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Details About The Mountain Room

Thank you for your patience as I got this post done with all the links and information about my boys’ mountain room. We were hit with a respiratory infection that had us all flat on our backs in bed for a week. It doesn’t add up, but somehow when I am out of commission for a week, I get two weeks behind on everything. So here we go! All your questions answered about my latest room makeover!

The little seating area is now everyone’s favorite spot. I like to curl up and read here because I can watch my kids play on the floor. Plus is is a sunny room and is always a bit cooler in the summer since it is in the basement.


mountain themed room


Gray Chairs: Wayfair

Frames: BHG 

Cowhide Rug: Rugs USA

Green Velvet Pillows: Amazon

Lamp: IKEA


Pillows can get pricey and when you need a ton, it adds up. I found great deals at IKEA and Amazon.


mountain themed beds for boys

Blue Corduroy Pillows: Amazon

Gray Fur Pillows: Amazon

Green Velvet Pillows: Amazon

Gray Linen Like Pillows: IKEA

Striped Bedding: Bed Bath & Beyond

Wall Mounted Lamps: IKEA


I want to order their bedding in a queen size because it is SO COZY! While my son was at scout camp (before the sickness hit him) I slept in his bed to be close to my youngest son who was sick. He was having a rough time. The bedding is jersey fabric and filling is super fluffy. It was seriously so comfortable.


potato stamped pillow


I had ordered some white canvas pillow covers for another project but I never got around to it. I decided to use the potato stamp technique I have used before to make some cute mountains on the pillow covers. It is so easy!

Potato stamped tutorial 


potato stamping fabric


Many of you requested to see under the beds. It isn’t fancy and the boys are still adding things to make it their own, but it has been really fun for them to not only have a place to hang out, but a place to store their “treasures”.


Fort under the bed


Remember the  Mouse House I made my youngest for Christmas? It slides in between the bookshelf and the wall and is easily accessed for when he want to play (which is every day).


under bed fort

Bookcase: Amazon

Faux Lambskin: IKEA

The faux lambskins make a cozy place to sit when they are in their fort. My other son requested storage for his many collections and for all his leather working supplies. There is a little table and chairs in the corner with a lamp. He is too big to sit on the chairs (my youngest and his friends use them) but he kneels on the floor and uses it as a workstation. Then if he doesn’t finish, he can just leave it out and close the curtains.


under bed storage

Cubbie Shelf: Target

Fabric Cubes: Target


Something I got asked a lot was what color I painted the dresser. I used True Navy by Glidden but I added a bit of black to make it darker. Sorry that I don’t have an exact color.


little boy gallery wall

Dresser: IKEA

Frames: Hobby Lobby


I built the little mountain shelf. It took a bit to figure out the right angle to cut the wood. All the angles are 33.9. I simply nailed them together with my brad nailer and then stained it the same as the beds.


mountain shelf tutorial


The knobs on the dresser are branches I cut down with the miter saw. I used 2 part epoxy to glue the screws onto the backs.


branch dresser knobs


I had a hard time finding a printable that had all the animals my boys wanted represented. Most had forest animals mixed with African animals. My boys wanted only animals that are found in our area. I had to piece together many, many free clip art images and them add my own text. If you want to use mine, you can just click and print :)


FREE animal footprint printable


In case you missed the two previous posts about this room, here are the links:

Full room reveal

Bed tutorial


It feels so good to have both boy rooms done! Now we will turn our focus on finishing the unfinished basement so Shane and I can finally have a finished room.


mountain themed boy room

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  1. Danita says

    Great job, Liza! I really love all the details you put into this project! Your craft shows so splendidly! Like the mountain shelf! How did I miss that the first time around??? And the sweet animal feet! I just might have to print, frame and send as a gift to a Great Nephew!!! It is quite impressive when you look at it in the big picture AND one by one in the single frame!

    So sorry to learn that you and the family have been so ill! I wish you all good health and a much better summer to come!
    Take care!

  2. Nancy Davies says

    Superb! I wanna be a boy in your house!!
    Please don’t apologise for taking so long to post. Being a bit slow after an illness is all part of the healing process. After all it was worth the wait.
    Take care.