side so it is wider) then I turn the roller sideways and run it along the ceiling. But most of the time I use a foam brush to get the thin area right next to the ceiling and baseboard. I use to not tape and just cut in with a brush, but you get such a cleaner, more even line along the ceiling and baseboard if you use tape.