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DIY Resin Drawer Knobs

I have an obsession with playing around with resin. I am not sure what it is about it that is so fascinating, but I just love it! In the past I made some leaf resin magnets for our fridge. They are still on there and I smile every time I open the fridge and see them. We have lots of pressed leaves from our hikes and our travels and I’m always looking for ways to use them. Today I am sharing how I made these resin drawer knobs. I’m partnering up with Wagner to show you how their new heat gun can help you with this fun and easy project!


resin and leaf knobs


Supplies Needed for Resin Drawer Knobs:

Silicone Mold

Two-part Resin

Heat Gun

Pressed Leaves

Skewer Sticks



making resin knobs


The leaves need to be pressed and completely dry or they will not hold up well in the resin.


pressed leaves


Step 1: After gathering the supplies, mix equal parts of each bottle into a container and stir until well mixed. Pour enough resin into each mold to cover the bottom.

Step 2: Use a Wagner HT400 heat gun to remove any air bubbles from the resin. It is so fun to watch them instantly pop and disappear!

Step 3: Wait for 15-20 minutes and then add the pressed leaves to the resin.

Step 4: Add more resin to the molds.

Step 5: Use the Wagner HT400 heat gun again to pop any remaining bubbles.

Step 6: It is time to add the screws. I actually used threaded rods since I didn’t want the head of a screw to show through some of the more delicate leaves like the ferns. You can use screws if your leaves are more solid. Using skewer sticks and tape, create a way for the screws to stay upright while the resin hardens.

Step 7: After the 24-hour cure time has passed, you can safely remove the knobs from the molds.

making resin knobs


taking resin knobs out of the mold



Add the knobs to your dresser for a whole new look! I love how the green leaves look against the navy blue. Best of all, my boys love the new knobs.


resin knob with leaf


Their room faces east and a window is right across from the dresser so the morning light really makes them look their best.


resin leaf knobs on dresser


Sometimes making small changes like switching out throw pillows or hardware can make all the difference!


leaf resin drawer knobs


You can see past heat gun projects I have done HERE.



Wagner is giving away one of their new heat guns to a lucky reader!

The new Wagner HT400  is a small and mighty household heat gun perfect for projects like crafting, embossing, shrinking wire tubes, removing decals and labels and shrink wrapping gifts.



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  1. Whitney says

    They are also handy for doing repairs on sprinkler systems that are poly pipe. Heat up the pipe and the fitting slides right on.

  2. Annette says

    Wow, that’s so creative and beautiful. It’s been awhile since I had a glue gun, but would like to have one to make some holiday decorations.

  3. Nancy says

    What a great idea but…..Better check again…You’re missing Step 2 in your directions. They don’t correlate to your pics.

  4. Lisa Smith says

    I would try making these knobs and I would use it for embossing…. I have borrowed one in the past. The dresser looks great!

  5. Tim says

    my wife and kids would use it for the many craft projects they regularly do, but I also think there are many DIY repairs that could use this.

  6. Renee says

    I would love to recreate some of these knobs using vegetable plant leaves and herb cuttings from our garden. And I want to try some pour painting on canvas and wood.

  7. Shanna Uptergrove says

    I would love to make some magnets the way you made those knobs! So freaking neat. And my daughter is always wanting to paint glass bottles and they always have labels to take off- this would ease the nightmare of that!!!

  8. Joan Lyerly says

    I love the knobs! And I have the same mold and use resin all the time. However, how do you leave a space between the knob and the drawer where you can use your fingers to pull the drawer open?

    • Liza says

      Yes. I didn’t screw it in all the way. I used screws that were longer than I would normally use. I have also used small hollow metal rods cut down to 1″ or less before. Slipped over the screw before attaching it. They act as a spacer. It works great for when you are using them as wall hooks. I use 3″ rods for that :)