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Dutch Oven Lemon Blueberry Cake

Summer time means spending more time outside and for our family it means eating outside too. During July and August I try to avoid heating up the kitchen since it is already so hot. We barbecue often and also cook in Dutch  ovens.

I made some lemon blueberry muffins the other day and they were so delicious I decided to make it in cake form in our dutch oven for dessert. If you have never tried Dutch oven cake, you are missing out!


Dutch Oven Cake


Getting briquettes to light without using a gallon of lighter fluid is near impossible. Plus, I hate using all those chemicals when it is for cooking food. I was so impressed the first time I used the HomeRight ElectroLight. I have partnered up with them again to show you how easy it is, and to giveaway one to one of YOU!


getting briquettes ready for dutch oven


It heats up quickly. Then you aim it at the briquettes and the Electrolight will blow very hot air. In no time at all the briquettes are glowing! I actually put my older son in charge of this while I was inside mixing the cake up.

The recipe I used is from the blog Let’s Dish.


Lemon Blueberry Cake


Once the cake batter is in the Dutch oven, add half the coals to the bottom and the other half to the top. Also, maybe don’t put your 14 year old son in charge of watching and checking the cake or he might get distracted and over cook the cake a bit. But if that happens, this recipe will still taste delicious. It is hard to mess up food in a Dutch oven, even Dutch oven cake.


Dutch oven cake


Cooking cake in the dutch oven


What is you favorite summer time dessert?


Dutch Oven Cake recipe


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post was sponsored my HomeRight but all the opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

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  1. Anne Marie says

    We cook outdoors two or three times a week – love it as it keeps kitchen cool. Great sounding cake!

  2. Annette says

    I don’t cook much outside during the summer months, because it’s so incredibly hot here. That’s reserved more for Spring and Fall.

  3. Alina says

    Being from Michigan, we love to take advantage of the outdoors especially in the Summer time. So we cook out quite often.

  4. Sean C says

    I clicked over to Let’s Dish for the recipe. We have fun cooking outdoors and spending time as a family. It’s rare that we spend time inside except for winter.

  5. Karen says

    In the summer we cook out several times a week, this would be a wonderful tool to have. I hate messing around with the lighter fluid. Your cake sounds delicious!

  6. GRACE says

    We don’t do much cooking outside in the summer since it’s just way too hot where we live :-) But we do more in the fall!!

  7. Rosanna says

    We cook outside a lot during the summer as long as it’s not unbearably warm,and as long as there isn’t a NO BURN BAN…

  8. Melissa Lynch says

    My husband grills or smokes outdoors, but we sometimes make s’mores over the fire pit. I haven’t really thought about making more in it though; great idea!

  9. Danita says

    I have never tried this myself! It looks easy enough and I could ask my husband to give it a go, he’s always game for new things! ;-)

    The cake recipe looks yummy! I love the combo of lemon and blueberries! :-)

  10. Alvena Meyer says

    My son does all the Dutch oven cooking for our family. He camps and cooks out most every weekend.

  11. Julie Waldron says

    Not very often, only when we’re at the in laws. This post brings back some great memories of my late Dad though. When I was little he used to make all kinds of cobblers in a dutch oven in the backyard, I remember him burying it then covering it with charcoal. I still use his cobbler recipe, only I bake it in a 9×13 pan in the oven. :)

  12. Patti says

    We cook pretty much every night during the summer months on the bbq. I can’t wait to try this yummy looking lemon blueberry cake

  13. beverly e says

    We usually cook out for family gatherings, but my daughter grills several times a week. I’m sure she’d love one of these from HomeRight. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Janice B says

    It all depends on the weather as to how much I cook out during the summer. During the extreme heat I will not cook out. But I cook out often if it is nice weather. I like to cook out all year long though, not just in the summer.

  15. Kayla klontz says

    We cook out about 3 times a week, the only times we don’t is if we’re away or if the weather isn’t good for it.

  16. Rita A says

    I cook outside about 5 days per week. I have two types of grill, one propane and one charcoal so I switch it up. It is too hot to cook indoors.

  17. Nancy Bowers says

    It is really hit and miss. Sometimes often but other times not so much. It has been rain8ng a lot here.