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DIY Outdoor Scoreboard

As soon as it is warm enough, my boys start setting up the net for volleyball and badminton. We got a new corn hole game for Christmas so they set that up too. I love that we have a yard big enough to play outdoor games. When I was invited to be a part of an outdoor game challenge, I knew I wanted to make a scoreboard to hang on the fence that would work for all the outdoor games we play. Today I am sharing a simple DIY outdoor scoreboard!



I wanted to make it easy to use so it has pegs that you move around as you score. My youngest had just as much fun moving the pegs as he did playing the game!


outdoor scoreboard

DIY Outdoor Scoreboard


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Plywood cut to desired size

3/8″ wood dowel

2 large wood beads  (or cut out 2 3″ circles)



Foam brushes

Painters tape


Helmsman Spar Urethane



It really is very easy. Even the pegs! I had some large wooden beads left over from a previous project. You can find them in any craft store or online. I cut 3 inch pieces of 3/8″ dowels. I had to use a 3/8″ drill bit to make the holes in the beads a tiny bit bigger. Then I used a hammer to fore the dowel all the way through to the other side. I spray painted them when I was done.


wood beads and dowels


For the actual scoreboard, I cut a scrap piece of plywood to 20″ x 30″, sanded it, and stained it a warm brown.


staining plywood

Once the stain was dry, I stenciled the letters and numbers.


stenciling numbers


To help the number stand out, and to tie in the black stripes, I outlined the numbers and letters with a black marker. It was tedious and definately optional, but I think it really took the scoreboard up a notch.



I waited to drill the holes for the pegs until I had the numbers on so I could make sure the holes were centered under the numbers. You have to be careful when drilling large holes in plywood. Plywood tends to get ripped up while drilling. Two things help with this. Drill slowly and put painters tape over the area before drilling. I forgot about the tape trick until I had already drilled one hole. I added tape for the rest of the holes.

The holes got outlined as well with a black marker.


drilling holes


It still needs to be sealed. I couldn’t find my Helmsman spar urethane (outdoor sealer ) before it was time to take photos for this post. Of course I found it as soon as I was done. Go figure!



My kids didn’t waste any time putting the DIY outdoor scoreboard to good use. As soon as it was put up on the fence, they were shouting “I’m team blue!”


boys playing badminton


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boys playing outdoor volleyball


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  1. gail says

    This is a fabulous idea for such an active family! I love the way your scoreboard turned out Liza and outlining the numbers is perfect. I sooo wanted to do that with my game, but I just didn’t have the patience. I knew it would make the numbers stand out more, and even tried it on one-but painted over it. You did a great job!


  2. Cara says

    Such a great idea Stacey! I mean what is every game missing…a score board! Too cute, and I loved the extra step of outlining the numbers, made it look really professional!

  3. Katie says

    This is genius!!! Playing a game is always fun, but the argument over the score is definitely NOT! ;) I’ve got to make one of these!