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We Finally Have an Outdoor Seating Area! {DIY Paver Patio}

We have lived in this home almost 11 years without having a seating area. I feel kind of sheepish admitting this, but when we entertained outdoors we would bring out the collapsible camp chairs from the garage and the dining room chairs from inside. We finally have an outdoor seating area! We created a DIY paver patio.

Before we added the patio this, ladies and gents, was the view awaiting our guests.


back of house before patio


Shane and I have always planned on doing a patio. We have debated over the years whether to do pavers, concrete, pea gravel, or a wood deck. We ultimately went with pavers because I think they are the prettiest option and we wouldn’t have to worry about weeds growing up through it like a deck or pea gravel.

Hello beautiful!


DIY paver patio


The whole family worked on this project and I love seeing how proud the boys are of their work. They dug, spread gravel and sand, and cheered me on as I laid the hundreds of pavers clear into the night.


DIY Paver Patio


I think my favorite view is it at night. The string lights give such a warm glow.


patio decor ideas


Patio decor


I have the full tutorial and details about the products used in my DIY paver patio over on the Home Depot blog. If you still have any questions about this project, feel free to comment below and I will get right back to you!

This is a project that I would do all over again. Some projects I get done with and think “I am am so glad I am done and I don’t have to do that again!” But this was easier than I expected and quite fun. Have you ever laid pavers?

I’ll have a post up this week with all the details of the planter wall that hides the electrical boxes. Stay tuned!


Here is the post on how I made the sliding wall to hide the electrical!

Sliding Wall Tutorial


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  1. Dianne says

    Is that vertical planter really hiding all the electrical/other wiring? I love it!! I also love what you did with your A/C, to hide that as well. Your before is how my east end of the house looks, sad! But you have given me inspiration!

  2. Peggy says

    Love this simple but BEAUTIFUL patio. We have been going over ideas for a space like yours since we moved to our “fixer-upper” four years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sharon says

    Liza…Looks wonderful!…Although my knees hurt, just looking at all the bricks, on the ground!…

  4. Danita says

    This looks amazing! I can hardly believe it’s the same space!!! I do have one question? How are your lights being held up??? I see how lovely they look at night and yet I keep wondering how you magically keep them aloft!!! :-) Silly, I know, but I really am curious! <3

    • Liza Greis says

      They are clipped to the edge of the gutter and then they are tied to the pine tree across from the patio. It worked pretty well! I want to get more lights so it spreads out more instead of just in the center.

  5. cmt says

    I’m so impressed. It looks fabulous–really professional. I’m guessing that there will be zero maintenance on this patio other than an occasional sweeping. A wood deck needs upkeep, and pea gravel would have been a whole other experience to walk across and put furniture on. This looks so solid and permanent. I’m always awed and inspired by what you accomplish, and your finishing touches as a decorator are fabulous.

  6. Kara says

    Wow Liza, it turned out simply gorgeous! Love the pavers you chose, love the flower boxes, love the lights. Love everything! Hope you have actually had time to relax and enjoy the space. :)

  7. Erlene says

    The patio looks awesome and I love the vertical planter that hides all the house utilities. You all did a great job and it’s perfect timing to enjoy for the spring/summer.

  8. Jarred says

    Looks amazing! How big is the patio? And how much of each of the materials did you use? Thank you!