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Downstairs Bathroom Refresh

This post was sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart but all ideas and opinions are my own.


I added “downstairs” to the title because I didn’t want to get your hopes up that I had an update on the upstairs bath. It still looks the same only we added the toilet back in. The backyard has taken all of my time lately! I did finally complete a huge outdoor project and so I took the time to give my basement bathroom a refresh with some fun new things I ordered from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart.





I’m a sucker for cute jars and containers. I loved these clear glass jars because they come in three sizes and are perfect for bathroom things like Q-Tips, cotton balls and hair ties and bobby pins. The blue and white container is my all time favorite! There is actually a whole bathroom set designed around this design. This one is currently acting as a planter but it does come with a lid.




I’m sad because these peonies are the last ones from my bushes. Peony season is finally over and oh how I wished it lasted longer!




I have always been a white towel girl. All our towels, except some colorful beach towels, have been white. I always used my germaphobe excuse that I wanted to be able to tell when they were dirty. The problem is that my boys take them outside or get covered in mud and come it to wipe it off on my white towels and most of them are now stained.  I have decided to branch out and try darker towels. I’m curious, what color of towels do you prefer and why?




This down bath is currently our only functioning bathroom so what you don’t see are the two over flowing totes pushed out of the way that are filled with hair gel, shampoo, first aid stuff, and all the other bathroom stuff that normally resides in the drawers upstairs. I can’t wait to finally be able to work on the other bathroom! I am tired of sharing with the kids :)





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Here are the links to shop this look.



Small Glass Jar      *     Medium Glass Jar     *     Large Glass Jar      *      Decorative Covered Jar              Thick and Plush Towels


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  1. cmt says

    Lovely, lovely bath. The little blue and white jar is adorable, and even sweeter with a plant in it. The blue towels look terrific with it, and a wonderful contrast with white tiles. I’m afraid my towels were never bought with design in mind. Probably because they were on sale, on impulse. The advantage with white is you can bleach them occasionally. That would help keep them white, but also eliminate the funky odor they get over time, though it weakens the fibers. I have the same stain problem with my cloth napkins. They are clean but have stains. But, the purpose is to wipe the food off hands and face, so it’s inevitable they’ll get stained. I beg my husband to use them without fear of getting them dirty. In the end, best to focus on functionality and not worry about being pristine. Regarding towel color–a bathroom is a functional room. If dark towels hide the inevitable stains, go for it. Use vinegar to disinfect them, and enjoy the popping color.

  2. Khadija says

    I just love the navy towels. I have almost always had white towels too. I think I will steal your idea. :)

  3. Jill Porter says

    Looks great!! Love the dark blue and white throughout the bathroom and your house. Thank you for your website – you have amazing tips and ideas!!! :)

  4. Carol ("Mimi") says

    Wow! Everything looks so clean, fresh, and well-organized. I like your choice of containers: the box and basket for decorative and storage purposes. Very attractive!
    Carol (“Mimi”) at Home with Mimi

  5. Stephanie says

    I love big fluffy clean white towels, love them with much love, but….the problem is they don’t stay fluffy and clean and white for very long, even with bleach. My husband is a diesel mechanic and after crawling under and over and inside the engines of tractors all day the white towels quickly turn gray. I’ve decided that when we redo the bathroom I have to suck it up and choose a new color that will hide the stains better. I love your blue and white bathroom by the way! I’ve been trying to decide what to do with ours and when I saw yours I felt inspired by it. I could still have my white elements, just not with towels, and I have always LOVED navy blue. I love how the dark wood and baskets balance it out and warm things up. Thanks for some new ideas!