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Displaying Children’s Artwork {Hallway Makeover}

The only places in our basement that have been “finished” since we moved in, are the two existing bedrooms. A large bedroom my boys shared, and the bedroom Shane I shared. The hallway was technically finished in the sense that it had walls and carpet, but it was not decorated. The hallways leads to the unfinished  part of the basement and we never did anything with it like decorate or even paint. Now it is a bright, fun space where I can display my children’s artwork!

The down hall area was a mishmash of bad decisions.  The walls were a boring tan, the texture was harsh and pointy, there were three different carpet colors, and there were not any baseboards. While I don’t have a picture of the hallway once you turn the corner at the end of the stairs, it looks the same as this picture. Mint carpet and tan pointy walls.



Phase 1 of the basement renovation is to makeover both existing bedrooms. Shane and I have moved to the unfinished part of the basement for now and we will be splitting the boys up into the two other bedrooms.

Phase 2 will be to finish the unfinished side of the basement, turning it into a master bedroom and some storage space.

So far I almost have one bedroom completed and I also have the hallway done!



I was surprised at how much it brightened up the space simply by painting the walls white. I love the new flooring as well. I think my favorite thing was adding the baseboard though. It was such a great finishing touch.

Once the walls were retextured, painted, and the flooring installed, I was finally able to add the art hanging system I bought YEARS ago. It is actually meant for hanging curtains, but when I saw it, I envisions all my children’s artwork hanging on it.



It is from IKEA and is called DIGNITET. I used needle nose pliers to remove the little hook from the clips. Since I was not using them for curtains, I liked the way it looked and worked without them.



I got the runner rug from Wayfair. I fell in love with it at first sight! All three bedrooms will have blue in them (my whole house does actually) so the color was perfect.

The fiddle leaf tree has lived quite the life. I bought it 4 or 5 years ago and one spring I thought I would let it get some sunshine out on the porch. I forgot about it and it spent a very cold night outside. It lost most of its leaves. In fact, it only had two (mostly brown) leaves at the bottom and 2 small leaves at the top of each trunk. It looked so pitiful that I almost threw it out a couple of times. I didn’t throw it away but I did banish it to the corner of the laundry room for two years until it started to look decent. I am so happy that they seem to be thriving again. Even if they do look like they are doing their best palm tree impression :) The cute basket the tree is in is from IKEA.



I need some help deciding. At the bottom of the stairs there is a blank wall with a window. Then there is this blank wall across from the children’s art. I can decide it if would be better to leave it blank (that is what the minimalist in my head says to do) or add one large framed….something. A large framed nature print? A large family photo? Or maybe I could flex my painting skills and paint an abstract painting in blues and grays.  What would you do?


My kids have all comments (some multiple times) at how cool they think the wire system is that their art hangs from. They love the idea of being able to switch it out easily. I smile everytime I walk down the hallway and I see all the colors.

Do you display your children’s art?



IKEA Wire Curtain Hanging System

IKEA Basket Planter

Wayfair Blue Runner Rug

Wall Color: Popped Corn by Behr


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  1. Kylie says

    We have the same system you do but are waiting to install downstairs in our little one’s play corner. I cannot wait to get it all settled and have piles of artwork to show off! As for your blank wall, I’m a total sucker for big family pictures. I love love love the minimalism (less to clean!) but I love showing off my family even more :) Good luck decorating!

  2. Debbie says

    Since the kids art is on one side, how about a few small shallow shelves (cubes?) that would display some of their baby toys. (blocks, first stuffed animal and so forth – just small ones. Add a framed baby picture or two (I’m sure you have a bunch to choose from). Keep it simple.

  3. Sandi Allen says

    The space is sure bright & fun now with the flooring and paint color. I Love the system that your children’s artwork is hanging on! What a wonderful idea! That runner though, Love that blue color!

  4. beverly e says

    This looks so clean and fresh! The only thing I would suggest for that wall is a mirror. It’s such a narrow space, anything else would look too busy. A simple rattan or gold framed mirror would bounce around that natural light and keep it open and airy!

  5. Jan Bates says

    My DIL used this idea above a sliding double door in her breakfast area. Their home was open concept with lots of glass and little wall space. It was a great way for the kids to shine.

  6. Nancy Davies says

    The ideas suggested are great. If you feel the artistic urge coming along how about doing a largish painting of a fiddle leaf plant, similar to but not the same as the pot plant. By the way I love the new look you have created. Congratulations!

  7. MF says

    Loving every inch of this hallway. Wish I’d had the display system when my son was growing up. I suppose you can think of the blank wall as more revolving exhibition space. Keep trying new things and see what everyone likes.

  8. Danita says

    This is so beautiful! Thanks for giving us the “reveal” of this part of the house!!! The art work is perfect for the wall and your system for hanging it, well, I can’t believe it was for curtains!!! Your imagination holds no bonds! :-)

    The entire space is so bright and cheery! Thank goodness the plant survived and gives that corner an added boost of life! Hmmm? What to add? I read some of the other comments and I liked the idea of a mirror as I have tried that effect in areas in my own home for added light. But it most definitely is personal preference.

    I also like the idea of you getting creative with some of your own favorite colors! Why spend $100+ at art on Wayfare when I know you can whip up some magic of your own!!! Try it! Maybe you will get inspired with a blank canvas and those amazing colors!
    Best wishes!!!

  9. Amy Marner says

    Over the years, I’ve looked at your blog. You have done a beautiful job of turning your house into a home. You are wonderful example of the Proverberbs 31 woman… “ Honor her for all that her hands have done.

  10. Hilda says

    I love it! We actually have the same curtain hanging system somewhere. Now I have to find it so I can hang my children’s artwork. Thanks for the idea!

  11. Roseann Hampton says

    The white paint really did make a difference! And maybe you could use your children’s artistic talents to help paint the wall opposite their art work??!! Thanks for sharing your hallway makeover at the Merry Monday Link Party! Can’t wait to see what you link up next week! Roseann from This Autoimmune Life