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DIY Modern Beds {Teen & Tween Room}

Aaaahhh! I finally can share with you the beds I have built for two of my boys. I am so happy with how they turned out, but more importantly, my boys are thrilled with their new space.

When Shane and I moved our bedroom into the unfinished basement so we could split up our boys into 2 different rooms, we took the old bunk beds down. That meant the only one left with a bed was my oldest and his drawers were broken. It was a sad, sad, space!



After tearing out the carpet, painting the walls and ceiling (bye, bye stenciled ceiling!), adding a new light, installing new floors & baseboard, I was finally ready to build the beds.

We were going for an urban, modern space. My oldest liked having a bed with drawers so he requested that the new bed also have storage. My 10 year old wanted a fort. I was a little worried that a fort would have a hard time blending in seamlessly with an modern space. Usually forts are a bit rustic.

Here is what I came up with!



My fear was that by having a bed under the loft bed, it would be a dark hole and that even in the day time my oldest would need the lamp on. We lucked out since there is a window next to it and right across from it, it stays nice and bright!



The tutorials for both beds are over on the Home Depot Blog. Head over and see how easy they were to build plus see even MORE PHOTOS!

DIY Modern Loft Bed

Modern Bed With Storage


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  1. MF says

    Wow. Looks terrific, both parts. In awe of your building skills on top of the interior designer’s keen eye.

  2. brenda says

    amazing awesome. I know these words are overworked but this is just mindblowing!! Each project you share just tops the previous one. I so hope your boys are blessed with this gene for being so talented and resourceful.

  3. Danita says

    I love that you were able to meet the needs and wants of both boys! What an exciting post about how you achieved this! I also went to the Home Depot site and showed my husband your steps to making each bed. He was really impressed. Then he said, “She must be young to be able to do all that herself” Take that as the compliment it is! We are so much older and things like that don’t happen around here like they used to! Job well done, Liza!

  4. Mary says

    Wow that is such a great and more importantly stylish solution for a small space. Love what you did with both of the beds. And it seems the boys are more than satisfied.

  5. Jenny says

    The beds look great. My son is outgrowing his toddler size bed so I’m going to take a look at the plans. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty